Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Top-14 Mistakes That Are Hard To Ignore

How did Hitchcock and Scully really look like when they were younger? Which character has the highest rate of inconsistencies? And who violates all laws of logic, even though he is supposed to be the most “self-consistent” character? Here’s the top-14 mistakes on “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” that will make you want to rewatch the show!

14. Jake undercover

Without thinking twice we were all heartbroken when in the cold open of season 1 finale Jake was fired from the 99. Who would have guessed that it was just an excuse to put Peralta under cover?

He did not just harmoniously blend into the mob family but made friendship bonds that were supposed to last forever. Jake recalls this dangerous mission with pride but somehow manages to confuse the dates…

At the beginning of the second season we are told Peralta was undercover for almost half a year. And that sounds legit, otherwise how would he gain the mob's trust?

But when Adrian Pimento is introduced to the series - the guy who has spent years undercover, Peralta couldn’t hold himself back from mentioning that he gets Pimento, because he spent 63 days on a mission with the mob. That’s just two months, Peralta!

13. Hitchcock, Scully and ...Daniels?

Paradoxically this duo is one of the funniest and, at the same time, grossest on the show. Can we imagine Brooklyn 99 without these two useless cops, whose habits could easily make us lose our appetite?

That we almost forgot that the pilot episode reveals one more gang member - Daniels. She was never mentioned after the pilot episode though. Looks like the audience was fairly pleased with Hitchcock’s and Scully’s abomination, sending Daniels straight to retirement.

Let’s admit, these two are more than enough for the 99th precinct. By the way, looks like the characters were named after two “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” producers - Norm Hiscock and Mike Scully.

12. Kevin’s parents

Captain Holt is one of the most respected characters on the show. Being an african american gay man he had to work really hard to become a captain. There’s no way you cannot enjoy Holt! But there are people who hate Cap with all their guts! 

We are talking about Kevin’s parents that are at first described as people with very traditional views on marriage and sexual orientation, that don’t want to talk to Holt whatsoever. It was a very sad moment but you should have seen the shock on our face in the episode “Two Turkeys”. Do you remember it? 

It's the one where Holt investigates the case of the missing pie that him and Kevin were going to bring to Kevin's parents' house for Thanksgiving. Did the showrunners change their minds? Or maybe Kevin’s parents finally accepted their son? Or was it just a mistake?

11. A bit more of Thanksgiving

Charles Boyle is a known foodie, who is literally obsessed with food. So for a man like Boyle, Thanksgiving is all about cooking turkey. Lots of people enjoy the holiday mostly because of the abnormal quantity of delicious food and Charles is not an exception.

In season 2 the whole episode is basically about him explaining that Thanksgiving should be called Turkey day, which is indescribably irritating for the squad. But just a few seasons later, Charles is not the same anymore and unexpectedly, like the rest of us, calls the holiday Thanksgiving.

Has family life with Genevieve changed him so much? Or did he just want to throw a traditional Thanksgiving party for Nikolaj? Well, we’ll never get an answer to that one…

10. Peralta and kids

Amy and Jake’s love story is music to the ears of both the other characters and the viewers. It seems that the two fit each other perfectly and the chemistry between them was vivid since the very first episode.

But there’s obviously no such thing as a flawless relationship even in the movies. The fight between the two in season 6 was a total bummer. Jake was overwhelmed by the idea that Amy wanted kids especially since he wasn't a fan of the idea. 

We would have let this go if Jake wasn't always saying that he wanted children throughout the entire show! So did he change his mind or did the script writers have to come up with a new plot twist for the couple?

9. Captain Contradictory

In the season 2 episode, “The Road Trip”, Boyle teaches Holt the basics of food sensuality and cooking, while Cap tells him about his taste preferences. Well, it’s hard to call it “taste”. Holt says that if he had a chance he would eat bland protein bars solely as they contain all the nutrients his body needs. He simply doesn’t appreciate the texture and flavor of regular food.

Sounds like something Cap would get away with saying but there is a little “but”. A season earlier we found out that Holt reads Boyle’s food blog, because he is the only blogger/critic that includes a “mouth-feel” index in his assessment.

Just think about that! Holt who said he’s indifferent to food, suddenly finds himself following a cuisine blog, to find out how certain food taste and feels in your mouth.

Well, some may say that Holt cares about food only to pick a nice place to take Kevin out for dinner. But it still sounds a bit far-fetched, doesn’t it? But that was not the last time that he was untruthful. 

At first he claimed that he didn’t have a TV in his bedroom but that turned out to be a lie! Some time later, during the party at Holt’s house, Amy sneaks into his bedroom and sits in front of a TV. Oh Cap, shame on you…

8. The worst lawyer ever

#relationshipgoals is definitely not the caption to use for Boyle and his ex-wife. In the first season we find out that his wife pays the alimony.Then something weird happens by season 3, because we find out that Charles pays 85% of his income to his ex wife.

How did this happen? Did the scriptwriters totally forget about what they previously wrote or did Charles quite literally have the worst lawyer in the world? 

7. Portrait of Dorian Hitchcock

Scully and Hitchcock are recognized as the worst cops in the precinct. And yes, we know there's extensive background history as to why. But in season 6 in the episode called “Hitchcock and Scully”, the two are awesome buttckicking cops investigating big cases.

And as Hitchcock's page on WikiFandom states he has more arrests on record than anyone else in the 99. Well, would a bad cop achieve that? The duo explained the paradox in one of the episodes, saying that they are just pretending to be dumb, so people won’t expect them to work. So are they good or bad detectives?

It’s also not clear how these two looked like when they were young. In episode 20, season 1, they show Hitchcock and Scully in the 70’s and the two look pretty much the same as they do today.

Six seasons later the events in the cold open take place in the 80’s but Hitchcock and Scully look super young and fit, while telling us the story of how they lost their muscles. Could this qualify as time travel?Moreover, in one of the episodes Jake mentions that Hitchcock became bald at 15! Very confusing!

6. How does Holt treat lie?

If you take a close look at the series, you may notice that Cap sometimes openly admits his dishonesty even though he's strongly against it. But sometimes he seems okay with hiding the truth.

When Hitchcock and Scully decided to fool the detectives and make up a story about a fake missed birthday party, Holt was quick to lie about his trip to Ecuador.

But when him and Terry miss Gina’s dance performance he is strongly against lying to her. So what does he stand by? Is it okay to lie to only some people?

5. What is going on between Jake and Terry?

Though these two clearly have a sort of father/son bond relationship, Terry once said that he loves Jake like one of his daughters. But later, in the episode when Terry is going to have a vasectomy done, he implies that him and Peralta aren't close because he is not “that kind of a friend”. So what kind of relationship do they really have?

4. Terry’s problems

Sgt's on and off going battle with his weight, means he works out a lot and has a strict diet. Do you remember that episode when he got addicted to chocolate bins and gained weight extra fast?