Reasons 'Little People, Big World' Fans Aren't Happy With Amy Roloff's Instagram

In a perfect world, Amy Roloff's Instagram is hers to post whatever she pleases. She is, however, a reality star, and the world is far from perfection; it might be her account, but her fans have made it clear, she can't do whatever she wants. 

It does not take away the fact that the “Little People, Big World” star has loyal followers. They have stood by her through a public divorce, cheating discovery, and her giving up the place she always called home; Roloff Farms.

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This Michigan Girl is coming back ‘home’. ❤️. It’s a happy place for me. Looking forward to spending time with my Mom and Dad. My mom is hanging in there and so is my dad and at their age time with them is even more precious. So @puremichigan I’m coming to visit w/ you. Can’t wait to canoe and hang out at North Lake. And @citygrandrapids Grand Rapids I’ll be seeing you tomorrow, July 25th at Schuler’s Books 😊📚 for a booking signing. I cant wait to meet all of you! 🎉😊🎉Woohoo! Michigan you never disappoint. Can you tell I’m excited? 🌻❤️😊❤️🌻 #michigangirlalways #puremichigan #amyroloffssecondact #booksigning #amyroloffbook #allaboutfamilyandfriends

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Her Followers don’t Like Her Instagram Posts

However, Amy's fans drew a line on what they expect her to post on the gram and what they expect not to see. Whether or not their reason is justified will be up to you to decide after discovering why the TV star's fans hate her Instagram. 

Amy has been using her account for influencer marketing. Being a celebrity with over 875K followers, Amy's reach is vast, and brands recognize this, which is why the TLC star got the job of advertising products on her page.

Let's point out that the TV star uses her Instagram to market her "Amy Roloff's Little Kitchen" products, and her memoir, "A Little Me." Since it's her brand, her fans are not offended but rather welcome it.

What they are vehemently against, and have said no to, is Amy posting content about other brands which does not support their image of her or what they want to see. 

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It was great to get some R&R in Costa Rica but I'm glad to be back and in my busy routine again. There is much more planning to do with Amys little kitchen which is why I'm so thankful to be a #teamipartner right now. I’ve been trying to cut back on drinking less coffee and it’s been tough with my schedule but since having my @teamiblends tea it's a lot easier, compliments what I do and healthier for me too! I feel so great drinking this and I don't need to add anything because I like the taste already. It's always important to me to share the products I use and like and Teami is a company I trust. It’s never too late to start or get back on your healthy journey! 😊 use my code - AMYJ15 for 15% off yours! - #thankyouteami.

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Her Fans Want "Authentic Amy"

When the mom-of-four partnered with Teami Tea, her followers did not back her but frowned at the move. Many said it made the TV star look less authentic, and questioned the wisdom of representing the brand.

Not even Amy's post about how healthy Teami Tea was compared to coffee, or her new year resolution to watch what she eats and balance her nutrition could sway them.

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This year I've made my new years resolutions and it’s about getting healthier, inside and out. I'm focusing on daily goals, like limiting my cups of coffee. So I started 2019 being a #teamipartner. I have a lot more energy drinking my @teamiblends alive tea than I ever did with coffee and I don't have to add any sweetener to it. I love it and it’s a healthy alternative for me! I feel like I've already made a lot of progress and focusing on healthy weight loss through nutrition, watching what I'm eating, exercising and drinking my @teamiblends tea! If you're looking to start fresh with healthy goals like me, I seriously recommend this! Make sure to use AMYJ15 for 15% off! #thankyouteami #healthylifestyle #newyearsresolution

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The fans’ reason for being against the brand soon became apparent after they wrote in the comment section that the tea cause stomach pains, nausea, and headaches. One follower, equally pointed out that it offered zero health benefits, only a high risk of liver failure.

Others called it a scam and blamed Amy for joining the list of celebrities who Teami Tea used to scam people.

They Used to Attack Amy’s Boyfriend Frequently

Even though the most common reason for Amy’s fans not to like her Instagram is her ads, the “Little People, Big World” star has shared some posts seemingly ordinary and inoffensive that her fans have hated.

Amy rose to fame thanks to the TLC show that portrayed her life next to her ex-husband Matt Roloff and her children. In 2016, however, things drastically changed as she and Matt got divorced after being married for nearly three decades.

The former couple had very different views on commitment, being one of the main reasons for their separation.

“Amy tends to be more of a committed-to-a-fault kind of person, while I see most commitments — with some very notable exceptions — as flexible and negotiable," wrote Matt in his book “Little Family, Big Values.”

While her fans have been supporting her ever since, most of them had a hard time accepting Amy’s new partner, Chris Marek. Thankfully, they received their relationship over time, but some of them tend to criticize him in Amy’s Instagram posts.

On March 18, 2018, she uploaded a photo showing her St. Patrick’s Day celebration. The image portrayed her, a couple of friends, and Chris smiling at the camera. Following the tradition, all but Chris were wearing something green.

As soon as the fans of the reality TV star noticed it, they took to the comment section to attack and call him names. Even though Amy pointed out he had something green on his arm, the mean remarks kept coming.

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simplemente mi amor

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Jacob Roloff, Her Son, Also Faced Backlash

Another member of her family who has faced criticism is Jacob, one of her sons. In early 2017, he accused TLC of creating staged storylines to get more views and pointed out that his time in the show ruined his childhood.

Jacob even said that the whole experience led him to feel “bitterness” towards Matt and Amy. “Little People, Big World” fans considered it a direct attack to the show, and when Amy uploaded a slideshow in late December 2017 portraying Jacob holding a dog, they shared some harsh comments.

Someone pointed out that he “tore up” the show and the family while another user said that he was home freeloading because he failed in the project he was working (Jacob is an author).

Thankfully, things have settled down between Jacob and most of her mother’s followers. As per his career as an author, he has released two books already: “Verbing” (2017) and “Out To See” (2018). Both of them are collections of essays.

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The question then becomes, what do the reality star's fans want that will appease them and make them like her Instagram again?

What Amy Should Post

The answer to this is simple; the fans want what they've always had before the Roloff matriarch decided to try influencer marketing.

They want to see more photos of her grandchildren, Ember Jean, and Jackson, and they wouldn't mind that of her children, Jeremy, Zachary, Molly, and Jacob.

Since most of them have already accepted Amy's relationship with Chris, they also would like to know more details of their romance and, if possible, a hint on whether or not the two would walk down the aisle anytime soon.

Apart from that, Amy should go back to uploading the things she enjoys the most, including photos of her meals.

Aspects that Initially Enamored Her Followers

One of the main characteristics of the Roloff matriarch is how good she is in the kitchen. Sharing photos of the meals she cooks for her loved ones might help her regain her followers’ respect.

She does it not only because her cooking skills are superb, but also to promote her brand Little Kitchen, which includes recipes and items such as water bottles, magnets, aprons, shirts, and so on.

Thankfully, her fans have accepted the inclusion of her own brand to her Instagram post without a problem.

While showcasing her beloved dishes is a good start, her fans also want the authentic Amy to come out. Pictures of the TLC star vacationing and enjoying hobbies are also an excellent way to attract positive attention.

Finally, social media followers love to interact with celebrities. Amy knows it, and she has had some live streams and Q&A sessions, but making a routine out of it would definitely increase her following and make stronger her connection with her current followers.

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We would love to hear from you! Do you think that Amy's fans anger is justified? If one of the celebrities you follow on social media starts promoting products you don’t like, would you react in the same way? Don’t you consider that even famous people are free to do what they want with their Instagram pages? Please, sound off in the comment section and share this article with your friends and all those “Little People, Big World” lovers!

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