The Royal Gesture: Royal Youngsters Perfecting Their Royal Wave Through The Years

Royal kids are taught about life in the palace from an early age. From going on tours abroad when they’re only a couple months old, to being taught about their duty to their country and the Queen, the young ones kinda have a lot on their plate from the start. But, one of the very first skills they pick up on - and one of the most important and basic ones - is how to properly do a royal wave!

By now, Prince George and Princess Charlotte have already mastered the skill of the royal wave, learning from Her Majesty, their great-grandmother, herself. This past Saturday, their baby brother Prince Louis made his debut and also demonstrated his quick-learning skills. Let’s look at the cutest royal waves from the past few decades! But first, we'll explore the actual meaning behind the parade.


Trooping the Colour is a tradition that goes back to 1748, when King George II decided to combine the annual summer military march, along with his birthday celebration. Even though he was actually born in October. Ever since then, the monarch who is currently on the throne is given the option of having an official birthday in the summertime.

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