A Thoroughly Modern Princess And Mom: Diana Beyond The Rules

The memory of Princess Diana will forever remain fresh. She is that one royal who would always be relatable to the world keep. The reason for this is her uniqueness as a royal and particularly, her style of parenting. Everything about Diana was modern and woke; she understood who she was and lived the identity without any excuse. If anything, the manner with which she raised her two boys is clear evidence of Diana’s self-knowledge.

Image Credits: Getty Images

Image Credits: Getty Images

It was like she already knew who she wanted her sons to grow up to be, and she set out to make it happen right from the start. The People’s Princess raised Prince William and Prince Harry without any apology on her style of parenting. She even went as far as rejecting traditional royal names for her two sons. Read on to find out how Princess Diana ripped apart the royal rule book. 

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