What Queen Elizabeth Might Want To Always Remain Secret For The Public

We all have secrets, you know, those little things that you don't wish anyone to know. But as the old saying goes, "there is nothing hidden between heaven and earth," even more when your life is in the spotlight like in Prince Charles' case. After all, he'll be the next monarch in the UK, so the whole world has set eyes on him.

Like any mother, Queen Elizabeth has continuously tried to present her entire offspring in the best light. But unfortunately, some negative aspects couldn't be kept under wraps. You won't believe your eyes when checking the ranking we have for you. Here are the things that Her Majesty would prefer to hold back about her eldest son.

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If you thought that Prince George or Archie's birthday had created a stir, you have no idea how it was back when Prince Charles was born. According to Reader's Digest, right after his birth, royal courtiers who worked for King George whisked the baby away from his mom so that the world could see him. 

And the thing is that he was no ordinary newborn. Different from his mother, he became heir to the throne since his arrival. Perhaps you don't know, but Elizabeth II was not supposed to be Queen. Her uncle, King Edward VIII, abdicated the throne in 1938 so he could marry the love of his life.

This changed the line of succession forever and ever. It was then when Elizabeth II's father became King, turning his eldest daughter into the heiress to the throne when she was ten years old. Therefore, she spent her early years without being in the limelight like Charles. 


Having the ruler of England as your mother is by no means easy. Elizabeth II ascended to the throne in 1952, meaning that Charles was about to turn four years old and Anne was almost two. It must have been extremely tough for the Queen and her husband to raise two children and handle the new responsibilities of a whole nation and the Commonwealth.

Perhaps, that is why Charles considered his mother to be "detached." According to Jonathan Dimbleby in 'The Prince of Wales: A Biography,' that's what the heir's friend thought of her. She did have time to spend with him, but since the moment she became Queen, things changed. For instance, Her Majesty turned to babysitters to supervise her children's daily lives.


You could expect a kid to be intimidated by his classmates at school, right? It turns out the future King of England did feel like that but because of his father. Dimbleby also noted in his biography that the Duke of Edinburgh had a critical and burlesque personality and would often belittle and bully his son.

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As Vanity Fair reported, "Charles was easily cowed by the forceful personality of his father whose rebukes for a deficiency in behaviour or attitude easily drew tears." Reportedly, Philip's purpose was to strengthen his son, and he was well-meaning but a bit unimaginative. 


For any kid, it is crucial to have his parents nearby during tough times like, let's say, illnesses. But that was not Charles' case. According to the book 'Prince Charles: The Passions and Paradoxes of an Improbable Life,' the little royal was bed-ridden at boarding school in 1957.

The publication explained that he got the infamous Asian flu of that year. And he had to go through that alone. His mother decided not to visit him; instead, she sent him a farewell letter before leaving for a royal tour in Canada. And the worst part is that there was no fear of contagion as she had been inoculated. 


On a brighter note, the young prince counted with someone loving and tender, and that was no other than his grandmom ‎Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, better known as the Queen Mother. Actually, the heir revealed to Dimbleby, "My grandmother was the person who taught me to look at things."


Boarding schools are not very common in America, but across the pond, the story is different. Royals usually attend this type of institution from an early age, and so did Prince Charles. Thanks to 'The Crown,' the most renowned boarding school is Gordonstoun, but its depiction is far from being positive.

The Telegraph explained that the Netflix drama portrays the Scottish educational institution as a place for bad memories. Charles was depicted as unhappy, bullied, and dealing with hostile classmates. But what is even worse is that Gordonstoun was not his first boarding school.

Vanity Fair revealed that in early 1957, Charles was enrolled in Cheam School in Hampshire, the same place where the Duke of Edinburgh was sent when he was eight. But the experience wasn't pleasant for the shy boy. "He suffered from acute homesickness, clutching his teddy bear and weeping frequently in private." 

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According to The New Yorker, the ruler of England worried that her son was a "slow developer." Moreover, Prince Philip considered him spoiled, fragile, and weak. He was "too physically uncoordinated to be any good at team sports, too scared of horses to enjoy riding lessons, and too sensitive not to despair," revealed the source. 


The NewYorker also reported that Laurens Van Der Post; a South African author, war hero, farmer, and political advisor from the 20th century, and his intellects influenced the young heir to try with some unusual things. Allegedly, he was into Sufism, philosophy, horticulture, vegetarianism, and sacred geometry. So weird!

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In more recent years, the 70-year-old Prince of Wales seems to take pleasure in stirring the pot with his ideas from time to time. As Portside explained, his political lines appear to be perfectly calibrated to irritate people. For instance, conservatives don't like his enthusiasm for environmentalism and Islam. Liberals, on their side, object to his protectiveness of ancient social hierarchies in the UK and his defense of fox hunting. 


No one can deny how harmful it is for a family when parents pick favorites, and royalty is not exempt from this. According to CheatSheet, both the Queen and her husband chose their best-liked children, and sadly, Charles wasn't included in the list.  

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Allegedly, the monarch of England has a soft spot for his third child, Prince Andrew of York. Conversely, the former Prince of Greece has a strong liking for Princess Anna and Prince Edward who have a dry wit and a strong character in common with their dad. 

Her Majesty also has more things in common with Princess Anne, like their love of horses. As The New Yorker asserted, "Anne’s equine prowess pleased her mother, and Philip saw a kindred spirit in her confidence and fearlessness." Conversely, her big bro wasn't into horses. In fact, he was timid on horseback when little. 

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When you are part of royalty, it is no surprise that you tend to be a bit fussy. But it seems that the future King has taken things to a whole new level. As per Reader's Digest, the Queen's eldest son is pretty demanding when it comes to comfort. Although he has vehemently denied this, it's said he travels with his own toilet seat, paper, and linens.

But that's just the beginning. Woman Magazine added that he also takes his drink, food, and orthopedic bed to royal tours. And you thought you packed a lot of stuff! But perhaps he took after his own mother (check her travel list here!). Besides, he's apparently obsessed with perfection, so his wife Camilla is the one who tries to keep her fussy husband in line. 

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The discovery of a 50-year-old math exercise book that belonged to the Prince leaves nothing to be desired. Reportedly, Charles experienced difficulty with numbers that hinder his training to serve in the Royal Air Force and Navy. Due to this, instead of becoming a navigator, he turned into a communications officer.

Daily Mail reported that he failed his O-level in math at the first attempt back in 1965, but he then managed to pass it. However, Reader's Digest suggested that his entry into Cambridge University was because of his status and not because of his academic aptitudes.

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Did you know all this dirty laundry of the Prince of Wales? Tell us in the comment section which one was the most shocking to you! And if you want to keep on reading more about royalty, all you have to do is check the articles we have for you. See you next time!  

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