10 Rules Beyonce Makes Her Kids Follow

Beyonce and Jay-Z are immensely popular these days, so their kids – 7-year-old Blue Ivy and 2-year-old twins Rumi and Sir – have to put up with it. What special kind of coach is required for Bey’s daughter? Why can’t Blue appear on photos with her mom sometimes? And what rules does Beyonce have for her nannies? We’re going to tell you how Queen B raises her kids and what rules she makes them follow!

The Kids Have to Get the Best Education 

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Although Jay-Z went to public schools as a child, his children aren't going to follow in their dad’s footsteps. The famous parents make sure that they provide only the best (and, certainly, quite expensive) education for them.

Blue Ivy attends an elite private school in West Hollywood that is called the Center for Early Education. According to W Magazine, it's one of the most exclusive schools in LA and it only has a 6 percent acceptance rate.

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Since the school administration reserves spots for the siblings of their students, the twins will probably attend too, in a couple of years. To keep her in that school, Bey and Jay have to pay around 20 thousand dollars per year!  For that amount of tuition I am certain that they're giving her a great education, do you agree?

Interestingly, Beyonce and Jay-Z actively participate in school life. They attend PTA meetings and Bey also gave a surprise performance at the school's fundraiser event! Everyone must have been SO excited to see her!

They Come to School in Style

Blue Ivy doesn’t have to hop on a school bus every day. And her mom doesn’t take her to school in a mini-van. After all, she apparently has too much to do. Instead, the little girl Carter arrives at school escorted by not one, but two cars! Not only does that happen but, she’s also accompanied by two bodyguards during the entire day.

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Obviously, it’s all done for Blue’s safety, but aren't Beyonce and Jay-Z, maybe, trying a bit too hard? After all, even parents of the other children from this school don’t like it.  Blue’s entourage doesn’t only look too tacky, in their opinion, but it also creates a huge traffic jam every single morning! We don't blame them for complaining! But what do you think about it?

Kids Have to Be Multilingual

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Blue has to learn how to speak a few foreign languages fluently, and we can safely assume that her little brother and sister will have to do it, too. Blue reportedly started learning French when she was less than two years old!

Sure, encouraging kids to study other languages is a great idea because it’s useful in our diverse society and it’s beneficial for their intellectual development. But wasn't it perhaps too early? Share your opinion in the comments!

They Have to Issue Their Product Lines at Some Point

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Evidently, Beyonce and Jay-Z want their kids to have big names in Hollywood. They are already making sure that Blue is famous not only for being their baby girl so they are preparing to launch a line of products trademarked with her name. According to an article on Vanity Fair, it will include hair care products, fragrances, cosmetics, and other products for kids. 

Honestly, is there anything that this famous tot doesn’t do?? Clearly, her parents want her to become either a star or an entrepreneur in the future by helping her develop all these skills.

Everyone Needs a Confidence Coach

Beyonce knows that confidence doesn’t come out of nowhere and she wants her children to learn to know their self-worth from an early age. For this reason, her daughter Blue Ivy has her own confidence coach who holds frequent sessions with the girl.

As the source close to the famous couple revealed: “When Blue was born, Beyoncé and Jay Z were committed to giving her all the self-esteem they themselves lacked as kids.”  Lessons with Blue’s coach consist of dancing, singing, drawing, and reading children’s books about confidence.

Blue Has to Be Her Mommy’s Mini-Me

Blue often has to dress just like her famous mom and, we are pretty sure, many of us wouldn’t mind following this kind of rule, too! Bey and Blue are often seen wearing matching outfits and it’s impossible to argue that the girl looks very cute in them. Isn’t she just a little diva? 

Let’s hope it won’t prevent her from developing her own style in the future. After all, she won’t always dress just like her mama, right?

Sometimes Blue Has to Step Away

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Beyonce LOVES taking photos with her baby girl, but sometimes she wants the attention to be on her, and only her. After all, she’s the Ultimate Diva and Blue has to respect that until she one day achieves a similar title for herself. For now, whenever Beyonce feels like her daughter’s presence doesn’t complete her look, she just asks her to step away.

Often the girl hides well, but sometimes she fails and it results in quite funny images. In one of them, Blue attempted to hide behind a security guard, but we can still see her legs in those golden shoes. And... as the cherry on top... here are a couple of rules that Beyonce makes others follow when it comes to her children 

Nannies Have to Follow the Beyonce Bible

Should it come as a surprise that Beyonce has a team of nannies? Sure, it shouldn’t – most celebs have hectic schedules and hire babysitters to help them take care of their kids. But for Bey, it was hard to delegate such a serious responsibility as raising her child to a stranger, so she made sure that everything happened her own way.

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She wrote a huge book of strict rules for her nannies to read, sign and follow. Among other things, Bey’s babysitters have to speak French, know arts, always put their purses on the floor instead of counters, stay in shape (because their schedule is demanding), and go on tour with the whole family. The last one should be a dream come true for the nannies!

They Must Work Shifts for the Little Kids

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When the twins were born, Bey and Jay decided that one, two, or even three nannies weren’t enough for their kids, so they hired… are you ready? Six of them! And they did it at a cost of $100,000 per year each. The nannies work eight-hour shifts to take care of the newborn babies and, of course, look after their elder sister Blue. Six nannies for three kids… Too much, huh?

Above All, Blue Has to Be BFFs with Her Mom

It’s obvious that Beyonce values a relationship with her family above all else. The singer strives to establish and maintain a close bond with Blue Ivy and the twins and she’s their best friend! They do so many things together and seem to really enjoy themselves.

Beyonce can’t live without her little girl, so she even takes her on her entertainment travels!  When Blue was less than 2 years old, Bey already brought her to Brazil for her The Mrs. Carter Show.

The singer often talks about how much she enjoys being a mother and how parenting changed her life.

“It just gives you purpose and all of the things that my self-esteem was associated with, it’s all completely different,” Queen B shared with Anderson Cooper. 

Aww, isn’t it lovely? What do you think about all the rules Beyonce has for her kids? Are they too strict, or do you believe that they’re quite normal?

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