Prince William Reportedly Is Not A Fan Of "Diana" Name For Royal Baby

With all the attention focused on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s firstborn, Archie, lots of talk has been brought up about how the royals decide to choose names. And although people had hoped the Duke and Duchess would have a baby girl, so they could name her after Harry’s late mother, Princess Diana, the couple instead was blessed with an adorable boy.

Unfortunately, we’ll never know for sure if Harry would’ve chosen to name his daughter after his beloved mother. But, one thing we do know, is that Prince William refused to do so with his only daughter, Charlotte. In fact, he hates the idea of naming any royal baby after Diana. Sounds a bit harsh, doesn’t it? Alas, the prince has good reasoning - let’s find out why.

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Image Credits: Getty Images


Naming a blueblood has to be seriously considered. Picking a perfect name for a royal baby has nothing to do with it being cute. According to ‘Vogue,’ choosing a royal name must be a sign of regard to the royal lineage.

This is the reason why many royals have two middle names. When Edward VIII, Queen Elizabeth's uncle was named, it seemed as if they were trying to include the name of every ancestor before him that they could think of. Edward VIII’s full name was Edward Albert Christian George Andrew Patrick David. Imagine having such a long string of names. 


Even though Prince William and Kate ended up going with Charlotte, it doesn’t mean the prince doesn’t miss or love his mother dearly. William has made it clear time and time again that it’s important to him to honor his mother in one way or another. This is evident when we look at all the milestones he's gone through so far in his life - every step of the way, he’s tried to include Princess Diana’s memory.

Image source: Getty Images

Image source: Getty Images

For one, he gifted Kate his mother’s diamond-and-sapphire engagement ring when he proposed to her. Afterward, they made the decision to stay at Kensington Palace - which is were Prince William and Prince Harry lived when they were kids. Simone Simmons, Diana’s close friend, commented on William’s attempts at honoring his late mother:

“Diana would be over the moon. It’s William’s way of honoring his mother’s memory. A way of making sure Diana’s legacy lives on. This way she will never be forgotten.

When Diana was alive, William promised her when he was King [that] Diana would have her HRH restored. This is his way of doing it.”


Royal fans were guesstimating before Meghan Markle put to bed that she and her husband, Prince Harry would most likely name their baby after the late Princess Diana. People even went as far as thinking that if the baby isn't a girl, they'll probably call him Spencer—this was the Princess’ last name. Well, Meghan Markle was delivered of a baby boy, May 6th at the early hours of 5: 26 am.

The baby weighed 7lbs 03oz. They introduced the baby to the world for the first time, two days after his birth. He was pictured meeting his great grandmother, the Queen, and great grandfather -Prince Philips. That was also the day they revealed their baby's name. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle named their firstborn son Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor. This name isn't anywhere close to Harry's late mother's name. All hope is not lost as they might still have a daughter that they will probably name after the Princess.


Although Will and Kate opted for Charlotte rather than Diana for their daughter’s first name, they still incorporated it into Charlotte’s full name. The Duke and Duchess decided to make Diana of their daughter’s two middle names and instead named the princess Charlotte. By doing so, they honored both her grandfather, Prince Charles, as well as her aunt, Pippa Charlotte Middleton.


Image source: Getty Images

Image source: Getty Images

So, what’s their reason for doing so? It all comes down to the emotional baggage attached to the name.

After Princess Diana tragically passed away, the entire royal family had a difficult time coping with her death. Even though it’s been decades, Prince Harry reportedly still feels a deep sadness over what happened. There are lots of emotions that are tied to Diana’s name, which makes it understandable as to why it would be difficult to call someone else in the family Diana. In addition to the emotional baggage, comparisons would automatically ensure as well. Richard Kay, royal writer and a former close friend of Princess Diana, explained how in a report from Vanity Fair:

“Had it been the first name, I think it would have been terrible for the child. There would have been constant comparisons with Diana, and William wouldn’t have wanted that. This way it’s a tribute to his mother and a way of ensuring Diana is always remembered.”

From this perspective, the couple did the right thing. It’s important for Princess Charlotte to grow up as normally as possible, and Kate and William are doing everything to ensure this. A royal insider commented on the situation in a HollywoodLife report and stated, “They want her to have her own life, her own story. It was important to honor her with the name but it was never going to be first.”

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If Charlotte was named Diana instead, negative stigma would have more than likely come along with the name. Richard Kay elaborated on this point, explaining that there are still many people within the royal household who aren’t keen, and frankly, don’t find the need to honor Diana’s memory at all. Rather, they want to erase it entirely. Kay said,

“Certainly not the Queen, but there are people at the palace for whom the name ‘Diana’ evokes storm clouds. If you think about it, there is no statue in memory of Diana in this country, and before the concert for Diana in 2007, precious little else had been done to commemorate her life. I know that irritated William.”


Image source: Getty Images

Image source: Getty Images

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Along with the emotional attachment of her tragic passing, comes the attachment of Prince Charles’ messy relationship with the princess. By 1999, it seemed that both of them were alright with their father’s love for Camilla, and other members of their family accepted her as well. Prince Charles and Camilla began dating and being seen in public together until the Queen gave them permission to get married in 2005. Currently, Charles is happy with Camilla. And when we take into account everything that happened between them and Diana, it would be slightly distasteful to name the baby Diana. Apparently, Will believes it’ll show a lack of respect to the future king.

Although it might seem like a sweet idea, in theory, Prince William's distaste for naming a royal baby Diana makes sense. We all know both of the princes loved their mother very much - but we're also aware that choosing a name isn't as simple a task as it seems when you're a royal. Everyone essentially has to be taken into account, and that's exactly what the Cambridge's were doing.

In addition, Kate and Will are looking out for their daughter - and they wouldn't want to put the princess in a compromising position, where Charlotte would constantly be compared to the late mother. She'll be leading her own life and creating her story, and with an attachment like that, it could've become very much impossible to do so. What do you guys think about William's reaction? Understandable? Or not that big of a deal? Comment your opinions below! And check out our related articles for the latest updates on the royals.

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