Top 5 Criticisms Over Amy Roloff's Life Choices

“Little People Big World” Amy Roloff suffered numerous criticisms about her life choices after her marriage to Matt Roloff fell apart. From how Amy chooses to run her business to her personal life, netizens have their own ideas about it all.



More than a year after Amy and Matt’s divorce, a promotional photo shared by Amy caused a stir among followers. 

In the picture Amy posted on October 20, 2017, dressed up as a pirate, she stood in front of a Roloff Farms Pumpkin Patch sign in promotion of her homemade food business holding a pirate sword.

Because Matt and Amy got divorced, some followers questioned Amy’s continued use of the Roloff surname. “Why does Amy carry Matt’s name when they are divorced??” one follower asked while another defended Amy by explaining why women often keep their ex-husband’s surname after divorce.

“A lot of women don't change it after a divorce. Especially if they have children,” the fan replied. As you might remember, Amy and Matt split in 2015 and divorce in 2016. Now, she is dating Chris Marek, whereas Matt has a relationship with Caryn Chandler, the Roloff Farm manager. 

The next polemic situation is related to Amy and Matt's son. Click 'Continue reading the next chapter' and find it out. 

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