The Big Bang Theory: Details from the Show

You’ve been watching the Big Bang Theory and now think you are a Big Show Expert? Bazinga! We have found 20 hidden details in the show that no one pays attention to. For example, did you notice that Penny's fridge has an Easter egg (and it's not inside of it)? And did you know that Raj's condition was based on one of the show creators?

Check out the article below to find out whether you are the most attentive fan!

1.The Power of 73

Do you believe in the magic power of lucky numbers? Sheldon Cooper has a favorite number, too. In one of the episodes, Sheldon explained why he loves the number in episode 73. There's a lot of mathematical stuff to it! And also, Jim Parsons, who portrays Sheldon, was born in 1973!

Isn’t it crazy? No wonder Leonard said that 73 is the Chuck Norris of numbers.

In fact, numerical symbolism plays a big role in the show. For example, Amy’s apartment number is 314 - which stands for the Pi constant. Besides, Wil Wheaton appeared on the show in quite a few episodes. In one of them you can spot the number of his fictional home. And it is 1701 - a reference to his role in Star Trek. The USS Enterprise’s registry number was NCC-1701-D.

2. Howard’s Room

Howard’s room was often shown on the show, but have you ever paid close attention to its decoration? It’s full of superhero figurines, comic books, and lightsabers, but still, it’s an ordinary boy's room. But if you look closer, you’ll notice that Howard has only female superheroes. Howard thinks he’s such a good ladies man. No wonder he’s so obsessed with them.

3. Guess the Instrument

All the main characters on the Big Bang Theory had to learn how to play their musical instruments. Leonard played the cello with Leslie, while Sheldon was playing the bongos. Raj and Howard played the guitar and keyboards for their band performance.

But the weirdest instrument was the Theremin. Jim Parsons can really play it. One more lifehack in the box, Jim! Just not sure when he’s going to use it…

4. What’s Wrong with Penny?

Can you recall Penny’s last name? We’ll give you a couple of seconds to think. Hard to remember? Of course! She doesn’t have one! It’s crazy, but Penny’s last name was never given on the show and never will be. It's confirmed by executive producer Steve Molaro. In the end of the ninth season it is revealed that Penny accidentally got married to Zack Johnson.

Penny thought that she had a “silly wedding ceremony” in Las Vegas just for fun but was shocked to find out in the Thanksgiving episode that the joke wedding was actually legit.

Perhaps, her last name for a couple of seasons was Johnson.

The show's creator, however, revealed that her last name is Barrington during an interview for the show's ninth season.

5. History of Bazinga

The word Bazinga, which Sheldon often uses to show he made a joke, originated in the writers room. One of the co-writers pranked the other, giving him a carefully scooped-out grapefruit that was perfectly put back together. When the scriptwriter tried to eat it, his colleague shouted "Bazinga." And it became a word loved by millions. Even a new type of bee discovered in Brazil in 2012 was named the Euglossa Bazinga after it.

6. Tickets for the Show

Here is the news you wish you knew before. It turns out, die-hard fans of the show could visit it very easily. In fact, if you are older than 18, you could have a chance to come to the Big Bang Theory set and be part of the live audience when filming the show. And it would be completely for free!

Maybe if you went there, you’d hear your own laughter on TV! But, since the show's over, it's too late now...

7.Sheldon’s YouTube Username

The Big Bang characters are all huge fans of Star Wars. Well, who isn’t? Have you noticed how Sheldon’s YouTube nickname once popped up on the screen? It said “ob1”! Obviously, that's a reference to Obi-Wan Kenobi from the iconic cinematic universe. Can you believe how well all the details were planned out on the show? They even thought of their usernames! 

8. Big Bang Theory & Flash

Sheldon's T-shirt collection is one of the greatest things on the show. Fans are trying hard to replicate his shirts. Sheldon often wears all-favorite ones - cool Flash T-shirts. Only one thing could make it more exciting: a character on The Flash wearing a Big Bang shirt that says: “This is my spot.” And... he did! Is your brain burning from the crossover of universes because this is just awesome!

9. Bernadette’s Voice

It’s a sure thing for kids to have their voices change while growing up. But not for a 30-year-old woman. Bernadette’s famous high-pitched voice wasn’t the same when she just appeared. As the character evolved, the actress decided to change her voice to highlight her contrast. She modeled her high-pitched voice after her mother, and her wrathful voice for Mrs. Wolowitz imitates the actress's father.

But none of her friends, or boyfriend Howard, seem to notice it. Wouldn’t you freak out if your adult friend had a voice change?

10. Math, Thou Art a Heartless [...]

Almost all of the main characters on the show are scientists, so it's no wonder their work is often shown on the screen. It takes a lot of precise checking and approving from real-life physicists to make the scenes look good. All equations are approved by David Saltzberg, except for one, which was copied from the Indiana Jones movie, Raiders of the Lost Ark. And it turned out to be wrong! What a pity, Professor Jones!

