Chicago Fire: Backstage Details That Got To Fans Hearts

The crew members at Firehouse 51 are on their 8th season of successfully setting our hearts ablaze. But behind all that saucy drama, there's a lot of smoke and mirrors going on. What we are going to uncover, are some of the most controversial behind the scenes secrets from Chicago Fire that you might not have known before. This article contains a spoiler for season 8.

Who from the cast started their own biker gang? And which star likes to occasionally steal lunches from the cast?! Keep reading to find out more. Oh! And just in case you didn't know...

1. Nobody Likes the Crossovers

Fans love how The Chicago Fire Universe expands with the different spin-offs, and it is so much fun to watch the characters switch from one show to another! The truth is - it's only a pleasure for the viewers.

“It’s a scheduling… I don’t want to say nightmare, but it’s like Jenga, and people far smarter than I am are working it out," said Showrunner Olmstead. 

And can you imagine how insanely hard it was to give you that 3-hour crossover at the beginning of the season 8?!

It was so difficult that in fact, producer Dick Wolf actually admitted that "nobody likes" the process. He says It's horrible. Because it is so complicated, the team would shoot on Saturdays and there was always a lot of re-shooting happening! For season 8's HUGE crossover, people had been working 16 days straight, and most of the time it was due to the countless re-shoots. 

But hey, of course, there are great benefits too. Besides the cross-over episode being a hit in its own right, the cast getting together also means that it's good business for Chicago Fire, Med and P.D. And let's not forget Dick Wolf and NBC. So yes it's a lot of work but it pays off... with great money.

2. Things Get A Little Too Real 

Chicago Fire always strives to be as true and realistic as possible when portraying the lives and situations of firefighters. BUT there was a time when they went too far... One day, the real Chicago fire station received a call that a plane had crashed at 29th and Martin Luther King Drive. Photos were even attached to show how massive the problem was. Can you imagine their shock when they found out that it was only a pre-staged set for the TV series!

And while the plane crash might not have been real, the firehouse we see in the series is. It is a working Chicago Fire Department firehouse and is the headquarters of Station 18! But of course, some of the parts were artificially constructed like the Firehouse 51 kitchen. Here's a trick to figure it out - if there is a door to the left of the cooking area in the scene then it's the studio set but if there is a drinking fountain to the left, that’s the real firehouse!

3. Lost in Confusion Like an Illusion 

The confusion about what is real and what is not - struck even the show`s title! For the first couple of years, locals were always confused when they heard the name of the series and it's because it shares the same name as a major local sports team - Chicago Fire Soccer Club. And so Taylor Kinney shared that during the first couple of years of work if he said in conversation that he was part of Chicago Fire he'd immediately be asked if he was a soccer player.

One more thing you probably did not notice while watching the show. And it is about all those people in the background. If you think that they're just actors - you're wrong! It turns out that a lot of the extras who play firefighters are actual firefighters.

Co-creator Michael Brandt says he does everything to include as many real firefighters as possible and he also shared that the firefighters even bring their own gear and hoses. Sometimes real firefighters come on set with their whole family. There was a case when the father who was a firefighter from the Southwest suburbs brought his wife and their young daughter to film even though they had to get up at 2:30 a.m. to make it to the set on time. But, if you were thinking of playing the part of an injured victim it might not be as easy because you actually need to be a very qualified actor to be part of those scenes.

Basically, every episode has at least two characters who are either stuck, squished, or have something poking out of an eye, neck or head, according to producers. And to portray that naturally, you need to have actual skills! Simon, casting director even joked that he promised producers that he would start an acting class called 'smooshed acting."

Silly as it seems, there is a real technique to auditioning and portraying someone who is in a real predicament and is facing a serious injury. So next time you see a victim on Chicago Fire, check out how good he or she is in smooshed acting.

