Jen Arnold's Struggles: From Tough Childhood to Cancer Battle and the Hardships of Adoption



Curiously, Arnold and Klein actually met when they were both 10 years old. They had both undergone an operation and recovered in the same hospital. While Klein remembers that moment clearly and says to have been impressed by her, Arnold has no recollection of this.



From a very young age, Jen showed love and passion for studying. She knew very early that she wanted to go pursue higher education. However, after facing discrimination because of her height during the admission interview at the University of Miami on her first attempt, she decided to switch to John Hopkins Medical School in Baltimore.

After graduating as a neonatologist with excellent grades, proving that her ability as a student has nothing to do with her height, Arnold met Klein online, with a mutual friend playing cupid for the two.

This friend was convinced that they were the perfect match for each other. Unfortunately, each one's personal circumstances did not allow an appointment to be made at the time, so for a few years, they developed an online relationship that soon evolved into a romance.  

After finally meeting in person, the love began to grow between them. By the time their show debuted, they had already formed a solid marital bond. They were a truly happy couple.

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