How Prince Charles’ Feud With His Brother Andrew Developed In Such A Sad Way

Prince Charles is no stranger to clashes with his siblings, but the one that was most talked about over the years is his dispute with his brother, Prince Andrew. Many royal supporters have no idea as to how the feud got so bitter or even why it began in the first place. Various reasons have been stated to be responsible for the ongoing rift between the Duke of Cornwall and the Duke of York. One is the disparity in age.

As we know, Prince Charles and Prince Andrew were born twelve years apart and so, naturally, many will blame their age difference as the reason why they never got along too well.

Another reason is that it is believed that the Dukes were always jealous of one another. But, what could be the reason for jealousy? And why might things even get worse between the siblings? Read on to find the answers.

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