Crazy Things The Richest YouTubers 2019 Spend Money On

All YouTubers rank in two categories: those who keep their millions in a box under their mattress and those who spend 6 digit sums on ridiculous things.

So who got hijacked for 2.5 million dollars by some ninjas? Who didn’t make the Forbes cut and yet keeps buying outrageous luxury items? And why doesn't the biggest YouTuber own a mansion or expensive cars? Find out the craziest things YouTubers spend their money on!


According to Forbes 2019 list, PewDiePie's net worth is around 13 million dollars. But he is not that flashy when it comes to his purchases, in contrast to others on the list. He definitely spends a ton of money on his studio equipment.

PewDs doesn't only build his net worth through ad revenue and promotion deals like pairing up with LG or Mountain Dew but through selling some weird merch with his catchphrases. He has even launched 3 of his own games and has even published a book called “This Book Loves You” packed with anti-proverbs and lots of crazy illustrations.

PewDs is a very down to earth guy, who had a very elegant and small wedding this year in London's Kew botanical garden. Though PewDiePie is pretty modest in showing off his earnings, he lives in a regular house with no pool and drives an old Nissan, he has a home in Japan that actually got robbed in 2019. 

PewDiePie already had a lot on his plate: he faced a robbery, a flood in his house in London and the subscribers' race with T-series, so it’s no wonder that PewD decided to take some time off from YouTube.

Yep, PewDs who owns a channel with 102 million subscribers announced he’s taking a bit of time off to relax from creating content. But it’s not that big of a deal on second thought: everybody needs a holiday and a bit of time to do some thinking.

Jeffree Star

He is stylish, he is harsh, he is savage. Jeffree is a beauty mogul that can denounce any makeup brand in 15 minutes and end it up for good. He is the biggest beauty blogger on the platform with over 16,8 million subscribers and a $17 million net worth according to Forbes.

But other sources claim he makes much more revenue from selling his makeup lines than just through YouTube ads and state his net worth to be around 50 million dollars. No wonder some ninjas went to rob the guru of the industry, but we’ll get there.

So Jeffree has bought himself a 3,6 million dollar mansion in Calabasas and painted it pink from top to bottom. Even the lampshade is pink. And that's only one of his three houses. He wants to keep the other two private. The floor in his closet is made of white onyx imported from Italy that was later dyed pink. 

Among his most expensive stuff in the bag closet are two Hermes Himalaya niloticus crocodile Birkin each worth 90 thousand dollars. He spends thousands on his tattoos from renowned masters, eats from Hermes gold plated spoons (220 bucks each) and owns an actual mountain next to his house. 

Jeffree also owns a Lamborghini Huracan, Rolls Royce Wraith, Tesla Model X and two BMWs that were all customized and painted pink inside and out. He also got his boyfriend a surprise gift - a lemony green Aston Martin Vantage worth 155,000 dollars. 

But it’s not always pink and dreamy in Jeffree’s world. In 2019 one of his warehouses got robbed. As a result, the whole concealer line got leaked on the Internet. While one may say that Jeffree is rich enough to let it slide, it’s a matter of hard work and intellectual property that we are talking about here. So big money doesn't only bring a big joy, but big troubles too.

Dude Perfect

The very first Dude Perfect video was made with 5 guys just rocking this basketball hoop in their backyard in 2009. Fast forward 10 years and the channel has almost 48 million subscribers, more than 11 Guinness World Records, and a 20 million dollar net worth according to Forbes 2019 report.

The guys are in their 30’s and still haven’t run out of fascinating ideas for their tricks, like wrestling while encased in bubble wrap or shooting a frisbee with an arrow while jumping off a roof. Knowing what hard work it requires, imagine how much the ad time should cost in the videos. So besides native advertising, banners, and logos, Dude Perfect also gets money from selling merch and of course from all those views on their videos.

The Dudes talents got noticed by the Nickelodeon headhunters in 2016. They’ve signed on for a kids show The Dude Perfect Show, which still airs on Nicky. And those who still don't believe that The Dudes have talent can catch them performing across the US on the Dude Perfect 2020 Tour, which is a source of money for them as well.

The magic happens in a 30,000-square-foot facility rebranded by the Robbins and Ponder Company. It’s basically a barn with all lit sports courts, like basketball, football and gold rings. It even has a fancy skating rink. This so-called “new office” costs a real fortune and the guys had it sponsored. That’s what you get for using your talents wisely.

We’re sorry as we missed out on some cool names like Markiplier or VanossGaming - let’s be honest they don’t reveal their income so much, so let’s move on to those who are a little more flashy.

Logan Paul

This is perhaps one of the most controversial YouTubers and that’s probably the reason he is so popular. He is just 24 and already has over 20 million subscribers. It’s fair to say, Logan has screwed up big time, but managed to maintain his loyal fandom.

