Famous Royal Balcony Kiss Tradition Is A Result Of Prince Charles's Outrageous Wedding Mishap

The royal family are no strangers to tradition - in fact, rules and traditions are one of the important things that separate royalty from commoners. Although many royal traditions have been around for generations, some of them, surprisingly, are more modern. And you’d be surprised to find out that one of these includes the iconic royal wedding balcony kiss!

To us, it's one of the most romantic gestures that a newlywed royal couple shares with us, and has become one of the most anticipated moments at the wedding ceremony. However, the real story behind it? Not too cute. Find out which royal couple started the now-iconic tradition, and what exactly made it happen!


Who decided to greet onlookers from the balcony?

First things first - who made the decision to go to the balcony and greet wellwishers? Well, according to Britain Magazine, the first royal appearance from the Buckingham Palace balcony was made in 1840 by Queen Victoria, during her wedding to Prince Albert. Before using it as a way to put on a romantic kiss for the public to see, the balcony was initially used as a way for the Royals to greet the masses.

Town & Country reported that the Royals decided to use the balcony once again after Princess Victoria's, Queen Elizabeth's daughter, wedding in 1858. And it was after this moment that the balcony had become an infamous royal tradition and a standard protocol for royal couples. But, up until then, no kisses were actually made - and we can thank Prince Charles and Princess Diana for spicing things up! This means that it took the royal family a whole 141 years after their first public appearance to start serving the public with post-nuptial kisses on the royal balcony.

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