Jen Arnold's Struggles: From Tough Childhood to Cancer Battle and the Hardships of Adoption

Being less than 4 feet high has not been an obstacle for this girl to become a television celebrity immediately after her show aired in 2009.

Dr. Jennifer Arnold (45) and businessman Bill Klein (44) are a couple well known for their TLC show "The Little Couple." Their lives are an open book on TV and for more than 10 years the audience of their reality show has seen the two get married, raise a family, enjoy happy moments and sometimes even enduring hardships. But there is more to Arnold's life than what we see on TV. Let's take a look at her life story.



Arnold was diagnosed with Spondyloepiphyseal Dysplasia Type Strudwick at an early age. She has undergone multiple surgical interventions. In fact, her oldest childhood memory is from an episode involving her early health troubles.

It is not exactly a happy memory; she was in her room, on her bed, with her parents surrounding her and looking down at her. She remembers that towels were placed at the sides of her head to make her feel more comfortable. Also, she remembers clearly the flashing lights of the ambulance she rode.

Two years after that episode, Arnold had to be intervened for cervical fusion, with the man responsible for the surgery being no other than Dr. Ben Carson, former presidential candidate and a prestigious doctor. Not everybody can brag about this.



Most people have pleasant memories of their childhood. For Arnold, it has been a little different, because of her physical condition, skeletal dysplasia. She was subjected to teasing and discomfort from her classmates while she was at school. Not only was Jen going through a treacherous time socially, but she was struggling physically as well. In her lifetime, Jen has gone under the knife over 30 times.

And, according to therichest, a good chunk of her childhood and teenage days were spent in and out of the hospital, forcing her to miss a lot of schoolwork. Alas, Jen managed to catch up, excelling at her work, and eventually becoming a successful doctor.

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