Charli D’Amelio: Teen Dancer Taking Over TikTok

The TikTok icon Charli D’Amelio has just reached the highest count of followers becoming the number one social media personality on the platform. It's unbelievable how a 15-year-old TikTok dancer not only became an overnight world sensation but managed to build a whole career out of it. Yet her collaborations with A-list stars and her millions of followers hide a hurtful life story that has to be told. 

Can you guess her net worth? How does the TikTok star’s campaign help the American population fight Covid-19? Is Charli’s mental health under threat? Today we are going to reveal the truth about the current Internet sensation Charli D’Amelio - and her not-so-easy path to fame. Now let’s dive right into it! 

The D’Amelio family

Charli was born in 2004 in Norwalk, Connecticut into the D’Amelio family, which consists of: her parents Marc and Heidi, and an older sister Dixie, who is 18 now. Charli started developing her passion for dancing at the early age of three, and embarked upon a professional career participating in advanced dance competitions when she was only five. Being a hardworking and ambitious child from day one meant Charli had to juggle competitions with studying at the private school in her hometown.

Charli grew up in a very loving family, who fully supported her dance aspirations. Her dad Marc, often referred to as the “CEO of the D’Amelio family”, is a salesman at the retail agency Level Four Showroom. Her mother, Heidi, is a professional photographer and a massive fitness and wellness enthusiast. 

Fun fact: Marc was actually very close to becoming a politician! He ran for the Connecticut State Senate in 2018! After his daughters went viral on TikTok, Marc joined the platform himself, uploading funny videos for their fans. In interviews, Marc says that he doesn’t take TikTok seriously and his daughters’ education and happiness are of the utmost importance to him. Charli’s childhood was nothing out of the ordinary; she grew up a shy and humble kid and was far from being the popular girl in class. She later confessed that dance became the ultimate escape for her - the place where she belonged. 

Becoming the TikTok star

Did you know that prior to uploading her first video on the TikTok platform, Charli was creating dance routines for her friends’ channels? Crazy, right? While her sister Dixie was working as a model, 15-year-old Charli couldn’t find enough confidence to put her own content out there. Her friends were actually the ones who encouraged her to start uploading videos of herself, despite her fears.

A pivotal point took place in Charli’s life in the summer of 2019, when she shared a video of herself following a routine of another TikTok creator going by Move_with_Joy. The dance with eight moves put her on the map. A couple of hours after the upload, the video gained thousands of likes and changed Charli’s life forever. She became uploading more videos of her dance routines, captivating thousands of people and going viral with her video following the ‘’Renegade’’ moves.

Last November, the famous singer Bebe Rexha herself reached out to Charli and invited her to open the Jonas Brothers tour in New York with her. Imagine getting a text like that! Following the performance, Charli’s life took a complete turn. In less than a year she gained a whopping 42 million followers on TikTok, making her the number one biggest star on the platform and skyrocketing her net worth! The estimates vary between $200 000-400 000 and up to $3 million according to different sources.

You might be surprised, but being a viral star did not change Charli’s moral values: and she remains the shy and down-to-earth girl she has always been. In her recent interview with Entertainment Today, D'Amelio answered the question what it’s like to be famous, by saying: “It’s surreal that people know my name… I am just dancing in my room (laughing). Why do they know who I am’’? She then expressed her gratitude, adding, ‘’there are so many opportunities that I have been given because of it.” 

Heidi D’Amelio shared her opinion on her daughters’ fame saying ‘’For the most part, life is as usual. It touches my heart how far they’ve reached [with TikTok] … but they still have chores and we keep each other grounded.’’

Just dance!

It is truly impressive how humble a person can remain when they are hit by fame. To see what we mean, let’s talk about her Meet & Greet. By spending a day with her fans, Charli generated around $7000 worth of proceeds, which she later donated to a charity organization that helps people with special needs. Can we give some standing ovations for that? 

So, let’s sum up the past couple of months of being Charlie D’Amelio: she became the first TikToker in history to appear in the Super Bowl commercial, starring alongside celebrities such as T-Pain and Boomer Esiason. She made her life-long dream come true by dancing with Jennifer Lopez for the #jlosuperbowlchallenge that was streamed nationwide, which is no joke! This was followed by a number of appearances on different TV shows and an invitation to the Milan Fashion week from Prada. She combined all that with schooling and her daily dance routines. Does this girl ever rest? Did it make her life perfect and stress-free? Is Charli living the lavish life of a celebrity after her big break? On the contrary!

This March, Charli was a guest on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Yep, you heard right. The Jimmy Fallon Show, where she sat on the same couch as Emilia Clarke and Joaquin Phoenix did, sharing her journey and how her hard work paid off. The key to success is to be yourself and stay authentic – she told Jimmy. 

Well, the whole D’Amelio family has signed with United Talent Agency, meaning there will be a lot of content coming from each family member. The girls have now joined 18 of the most successful TikTokers as part of the Hype House Collective and proceed spreading positive content on a daily basis. Right now, amidst the coronavirus pandemic, Charli did not step back and collaborated with Procter & Gamble. She posted a new video captioned "stay home and do the #distancedance". The challenge works as a fundraising campaign for charities, helping those who have been affected by Covid-19 the most. Now her followers can post a video of them repeating the moves and share it online with the hashtag #distancedance while P&G donates the money for the first three million videos received. 

Just a year ago, Charli was on her way to a summer dance camp. Little did she know that that one video she posted would be so life-changing, turning her from a professional dancer, into a role model for teens across the country. It is that simple: do what you are truly passionate about, keep chasing your dream and don't let negativity into your life. 

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