Home Alone Cast Looks Very Different Today

Home Alone will forever stay a perfect option for a Christmas movie. It’s hard to believe, but it's been nearly three decades since Macaulay Culkin was left in solitary on Christmas Eve! And while some of us are still doing the maths on the budget of that huge family trip to Paris; others are still confused, how the McCallisters were even able to catch their flight. 

But most of us simply enjoy rewatching Home Alone on Christmas for the zillionth time, and occasionally wondering how the iconic cast looks like these days. So… We’re ready to satisfy your curiosity about the cast of Home Alone!

Catherine O'Hara: Kevin’s mom, whose voice millions remember

30 years have passed since that iconic scream and Catherine O'Hara is still admired by many for her brilliant comedic talent. Today, the actress is mostly known as the ridiculous but lovely matriarch Moira from Canadian TV series Schitt’s Creek. Fans love the character, posting some hilarious memes about her!

O’Hara has been an actress for more than four decades and has portrayed dozens of similarly memorable characters. After Mrs. McCallister, O’Hara’s most famous roles include her time as Winona Ryder’s artistic stepmom in Beetlejuice, the funny but weird owner of a Norwich Terrier in Best in Show, and as an enthusiastic folk singer in mockumentary comedy from the mind of Spinal Tap writer Christopher Guest called A Mighty Wind.

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Robert W. "Bo" Welch, Catherine’s husband of 27 years, also works in the film industry but on the other side of the screen. He was a production designer in Tim Burton’s Beetlejuice, which is where he met the future mother of their two sons.

Catherine and Robert still look darn cute together! They were recently spotted on the Emmys red carpet after they both received nominations for their remarkable work! It seems that even in their mid-sixties, O’Hara and her husband are still racking up high-profile projects and notable accolades... with no plans to stop anytime soon!

John Heard aka Kevin’s father

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So what do we know about Catherine’s husband from Home Alone, John Heard? Years have passed and fans still can’t get their heads round one essential plot point concerning the character of Peter McCallister. How did he manage to afford a fancy Parisian vacation... over Christmas… for fifteen family members?! It turns out the answer is pretty simple! He didn’t pay at all!

An easy solution to this seasonal conundrum, it turns out it was the mysterious Uncle Bob, Peter's brother, who missed his family so much that he invited his 15 relatives on an all-expenses-paid trip to Paris. One loyal Home Alone fan even cost how much a trip like that would cost nowadays and he calculated the cost at… $55 thousand! Guess Uncle Bob has deep, deep pockets!

But back to actor John Heard, his real life in the nineties wasn’t nearly as sunny as that of the McCallister family. Heard made the headlines over his protracted custody battle over their son with girlfriend Melissa. Things got very messy and at one point John was even arrested. All in all, Heard has had 3 marriages that have all ended in dismal divorce.

And even though John is best known for Home Alone, he’s had an extensive acting career. All together, Heard has appeared in nearly 200 films, TV shows, and theater productions and was even nominated for an Emmy for his guest role as a corrupt detective on The Sopranos. 

With so many roles over the years, it seemed like John would continue his acting career for way longer but sadly his heart gave out after back surgery at the age of 71. However, he’ll remain forever remembered as the one and only, brave and loving Peter McCallister!

Devin Ratray aka nasty older brother Buzz

Though not all of the McCallisters were so loving and pleasant. Who can forget that nasty older brother Buzz? Devin Ratray really made the character one to remember. But it turns out that’s not something Ratray is all that proud of. Of course, the actor appreciates the money and fame that came with such a blockbuster movie. But he also got sick and tired of being typecast as a bully.

"If my crowning achievement in my chosen profession happened when I was in the eighth grade, I would consider that a failure of sorts” - revealed Devin.

Ratray made a lot of attempts to associate himself with deeper, more serious roles. He appeared on Law & Order a couple of times, he was trapped in a Wall Street elevator with eight strangers in a suspense thriller appropriately entitled... Elevator. And he even serenaded the ex-US Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice! Really! It was for a very unconventional documentary film which nevertheless went on to collect twenty-six international awards. 

Then there was the thriller Blue Ruin and an Amazon TV series based on a comic book - The Tick. However, none of those projects seemed to help Devin shift his image as Buzz…Until Steven Soderbergh popped up in Ratray's career and changed everything, that is. The onetime child star finally found himself in an HBO murder mystery series called Mosaic. The six-episode project comes with plenty of twists and turns and has a highly unusual, innovative format: you can watch it as a typical TV drama… or as a mobile app that works as an interactive movie.

But unlike Black Mirror’s Bandersnatch, you can’t change the development of the story, although on Mosaic you can choose the perspective from which you want to see the story unfold. Playing a local detective, Ratray calls it: "the singular most rewarding thing in [his] life.” 