So Logan's last year's revenue was around14 million dollars. And that’s not to mention his merch sales like his Maverick brand and promotion deals. On the Radio, Logan confessed that his most expensive purchase so far was his house. Just two years ago he bought a nine thousand-square-foot house worth six and a half million dollars. It has five bedrooms, seven baths, and even a wine cellar. Logan lives there with his roomy Evan. Speaking of Evan…

For their four year friendship anniversary, in one of his Vlogs, Logan promised that if that video hit 2 million likes, he would buy Evan a Rolex watch, which he did, and it cost him 20k. And yet! He has spent 150 times more on his 3 million dollar watch that he bought in Dubai. Just kidding, that was just his clickbait thumbnail. Instead, he just tried on that ridiculously expensive watch and bought himself his first Rolex, worth 40k.

We can only guess how much he spent on that trip, riding camels and Range Rovers in the desert. Yep, Logan is very passionate about cars too. So before we get to that insane Cool Bus, let’s check his Maverick inspired (maverick - is his catchword) car park.

You may often spot his white Mercedes G Wagon in his vlogs. Goodness, he even customized a massive snow plot and fit his Maverick logo on the front. Logan also owns a Dodge Challenger that was first purple and he had it customized to a polka dot red. Then one day, Logan just woke up and decided that he wanted to get a school bus. He had it customized and turned it into an insane party house, with a fantastic stereo system.


His real name is Olajide Olatunji and he has over 20 million subscribers. KSI first started out uploading FIFA and skit videos and is now one of the most subscribed vloggers in the UK. So according to our estimations his monthly ad revenue comes up to $38, 600. That’s not to mention his revenue from merch, partnership deals, and music sales.

In 2014 KSI lived in the fantastic Stratford Halo for a year - one of the most prestigious 41 storey buildings in London. The rent cost him around 32 thousand dollars for 365 the year (£24k). Now KSI lives in a £4.9 Million pound home nicknamed "The Sidemen House" on the outskirts of London.

We can only imagine how much KSI has also earned from his boxing matches. Yep, you heard it right. If you haven’t been following him or the Paul brothers for the past two years, you’ve probably missed a couple of their epic encounters.

KSI and Logan Paul had two boxing matches in 2018 and 2019 and definitely earned tonnes of money selling tickets ranging from £30 to £496 and charging 10 bucks for pay-per-view on YouTube. claims he earned around 80 million pounds for the fight.

Well, KSI is not only passionate about kicking and punching. He owns a Lamborghini Aventador that was customized specially for him and painted in a purple neon color with majestic orange stripes. That cost him a whopping $400,000 dollars.

Jake Paul

If you were already impressed by the stuff Logan Paul owns, be prepared to see what crazy things Jake Paul does with his money. 

It’s obvious that when YouTubers hit this immense level of popularity they need a whole team of professionals to help them deal with perks of being famous. Jake took it even further and reinvented MTV’s The Real World. So in 2017, he bought a 15,000 square foot, 7.3 million dollar house, that was even more expensive than his older brother’s mansion.

Here he lives with Team 10 - the social media squad of young people who occasionally join and leave the house. He planned a 1,000 dollar treasure hunt for his team and his mom in the House. Jake also tried to pull a Mr. Beast and gave 5 of his friends 10k each to spend in an hour and paid out 50 thousand dollars to his Instagram followers.

In 2019 he “married” Tana Mongeau and the two were going to spend 1 million dollars on their honeymoon, but Tana had a family emergency, and Jake like the loving husband he is, decided to stay and support her. Except that he didn’t and ended up turning the honeymoon trip into a boys trip, spending 1 million dollars traveling and partying in the UK and Ibiza. Well, that's the least we can expect from a guy who tie-dyed his Yeezys to match his merch. 

This May, he also threw a HUGE party [worth an alleged half a million dollars for rapper Desiigner. They had real boxing matches taking place in a ring, motorcycle stunts, and there was even a police investigation.

Aside from partying Jake spends his money on brand new cars. So in Jake’s parking lot, you can find a Tesla Model X, worth between $132,000 and $143,000. Not that long ago, Jake purchased the car of his dreams - a blue Lamborghini Huracan Performante at around $350,000.

Ryan Kaji

And we’ve finally reached The Richest YouTuber of 2019! Ryan’s World turned out to be the highest-grossing YouTuber two years in a row. Yep! You heard it right! An 8-year-old kid is the Richest YouTuber and according to Forbes, he earned around 26 million dollars unboxing presents on camera. The world has gone crazy!

Ryan’s family bought a 1 million dollar house in 2017 and that’s basically all we know about his family spending money. Ryan’s World has expanded beyond the YouTube platform and paired up with brands like Colgate, Nickelodeon, Bonkers Toys, Roku, and Walmart.