Things That Don't Make Sense On Watchmen

‘Watchmen’ was one of last year's most popular shows. But its finale left us with many mysterious moments and unresolved questions that still need answers. Here are the six key issues that still don’t make much sense on ‘Watchmen’.

The squid rains

Raining squids seem to be a routine part of the day in the world of Watchmen. They are nothing more than a gross nuisance, and we are never told why exactly it happens. (Although in Episode 5 we have a glimpse of what had happened back in 1985 when Adrian Veidt released a giant squid in the middle of New York.) Fans who are familiar with the original graphic novel, already know Veidt’s intentions behind the event.

In the series, it’s a bit harder to catch on the whole "bringing people together by creating a monster" thing, but we have to accept that it produced the desired effect, at least to some extent. But learning the reason doesn't really help us understand the situation with the miniature squids any better.

Were these thousands of little squids falling from the sky another one of Veidt's tricks or just an unintended side effect? Finally, in the 8th episode of the show, we find out that Adrian Veidt has been releasing these rains manually to keep up the lie behind the giant squid catastrophe.

However, even after seeing how Veidt has weaponized the baby squids, we are left with a feeling that until that moment they were mere entertainment for the smartest man in the world. After all, he's not Dr. Manhattan, and couldn't foresee he'd need a destructive hail one day.

What's with the elephants?

Probably the weirdest moment on ‘Watchmen’ was when Angela found out that she was treated for the Nostalgia pills overdose with a blood transfusion from an elephant.

Viewers were just as shocked as Angela! Moreover, we still don’t know what the reason was for this unorthodox experiment. In fact, it wasn’t the first time we saw elephants on the show: in Episode 3 Lady Trieu used an hourglass engraved with elephants, and her company’s logo is a stylized face of an elephant. But we still expected an explanation or two. Unfortunately, it didn’t happen, so fans started making up their own theories.4

The most popular among them is connected with the well-known saying: “an elephant never forgets”. And it appears to resonate greatly with the idea behind this shocking scene. In the official ‘Watchmen’ podcast the show’s creator Damon Lindelof revealed that there was an alternate idea of what Angela may have found behind that closed door. It turns out, she could have found her own clone!

But this variation was later declined and exchanged with an elephant, which is both the symbol of Lady Trieu and her desire to store the memories of Will Reeves.

Unexplained technologies

In the comics, Dr. Manhattan gave the world a lot of new technologies and scientific discoveries. Among others, he fixed global warming and caused a shift to electric vehicles. So by the time the events of the series take place, we could have expected to see a more technologically advanced world. But we are only given hardly plausible bits of it, like the family tree technology Angela uses to trace her ancestry, or the technology used by Cyclops to hypnotize people of color.

The origins and the way these technologies work are left totally unexplained! And even when we find out that the Seventh Cavalry has built a cage to trap the most powerful character in the Watchmen universe – Dr. Manhattan himself, – we are still unaware of why he cannot teleport from it. Again, we can assume that it’s because of the synthetic lithium the cage is made out of, but no further explanations are provided.

Lube Man identity

Yet another unanswered question of the ‘Watchmen’ series is the existence of the strange character, who was monikered as “Lube Man”. He appeared only briefly but caused many questions in the fandom. This person never appeared in the original comic book, so the fans were expecting this character to develop and have a bigger role on the show. However, we never learned anything about him…Until the ‘Watchmen’ post-finale interview with Damon Lindelof.

And the shocking truth is that the character was set to only appear in Episode 4 – and that’s all! The showrunner simply didn’t expect Lube Man to resonate that much. But the great news is that we finally know who Lube Man is thanks to Peteypedia – a series of FBI reports written by Agent Dale Petey. Its last entry, made by another person, states that Dale Petey “has gone missing” and “is at risk for vigilante behavior.”

Moreover, in his former office “a jug of what appears to be some kind of canola oil” was found..! So… you are free to make your own conclusions, but we think that Lube Man was almost certainly Dale Petey himself.

Egg-celent finale 

Yet another symbolic moment on ‘Watchmen’ is the way Angela is supposed to absorb Dr. Manhattan’s abilities. First of all, we have never thought that the powers of this god-like being could be passed on to someone else! The original graphic novel never indicated that he could or that he had planned to do this.

And the bizarre way he chose to do it in the series is even more puzzling. Throughout the season, eggs were a recurring motif, just like the clocks, smiley faces, and elephants. Will Reeves mentions “breaking a few eggs”, which is actually a message from Dr. Manhattan to his granddaughter. And when Angela asks Jon about his superpowers during their first meeting in Saigon, he creates an egg. 

So all these moments lead us to the mystifying and thrilling finale, where we see Angela test the abilities she's supposedly obtained. But did she actually gain all of Manhattan’s powers? After all, it was just a theory, not a plan. Or was it?

The biggest Watchmen fans’ question

But the final mystery of the series was its cliffhanger finale. Will we ever see a second season of ‘Watchmen’?

The showrunner Damon Lindelof revealed that for him, “Season 1 ends in a way where the story feels complete.” Can you believe it? The surprising fact is that Lindelof doesn’t feel like the ending of the last episode was a cliffhanger! So, despite the show’s success, he insists that his instincts tell him not to proceed with ‘Watchmen’.

HBO’s programming chief Casey Bloys also confirmed that it’s unlikely that we’ll ever see a second season of the show:

"It would be hard to imagine doing it without Damon involved in some way."

We absolutely hope that Damon will come up with some new ideas for the show one day! 

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