The Drama Surrounding Prince William, Prince Harry, Meghan, and Kate Might Be Because of the Zodiac

Rumors of feuds between the Cambridges and the Sussexes have plagued the media for months, but no one has managed to find any real evidence to them. Prince Harry and Meghan recently welcomed their first child, Archie Harrison, and it looks like playdates with the cousins are in store. Their real relationships might be a mystery, but astrology might be able to explain a few details about both couples. Let’s find out more!


The zodiac says that Kate is in a favorable position next to her husband, Prince William, and she also shares compatible rising and moon signs with him. Additionally, she is in the same elemental team as Prince Harry, which means that she gets along with both of them easily. The Duchess is Capricorn, while the Duke is Cancer, and they are opposite signs as there are six spaces between them.

This means that they are on different places of the zodiac wheel, but it only makes their attraction to each other more potent. They are the missing pieces of one another, and together they create one perfect figure. Furthermore, the compatible rising signs and moon signs make them a strong pair that won’t ever be separated.

Meanwhile, Prince Harry and Kate, as well as the Queen, Princess Charlotte, and baby Archie, are Earth signs, and it means that they can relate well and be friends easily. They share some of the views on life, have a similar sense of humor, and can understand each other’s experiences better, especially during difficult times or arguments.


The Duchesses of Cambridge and Sussex have important connections to Leo – it’s Meghan’s Sun sign and Kate’s rising sign – and it signifies that they like to attract people and make them feel welcome. They care about the fun of others. On the other hand, Kate’s Sun sign is Capricorn while Meghan’s rising sign is Cancer, and as mentioned, those are on opposite sides of the wheel.

However, they influence each other positively, strengthening their bonds. They have differing opinions but actually, express themselves in a similar way. Therefore, they can learn a lot about one another. If there are any issues between them, it only derives from misunderstandings or misheard words that hit their pride.

Another important thing they share is ambition. Both Leos and Capricorns are extremely goal-driven and want to be recognized for their efforts. They are also ready to work extensively to make their objectives a reality. Both of them are also born to lead and a little bit controlling. If they spend a lot of time together, without listening to the malicious words around them, they could become the greatest friends.


Prince Harry has the triple earth sign – Virgo Sun, Capricorn rising, and Taurus Moon – and his brother, Prince William, is more about water signs with Cancer being his Sun and Moon sign. Therefore, their personalities are almost completely opposite: where Harry acts with emotions, William will use logic. In instances where William will be imaginative, Harry will be practical.

For example, there have been several occasions where Prince William was much more expressive about his feelings than Prince Harry, and the fact that he met Kate Middleton at such a young age, allowed him to be open with his thoughts. As a Virgo, Prince Harry is a perfectionist and prefers to keep things to himself instead of telling others.

Luckily, things have changed a bit in the last couple of years as Harry has talked about his childhood struggles, particularly what he went through after Princess Diana died. He has learned to let things out instead of bottling everything, and it might be due to the influence of his big brother.


The Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s rising signs are Capricorn and Cancer, just like Kate and William’s Sun signs. This means that from other people’s point of view, they are affectionate and completely enamored with each other, almost like attracting magnets. Every display of love the public has seen between them is completely real.

However, Harry has a Taurus Moon and Meghan has a Libra Moon, which means that they can change personalities once out of the public eye. When they are in front of others, Harry’s natural inclination is to support those he admires, and that works well with Meghan’s desire to be adored. Prince Harry is there to lift her up, and the Duchess loves his smarts, his dedication, and his insight about people.

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On the other hand, when they are in private or in situations of high stress, another dynamic might arise. Moon signs are evidence of a couple’s goals, and Harry’s Taurus Moon vs. Meghan’s Libra Moon means that they can switch depending on the situation. Once they are in private, due to Harry’s Moon, he will become much more confident and talkative than his wife.

This is the perfect balance for a couple as they will never feel like one person is too much in the spotlight or demands all the attention.

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While Earth and Water are the most prominent elements in this foursome, with a bit of Fire here and there, there is only one instance of Air: Meghan’s Libra Moon sign. Kate and William's connection is perfect as they can read each other without much effort, and Harry’s earthly aspect also fits rather well with the Cambridges.

But, Meghan’s characteristics, which might have impressed Princess Diana, mean that she needs more time to develop that kind of bond on an intellectual level. Libras are prone to stay away from arguments, however; so, if there’s anything wrong, the Duchess of Sussex will crave space until things are resolved. Furthermore, as a newer member of the family, she is more sensitive because she wants to fit in just like other royal women.

However, with the Water and relaxing Earth energy that the others have, it is very likely that Meghan won’t have that many problems. Let us know what you think about their astrological connections. If you liked this article, share it with your friends who love learning how the zodiac affects us. See you next time!

Source: Cosmopolitan


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