Major Facts About Amy Roloff's Boyfriend And Why Fans Don't Like Him At All

Amy Roloff won our hearts with her appearance on the reality show 'Little People, Big World.' She was married to Matt Roloff, who also had dwarfism. Together, they showed the world how they went about their lives, parented their four kids, and operated a family farm. Unfortunately, Matt and Amy's relationship hit a snag as the pair divorced after 27 years together.

Nevertheless, Amy didn't give up on love and found a new man named Chris Marek. Ever since Amy and Chris began dating in late 2016, fans of the show have been interested in figuring out all about him. While some are happy that Amy finally has someone, others believe Chris is up to no good. To get the gist about Amy and Chris' 3-year-long relationship, stay tuned!

How did they first meet?

After Amy's split from Matt, she began attending a singles mixer, and that was where she met Chris. Although the duo didn't really bond that first night, they later reconnected when Chris asked Amy on an adventurous date that involved them riding on his motorcycle.

Chris was never married before

Their relationship blossomed and Amy and Chris obviously became very serious about each other. And if they decide to take things to the next level, it would make this Chris’ first marriage. After making their relationship Facebook official in December 2017, he joked with a friend that he retired his “player badge” for her.

What does Chris do?

He works in real estate

What's more, two dozen reviewers attest to his attention to care and detail. “Working with Chris was amazing!” one person wrote. “We appreciated his great communication skills and professionalism. He was always available and did a lot of extras to assist with the closing of our two properties. We would highly recommend working with him!”

When Chris isn’t with Amy exploring the outdoors, he works as a real estate agent. He’s currently thriving in his career of 20 years, and according to Trulia, is also part of a 50-person team at Knipe Realty. His Zillow profile says, 

“I take great pride in offering superior service to my clients. If you're in the market to buy or sell a home please give me a call, I'd be happy to discuss your needs and provide advice at no obligation to you."

Chris gets along with Amy’s friends and family

Like with most divorces, families have a tough time getting used to the idea of parents separating and eventually dating other people. However, when it comes to the Roloff kids - Zach, Jeremy, Jacob, and Molly - they’ve all taken their mom’s situation with grace. And judging by her Instagram, the family frequently have sit-down meals together and love spending the holidays with each other as well.

The couple love to be adventurous together 

When they met for the first time and had their exciting motorcycle adventure, the pair continues to incorporate adventure into their relationship, going on long rides along the West Coast, going as far as British Columbia, Canada, when they have some free time. The cold weather doesn’t stop them either! Amy rode snowmobiles in Idaho last February when visiting Chris’ family.

How do fans feel about Chris?

As usual, fans have divided opinions about Chris' intention and motives towards Amy. While some are glad that he is making the mother-of-four happy, others believe that there is more to him than meets the eyes. What could give fans this negative impression?

Fans don’t like him

Both Amy and Matt have publicly complained about having to stay so close after their split, and Amy seems to have no reservations about inviting Chris over. Fans were not impressed with this. Viewers made sure that their disapproval was heard loud and clear on Amy’s social media pages, writing comments like, 

"It's sad to see you put Chris in your home Matt built for y'all and the kids,"


"How ironic that all that work Matt did to give Amy all she has right now and this sleazy guy Chris is just living off Matt's hard work."

And it seems like viewers will find just about anything to criticize Chris. After going on a cruise with Chris in April 2018, Amy received numerous amounts of comments full of skepticism and warnings such as, "Chris has some terrible intentions. Eyes wide open Amy. Don't be foolish." Another wrote, "I haven't liked that Chris guy from the beginning, something is off about him, he's creepy, and I believe 100% he's with her for all the wrong reasons."

Some think Chris is using Amy for fame

View this post on Instagram

This Michigan Girl is coming back ‘home’. ❤️. It’s a happy place for me. Looking forward to spending time with my Mom and Dad. My mom is hanging in there and so is my dad and at their age time with them is even more precious. So @puremichigan I’m coming to visit w/ you. Can’t wait to canoe and hang out at North Lake. And @citygrandrapids Grand Rapids I’ll be seeing you tomorrow, July 25th at Schuler’s Books 😊📚 for a booking signing. I cant wait to meet all of you! 🎉😊🎉Woohoo! Michigan you never disappoint. Can you tell I’m excited? 🌻❤️😊❤️🌻 #michigangirlalways #puremichigan #amyroloffssecondact #booksigning #amyroloffbook #allaboutfamilyandfriends

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There is no doubt that once you mingle with the Roloffs, you are instantly exposed to fame. Given that Amy isn't shy or silent about her relationship on social media, many believe that Chris is using that opportunity to boost his reputation. Comments of fans on photos of them together have given this hint as some of them have gone as far as calling Chris a "fame and fortune seeker."

Others believe Chris is ruining the cordial relationship between Amy and her ex-husband

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It doesn't matter how Matt and Amy's relationship ended. One thing is sure, and it is that fans absolutely love Matt. However, since Chris came into their lives, many believe the real estate agent has put a lot of tension between Amy and Matt.

Initially, it was reported that Amy was skeptical about the two meeting each other. However, Chris soon disclosed to Radar Online that all is fine between him and Matt

Do they see marriage in view?

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A fabulous 4th of July day, after the parade, spent w/ Chris and friends on the Columbia River kayaking, boating and watching the fireworks. I have so many fond memories about America’s Birthday growing up camping, campfires and watching the fireworks in Michigan. When I was raising my kids we went to the parade a few times but always had a bbq. I always loved sparklers at night and we would wave them around together on the farm. A few times we invited friends over for a bbq picnic and Matt would get fireworks and light them off. Good memories of the past. An awesome summer celebration for America’s Birthday and how thankful I am for everyone in the past and present who answer the call of service and those that paid the ultimate sacrifice in all ways for Freedom. Happy Birthday America. ❤️💙🇺🇸🎉🇺🇸❤️💙

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It's hard to go through the pains of divorce and still want to get married, but that isn't the case for Amy. While speaking to US Weekly, Amy revealed that she is hopeful about getting married again. She said:

"I would definitely love to get married one day. But it's not something that I'm intentionally pursuing."

Chris, on the other hand, is not shutting down the idea of marriage. While speaking with PEOPLE, he said:

"I mean, I saw a lot of examples of people that loved each other but could not live with each other. But I'm certainly not against marriage."

Amy and Chris have been riding on the waves of love for three years now, and it seems they have found happiness in each other. Hopefully, we get to see that ring on her finger soon! What do you think of Chris? Are you for him or against him? Let us know your thoughts!

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