Inaccurate Details Fans Can’t Let Go on Stranger Things

What went wrong with the M&Ms on the set of Stranger Things? Are the Duffer Brothers just terrible at physics? And why didn't they pay attention to Eleven’s nose? And funniest of all: how did Mike's legs get so hairy all of a sudden?

Let’s talk about some of the most subtle mistakes on Stranger Things. But beware! If you think that you know everything about the mistakes made on Stranger Things, well then you're already kind of wrong.


In nearly every episode from season 1, the kids use walkie-talkies. Which means they use them A LOT. A cool way to get around the frustrations of not having modern mobile phones as well as a period-accurate detail from the 80s, right? Well...not EXACTLY.

Back in the 80s walkie-talkies were indeed common things for kids to play with except… they were way simpler and cheaper than the ones used in the show. The model you see in the series is a TRC-214 and back in those days, those particular devices were pretty expensive. So you can be sure that there's no way the parents of the kids on the show would have ever bought them such professional walkie-talkies.

Maybe they were cheaper toys made to look expensive? Sure. Why not?  But definitely not the TRC-214. But if they were cheap plastic walkie-talkies, they’d have a very limited range… probably about 15 or 20 feet. They certainly wouldn't be able to reach the next street, let alone reach the Upside Down! Just imagine how boring the show would have been with realistic kid’s walkie-talkies, huh?

#4. M&Ms

In season 3, episode 5 there’s a scene where the Stranger Things kids are all together at the hospital. Mike talks to Eleven and shares some M&Ms with her. And here’s where our next nerdy mistake is hidden! If you pay close attention to the color of one particular candy, you’ll notice that there’s a red M&M.

“So? Who cares?”, you may ask. Well, the point is that there was a period of time when red M&M’s didn’t exist because that specific food dye was considered to be allergenic. Those little red candies were banned for 11 years: from 1976 until... 1987.

And as true Stranger Things’ fans should know, the events of the show take place in 1985. So there’s no chance that red M&Ms would've existed in the world of the show. Unless… the hospital had kept those candies since 1976? Which would have some horrible consequences for the poor kids who ate them, right? Hm… Maybe that’s how El lost her superpowers? Eating expired candy… Who knows?


Okay, this one is insanely nerdy! Of course, all of you remember the scene where Dustin contacts his summer camp girlfriend Suzie. And the scene where they duet the theme song from the movie Neverending Story. BUT! What exactly did he call her for?

Dustin asks Suzie to name the exact value of Planck’s constant to help Hopper to open the locked door in the Russian secret laboratory. And so Suzie does (after hearing the song, of course). So she calls out this number: “6.62607004” Which is indeed Planck’s constant…buut, this particular value was only accepted as recently as 2014. Back in 1985 was that Planck’s number was ACTUALLY 6.62676. Oops!

That’s a pretty nerdy inconsistency to notice… Because physics is hard, folks! After all, the constant has even been updated again since the show aired! At the moment, as we all know, Planck's constant is actually expressed as 6.62607015 x 10^(-34) joule-seconds… OBVIOUSLY.

And obviously, this was something that the Duffer brothers couldn’t have known at the time of writing. But we can forgive them for that…


This is one of our favorites! And it isn’t about the series itself but instead about the poster for Stranger Things season 3. Just look at how well made it is: the Stranger gang are all getting ready to kick the Upside Down monsters, everybody is present on the poster: Mike, Will, Dustin, Hopper, even the Mindflayer... and Eleven, of course! Now take a look at Eleven’s nose… Closer…. closer… a little closer… ENHANCE!

OK, that’s it! Enough. As you can see that blood is coming from her RIGHT nostril. AND!  If you take a look at ANY scene from Stranger Things where Eleven uses her superpowers (and pay extra attention to her nose) you’ll see that the blood ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS comes out of her LEFT nostril.

In some of the most intense scenes, both nostrils might bleed but it NEVER comes from the RIGHT one alone. Oops... again! And as true Eleven fans, we should say that this is lack of attention to detail is unacceptable! Dear Duffer Brothers, please pay attention to El’s nosebleed next time! Okay? Don’t disappoint the fans! Thank you.


And finally, here’s a funny mistake from the 3rd season that’s almost impossible to spot… We’re talking about the scene where the gang fights the feral Billy. Billy goes a little too hard on the poor kids here. He smashes Max, punches Mike and was going to hit the hell out of everybody if only El didn't step in and stop him.

But let’s roll back a bit, to the moment where Billy pushes Mike into the wall. As all of you out there will no doubt have noticed: Mike likes to wear shorts. We’re not going to pay extra attention to the amount of hair on his legs, but… well, obviously, as you can see in some stop shots: those aren't Mike’s legs. It’s definitely his stunt-double. Which is fine! There’s no need to push the poor kid into the wall, but come on! Couldn’t you guys… Shave his legs? Or retouch these few shots? 

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