Love is Blind: Couples That Are Still Together

“Love is Blind” is not an old-time saying, but also one of the most exciting reality TV shows there is. And of course, we all want to know if their relationships after the show worked out, not only for the drama, but to make us believe that love at first sight can actually happen. So, what has happened to the couples who got engaged in the show? Let’s get into it!


You can just feel the temperature rise when these two enter the room.  Unquestionably, Matt and Amber are one of the hottest couples on the show, and they came a long way to finally find each other. Matt Barnett left a lot of girls broken-hearted, but is Amber Pike one of them? 

Oooh no, no, no, no! As soon as these two met, they became inseparable, which was obvious during their time in Mexico. “Mexico was cloud nine,” Amber remembers in her PEOPLE interview, saying “We were unnaturally happy and it was gross. We were gross. We are still pretty gross.” Isn’t that amazing?


Everything is going so well for these two that not only did they not break up after the show, but they are even planning a wedding! This time for close friends and family, instead of in front of cameras and millions of people around the world. 

“I would love to do another wedding,” Amber says. “There’s no rush on it. We’re married now, but at some point.” What did they do after the show ended, besides trying to hide from cameras? First of all, they traveled to Italy and visited Comic-Con. According to Amber, they don't have major plans for the future yet. 


Amber wants to go through all the stages of wedding planning, which is why they've decided to have a second wedding. Everything seems perfect between them, however, not everyone is happy about this union. Amber honestly shared that Matt's friends are slightly terrified of her, and she kind of likes it.

“My friends joke around a lot,” explains Barnett. “One of them challenges my masculinity and Amber’s quick to knock him down. Thanks, babe. I didn’t need that, but thanks. That friend is frightened of her.” We are happy to see that these two have each other’s backs! Hopefully, they will live a long and happy marriage! 


This tumultuous couple brought loads of drama to the show, don't you think? But Damian made his feelings clear when he became the "runaway groom" and rejected Giannina. But is that the end of their story together? Should we move on to the next couple? Obviously, it's not that simple, especially for Giannina, who was left at the altar.

After that unpleasant event, however, she found the strength to talk to Damian, and now they are together, despite what happened. In the interview with Entertainment Tonight, she shared that they want to build a healthy relationship and go through all the phases, and that the end-of-the-season wedding put lots of pressure on them.


Now they are dating, and despite past arguments, it seems like they are in a good place. The fact that they met each other on the show doesn't make a big difference now. But is it really as simple as that? Mrs. Gibelli didn't take Damian's rejection at the altar as lightly as her daughter and didn't support their relationship.

She told Giannina the first time that she shouldn't have said yes. And of course when the couple reunited she was furious. After getting back together with Damian, Giannina said: “She hates seeing her baby, like, you know, being rejected. Who wants that?” Well, things have changed since then, so maybe Mrs. Gibelli will warm up to Damian.


This couple appeared to be perfect and showed no signs of trouble. And even though we didn't see much of them together, it looked like they had a really healthy relationship. So it was a big surprise when Kelly rejected Kenny at the altar! Could we have foreseen it?

Doubts first appeared back when Kelly was reluctant to get physically close with Kenny, but we still believed that it would work out between them. Perhaps they got back together after the show? Unfortunately, there is no evidence pointing towards that and most likely, the two broke it off for good.


Back at the beginning of the show, Kelly admitted that she has high standards and apparently Kenny's appearance didn't match them. Can we blame her for this? Certainly not. It was hard to hold back our tears when Kelly said, “I don't” to Kenny at the altar. 

Especially because he clearly expected a different response. Maybe if we had seen more of their relationship on camera, we wouldn't have been as upset with the finale. But it’s not the end of the world, as Kenny found a love of his own and hopefully will be happy ever after!


Admit it, you are as crazy about this couple as we are! These two fell in love on the show and confessed their feelings to each other before meeting! So, many of us were seriously concerned about what happened with these two after the show ended. Are they still together?

Well, we have great news - after one and a half years, Cameron and Lauren are still as happy as ever together. They lived together in their house, got a dog, and tried their best to hide their relationship to avoid spoiling the finale of "Love is Blind".


“Well, it would be hard to (fake it) for a year and a half. You're talking about blending families,” Speed told CNN about their relationship. Lauren also confessed that they are thinking about adding to their family! Despite the success of the show, and in real life, not everyone was happy with their participation in the show.

As Hamilton told Page Six's podcast, his parents were against the idea and thought that his participation in the show was insane. But as soon as they met their daughter-in-law, they fell in love with her. Lauren's family had a similar stance on her participating in the show, and thought it was an unusual way to find a spouse.


Lauren's mom was happy that her daughter wanted to get married. “My mom was kind of excited because she was ready for me to be married. She was like, ‘Yes! Grandbabies maybe? Girl, go on there and find a husband’.” - said Lauren.

This couple showed us that it is truly possible to find one's true love on a show like that, and that makes us incredibly happy. Also, rumor has it that there might be a whole spin-off dedicated to Lauren and Cameron! Would you watch it? We surely will, and can’t wait for it!