Life of Billie Eilish: Not Just a Teenage Fantasy

Arguably the biggest artist in the world right now, Billie Eilish has just swept up all the awards in 2019! Do we see some Grammies coming up next? But things haven’t always been everything she’s wanted. There have been some pretty dark times too.

Can you imagine what a nightmare it must be when you literally can't stand up during a performance because of a sudden injury? Or when you're trying to wave at your friend and a stranger pulls you by the hand into a crowd? Or being forced to watch your fifteen-year-old self making a fool out of yourself? The mega pop-star can tell you all about that. Read on to find out about some of the craziest moments in Billie’s career. 

"I Don't Want To Be You Anymore" 

Billie says that she has been prone to injuries her whole life. It’s an unlucky trait for anyone to have, let alone somebody who wishes to be a dancer. Billie was somebody who wanted to dance, but a terrible dance injury sadly crushed her dreams and even led to depression. But where one dream died, another was born. And that is when the world found out about Billie`s Ocean Eyes. Her life changed completely; she practically became a teen idol and it seemed like old traumas had been forgotten...but life is not always that simple. 

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