All the Times the Duggar Children Broke the Family Rules



It is easy to notice that all women in the Duggar family have a modesty dress code. The girls only wear long skirts or dresses -no pants, no shorts- and always shirts with sleeves  -no tank tops. However, the second eldest daughter has been caught breaking this rule from head to toe on more than one occasion. 

Apparently, her husband Derek Dillard has no objections to this. Although Jill's shorts are never that short (they have been knee-length), she has definitely relaxed the code of only dresses and skirts for women in the family. She has also worn above-the-knee dresses unapologetically. 

Jill has even gone as far as putting on a nose piercing, something that her parents unsurprisingly strongly opposed to, just as to tattoos and any other body modifications. 

Another of the rules that this couple has broken has to do with music. This is, of course, keeping in mind that the Duggar family only allows religious music to be played, but never falling to the temptation of dancing. But this hasn't kept Derick Dillard from making some moves in what appeared to be a truly wild party around a bonfire.

Last but not least, another major no-no in the Duggar household is regarding birth control. If you were wondering why the Duggar couple had so many children, it is simply because they believe that each pregnancy is a gift from God, so nothing should prevent them from getting the heavenly present. 

However, rumor has it that Jill used a particular type of birth control during the early stage of her marriage. Why? Because Duggar women tend to get pregnant within months after walking down the aisle. Nevertheless, Jill was with a child almost a year after her wedding. So it was due to either a contraceptive or struggles with infertility. 

In the next chapter, we have one girl that felt "relieved" after breaking a rule. Find out who that is in the 'Next chapter'

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