11 Penny's Refrigerator

Penny’s apartment is always messy, but even through all the stacks of dirty laundry and empty wine bottles, the most observant fans noticed that her fridge is always covered with photos. Those are real pictures of Kaley Cuoco posing with the cast and crew members of the Big Bang Theory. We bet the actors felt right at home when they worked on the set!

12. Halloween Costumes

Halloween is one of the most favorite holidays for TBBT characters besides the Comic-con, of course. It’s one more occasion to wear cool superhero costumes! Choosing the right outfit is a demanding responsibility that only gets tougher when you are a couple. When Sheldon and Amy decided on their Halloween costumes, Amy suggested Blossom and Joey. It just happens to be the smart, sassy Blossom Russo that she played in the actual 90’s sitcom, Blossom.

13. Catchy Song

As you may remember, Sheldon has a couple of favorite songs, including one from the Ninja Turtles cartoon. The funny thing is that one of the BBT writers is actually the author of the song for the cartoon.

The melody for the song Soft Kitty, which lyrics we all now know, was borrowed from a Polish children's song from the 19th century. The director Bill Prady heard the song from his little daughter and decided to include it in the show.

14. The Title Changed

The Big Bang Theory sounds really cool, especially due to the catchy opening song. But it turns out that the initial name was different. It was supposed to be “Lenny, Penny, and Kenny”. Okay, we know who Lenny and Penny are, but who’s Kenny? Looks like that was nearly the name given to Sheldon Cooper. We cannot imagine Sheldon being Kenny, can you?

But all in all, Sheldon Cooper and Leonard Hofstadter got their names in honor of producer Sheldon Leonard, whom the show writers adore. There’s one more nod to physics, too, as both last names Hofstadter and Cooper belong to real-life Nobel Prize winners. There's even a trick in each episode's title. They all include a nod to some scientific theory.

15. We Can Be Heroes for More than a Day

The nerdy characters on the show adore their superheroes. When they visit Comic-con, they wear costumes and T-shirts with superhero prints of Batman, Flash, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman and Superman. But its probably not just to portray their deep love for these characters. As it turns out, TBBT and these comics belong to the same company, Warner Inc. For this reason, they always impersonated DC characters!

16. TBBT & Doctor Who

It seems that there’s one show the scriptwriters of TBBT are crazy about - Doctor Who.  You will notice the blue door of Tardis in Amy’s room. Tardis was also a part of Leonard and Penny’s Halloween night. Sheldon's most significant ritual is getting up at 6:15 am and watching Doctor Who on BBC America.

In fact, the fans of the show counted 10 references. How many did you notice?

17. The Secret Affair

We waited so long for Penny and Leonard to get together. They had an on-and-off relationship for several seasons until the final version 2.0 of their romance led to their wedding.

As it turns out, Kaley and Johnny were not just a couple on the set alone. The actors had a secret romance for two years but it was revealed only after the relationship ended in 2010. The couple did not comment on the reason for their breakup. They agreed to keep it professional.

Both actors are very protective of the show's storyline. As Kaley said:

"I just worry that it will conflict with people's acceptance of Leonard and Penny ... I get the curiosity, but I don't want to distract from the story."

Both actors went their separate ways. Kaley is now married to hottie equestrian Karl Cook. And Johnny and his girlfriend, who is 22 years younger than him, are expecting a baby boy!

18. The Sound of the Big Bang

The Big Bang Theory intro is one of those catchy songs that perfectly fits the sitcom. It was chosen by a lucky coincidence.

The frontman of the band Barenaked Ladies did an improv rap performance at one of their concerts about the real big bang theory after reading a book about it. Imagine the surprise of the show's producers, who happened to be at the concert, to hear that song! They rushed to the singer and begged him to write the theme song for the show.

19. Raj's Biggest Fear

Though actor Kunal Nayyar is married to an Indian supermodel in real life, his character experienced an extreme fear of interacting with women, especially in the beginning. This characteristic feature of Raj wasn't taken out of nowhere. It was actually based on the real-life phobia of the friend of the show's executive producer, Bill Prady. 

Luckily, the man overcame this phobia. As Nayyar revealed, “He’s since gotten married and had kids, so he’s been cured of it.”

20. Young Sheldon

Sheldon is for sure the most extraordinary character on the show. It’s no surprise that he got his own spin-off show, Young Sheldon. It tells the story of Sheldon’s life growing up in Texas and going to high school at the age of nine. If you are a great fan of Sheldon Cooper, this has to be on your must-watch list. Or, perhaps, you're already watching it? And loving it??

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