4. The Biker Gang

Fans probably know that the Chicago Fire team has become a tight-knit family very much like what happens in real fire stations, but they also have one special way of bonding.  We found out that some stars started roaming around Chicago on motorcycles. Eamonn Walker, Taylor Kinney, and Monica Raymund put their helmets on and enjoy their crazy rides before they arrive on set. Walker commented that now the trio has their own little biker gang. 

Guess what? The girl who played his on-screen daughter Lizzie is actually one of the actor`s real daughters! One more surprise is that Stolte worked with his other daughter Corinne on her show Chicago PD. Yes, the cast is full of secrets. And now it is time to reveal the main one:

5. Biggest Troublemaker

Thanks to we now know the answer. The reporters visited the set of Chicago Fire and asked the cast who is the most likely to pull pranks on set... You would not believe it but the answers were unbelievably consistent! As all the stars immediately pointed fingers at... David Eigenberg! So what is David guilty of? Well, the first thing is - he constantly steals lunch from his co-stars! Eigenberg himself even admitted his crime. And his excuse is hilarious:

"It's because I'm little," he jokes. 

And that is not all! When the cast was asked about who`s likely to start a real fire on set, David`s name came up again! And it wasn't one person, it was all of them!

It seems like David is one fun guy on set. We wonder perhaps when he's at his bar on set, he gets to drink some of his stash? Just kidding! Turns out that the actor doesn't drink at all even though he owns a bar in the show.

6. Otis' Mysterious Departure 

You did not see that coming, did you? Well neither did we, a long-time series regular who is adored by fans left the series in a shocking twist. Derek Haas explained that Otis' sudden death was a very needed step for the series to remind viewers of the risky reality of a firefighter's job.

'We gotta put some teeth back into the show, and we gotta show that the dangers are real'.

Getty Images

Getty Images

I am not happy saying this, but man, they really did achieve their goal. Yuri Sardarov wrote a heartwarming goodbye to his character in a post on Instagram.

We will miss him for sure.... but you know who we think will miss him the most? Here's another little secret for you - it is Monica Raymond. Why do we say this? Well, it's because according to the actress, Yuri gave her the best massage she’d ever had in Chicago! That is surely a twist you did not see coming. Haas also confessed it was really tough for him to tell Yuri what will happen to his character but on the other side, it was a great pleasure to call Kara Kilmer and literally change her life.

When Kilmer received the offer, she was working as a jewelry counter at the galleria and so that day probably became one of the happiest ones in her entire career so far.  

7. Season 8 Finale 

You have probably gotten used to all the dramatic turns that have happened on Chicago Fire over the years. Some characters die, some leave but you`d never expect this would happen to one of the main characters. And now, taking into account recent comments from Fire showrunner Derek Haas, Severide or Casey's departure from the series is something that fans have started worrying about. 

Getty Images

Getty Images

Here is what happened. On Twitter, one fan posted a very common question: what can we expect with Severide and Casey this season? But the answer Haas gave, shocked everyone. 

"They won't both be at 51 before the winter break." he revealed.

What?! The panic set in immediately. Fans asked Kinney and Spencer about this crucial news and here`s what they got. Taylor Kinney mysteriously commented that when he was young the squad was Severide's dream because he wanted to be a firefighter just like his father. And just like his character, Kinney assured us that that's where he would like to be as well. He then added that he isn't opposed to making advancements in his career but he hopes it doesn't take him out of the firehouse.

Oh, we definitely hope so too... While Spencer did not clarify the situation at all, thankfully, one of the fans made Haas' comment seem less harmful than it was. It really could just be a cruel play on words from the showrunner. And what you read literally, might just mean that Severide is not going to be there in the Firehouse physically because he will be out of town for his sweet honeymoon with Stella Kidd! Ha! You won`t trick us, Haas... we know you would not take Severide or Casey from us.... you would not!...right? 

We're obsessed with finding out what is going to happen next in the show, and what we also want to know is that on Earth is going on in the real lives of the actors. Check out this article with the real-life partners of the Chicago Fire cast

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