Marvel Deleted Scenes Show Tony Stark In The Afterlife

Thanos is alive, Tony Stark meets his adult daughter, and some hints give us hope that Black Widow survived! Let’s reveal the deleted scenes from Avengers: Endgame that totally change the Marvel Universe.

Natasha Romanoff's future

It came as a great shock when Black Widow sacrificed herself for the sake of saving Hawkeye. But prepare to have your hearts broken all over again as Black Widow dies again in the alternative scene... though this time in quite a different way.

It starts almost in the same way with a discussion between Hawkeye and Black widow. However, in the deleted scene, Thanos’ forces arrive right away and the pair are pinned back from the edge by their enemies. Knowing what’s coming, Black Widow chooses to fight back, instead of running towards the cliff-edge. 

But when the scene comes to a climax, Romanoff is fatally wounded. Hawkeye tries to save her but Thanos`s army stops him from doing so. And so, knowing that she is dying, Natasha dives off the edge. It is a rather remarkable and tragic shot, which shows how vulnerable Natasha is as a simple human being without any superpowers.

In comparison, this is even more harrowing than the theatrical release. In the original version, Black Widow can take matters into her own hands, and sacrifice herself for the greater good whereas, in this version, Thanos takes that moment away from her. Anyway, it is one of the most controversial choices of Endgame. 

Actually, there was even a scene shot where Hawkeye jumps off the cliff. But eventually, Endgame writers decided to end Natasha’s journey. It was so tough seeing the beloved character go, but if you think about it, the motivation behind the writers' decision was pretty good. Natasha began her journey as someone who put herself first, so giving up what she valued most was a great development of her character.

But now, after new photos from the set of Black Widow's solo movie leaked, it is possible that Natasha may have survived her fall at Vormir after all. The leaked photo shows Black Widow with the exact hairstyle that she had in Endgame. Did she possibly survive the war with Thanos? We're not certain. But hey, she would not be the only Marvel character to get resurrected. Loki and Nick Fury have came back from death, and don`t get us started on the snapped ones. Although if Black Widow did come back it might cheapen her heroic sacrifice...and make a joke out of it.

Another possibility though - is that this leaked photo comes from takes during the events of Endgame, and we’ll finally get to see how things played out from Natasha’s perspective. This way Black Widow fans can finally honor Romanoff, which she didn't get in Endgame. As her death was really overshadowed by the rest of the events and nobody made a funeral for her…

Getty Images

Getty Images

Anyway, there are probably a lot of surprises in the upcoming Black Widow movie, and there’s even a chance that Clint will be the main villain. How? Well if you did not notice, there is no credited actor for the role of the main villain - Taskmaster. So maybe this is how Marvel is trying to hide the fact that Jeremy Renner is behind the Taskmaster’s mask? It would be an exciting twist for sure.

Tony Stark meets his Daughter

After the moment when we all shed a tear or two this is what was meant to happen next.  In the deleted scene Tony meets his grown-up daughter, who is portrayed by 13 Reasons Why star - Katherine Langford.

Getty Images

Getty Images

We’re sure you're curious to know what happens next? Well, in short: Adult Morgan thanks her dad for what he’s done, revealing that his decision works out great for the rest of the world even if it didn't for him. Tony grapples with his decision doubting that perhaps, he made a mistake but Morgan assures him it was the only way. Before the two-part, Tony kisses his daughter and whispers "I love you 3,000" in her ear… which even without CGI and background music makes you fall apart once again.

Although this scene opens numerous questions like what is this place? Why is his daughter grown up? We do have some answers for you though. According to the director Joe Russo, this is "the Way Station". And the scene was supposed to mirror what had happened to Thanos with his daughter in “Infinity War” after he snapped. And the limitless powers of the Infinity Stones can easily show Tony an older version of his daughter…

Anyway, the scene was deleted because it took viewers away from the emotional impact of the rest of the scene and according to the director: "made the film feel like it was never-ending." And there was another Tony Stark scene which was eventually cut as well.

Honor to the Legend

Back in the first Avengers movie, Steve Rogers accused Tony Stark of not being the kind of guy who would sacrifice himself. Well, Tony proved him wrong. And after the fatal snap, Avengers honored Iron Man for almost two minutes, according to the original plan.

In this deleted scene, Hawkeye first gets down on one knee and bows his head. After that, all the other nearby heroes follow suit. You might be asking yourself, why didn't this scene male the cut? Well as Joe Russo explained:

"It’s a beautiful scene with moving performances, but we filmed it prior to Tony Stark’s funeral. The funeral scene ultimately became a more resonant and emotional reflection on Tony’s death for us."

And well, it is hard to debate with that.

Is Thanos still alive?

The Avengers ended Thanos’ life twice. The first time we see him dying is when his head is chopped off by Thor a few weeks after the Snap. And the second time, is in the most epic scene ever, when Iron Man uses the gauntlet, costing him his own life - but did Thanos actually die?

One of the deleted scenes confirms that Thanos is technically still alive. To see that, we need to go back to the alternate 2012, when Hulk is trying to convince the Ancient One to lend him the Time Stone. And there is the deleted scene where the Ancient One has a far more advanced knowledge of the future. She’s been able to use the Time Stone to see beyond the moment of her own death. It leads her to the fascinating new knowledge of how the snap will work. Here we surprisingly find out that Thanos’ Snap didn’t kill anybody, but merely willed the dusted out of existence!

The outlet writes: “Death is final, the snap is not; resurrection is impossible even with the power of the Infinity Stones, but the snap can be undone.” This means the dusted could be resurrected because technically they aren't deceased and... with this in mind, Thanos was snapped so he’s technically still alive as they were. SO! it’s perfectly possible to restore Thanos back to reality through resurrection.

What do you think about that? We bet you'd rather bring Black Widow back, or Cap or Tony Stark but hey, who knows? Perhaps the MCU will decide to give their fans a surprise cameo for some special occasion. With this time travel hack anything seems possible!

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