Daniel Stern aka Marvin "Marv" Merchants

And what’s the most rewarding thing in Daniel Stern's life after he played one half of the duo known as the "wet bandits"? After his part as the bumbling burglar ended, Daniel felt confident enough to create movies himself. Unfortunately, his time in the director’s chair was a disaster. After his first…and last experience at the helm of baseball comedy Rookie of the Year, Stern was bombarded with negative reviews.

One disappointed critic wrote that if you don't know baseball you won't understand the climax of the movie... and that if you do, you'd find it preposterous! Stern’s later acting roles also didn’t bring the actor much success. But then - Daniel finally found his biggest strength, which happened to be his voice! And so he became the one and only Dilbert!

What’s more, you can regularly hear Stern on Seth MacFarlane's Family Guy and as a school teacher in kid’s show classic Hey Arnold!. Daniel also narrated ABC’s The Wonder Years. And even though his fame has been far from explosive, Stern also managed to land a notable role as mentor to other scientists in the WGN atomic-bomb drama, Manhattan.

Aside from film, Daniel’s daily life is a total whirlpool of projects and family matters. Turns out that he’s quite a romantic guy. Did you know that Stern is still madly in love with his wife of nearly 40 years, Laure Mattos? Daniel calls her the greatest person he's ever known and is deeply grateful for their mutual love, their children and their home. Daniel also states on his Instagram page that his life would be nothing without his wife. Who would’ve thought that such a silly slapstick comedian would have such a loyal vulnerable heart? 

But the surprises don’t end there! Stern recently received an award for 500 hours of volunteering in a single year. He organized the Malibu Boys and Girls club which helps children of all backgrounds receive higher education, even going so far as to make his Home Alone partner-in-crime join the project! Yep, Stern revealed that Joe Pesci organized golf tournaments to raise money for kids in need. 

Joe Pesci  aka Harry Lyme

And similarly to Stern, Joe Pesci also seemed to have left much of his acting career behind him. Back in the '90s, Pesci announced his retirement from acting to pursue his first love: music. And the star was deadly serious.

Pesci was the guitarist for the band Joey Dee and the Starliters in the sixties, later leaving and giving up his spot to a "slightly" more skilled musician named... er Jim… Jimi? Somebody Hendrix, anyway. But by the late nineties, Pesci wasn’t feeling acting anymore and, frankly speaking, he was tired!

Joe was injured during a fight scene in Scorsese movie Raging Bull and, almost 15 years later, he got injured in the same way on the set of a film by the very same film director, this time shooting Casino. Enough was enough and Joe later only took on small parts if he found them really amusing.

But Scorsese was obsessed with this one project and alongside Robert de Niro he could see only one actor for the role - Joe Pesci. However, the star was openly opposed to the idea. De Niro asked Pesci on Scorsese’s behalf, and the rumor is that it took forty rejections to finally receive get the green light from Pesci. And now, in his first major on-screen role in nearly a decade, Joe Pesci is back as the mobster Russell Bufalino in Scorsese's The Irishman.

Macaulay Culkin as Kevin

And what’s happening in the life of the Wet Bandits’ nemesis, who once taught the whole world how to use aftershave properly, Macaulay Culkin? The runaway success of the Home Alone movies was so overwhelming that the young actor needed a permanent bodyguard nearby at all times. The only place Culkin actually felt calm and safe was on set, according to co-star Devin Ratray.

Rumors about what happened next to the aspiring star have been heard by practically everyone familiar with his name. Growing up world-famous was tough, mostly because it created family issues as Culkin's parents began a custody battle focused on Macaulay's fortune. Then there was his career break. Nothing seemed to be stable in his life. 

At the age of 18, Mac suddenly married actress Rachel Miner but the couple divorced two years later. In his 20s, Culkin was already exhausted by his lifestyle, especially of big projects and countless media attacks. Perhaps that’s why Macaulay turned down the opportunity to star in The Big Bang Theory! Instead of becoming Sheldon’s best bud, Culkin decided to reinvent himself with something totally different and that started with voice work in friend Seth Green’s Robot Chicken.

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Macaulay’s next relationship with Mila Kunis seemed like something he wanted to hold on to, and for about eight years the star seemed to have finally found happiness... but then the couple split. However, they’ve maintained a friendly relationship. 

The 39-year-old actor recently starred in a hilarious Google Assistant commercial playing an adult Keven McAllister and Macaulay still takes small parts in films and TV shows from time to time. But it seems that now he’s more invested in his own project Bunny Ears, a website Culkin created to parody “alternative” health sites like Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop. He tries to show you that you can't take pop culture seriously, and his project pokes fun by creating articles like “Birds Aren't Real, So Here is My Vegan Fried Chicken Recipe”!

Anyhow, that seems to make Culkin really happy…Well, that and his current relationship with former Disney actress Brenda Song whom he met while filming the movie Changeland last year. And while Macaulay is clearly having the time of his life, we can turn on the TV, turn back time and rewatch one of the most heartwarming Christmas movies ever!

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