Top 8 Weird Things David Dobrik Has Done To Get More Fans

23-year-old YouTube sensation, David Dobrik, remembers moving to LA with big dreams and no money in his pockets. Fast-forward to David now – he is one of the most-watched vlog creators on YouTube, recognized across the country and is worth millions. But what is it about the content that gets him billions of views? 

David’s videos have a funny concept to them. His vlogs revolve around his group of best friends called the Vlog squad. For the most part, his videos are about them having fun, enjoying their youth, but the other part involves David torturing his friends and pulling the craziest pranks on them. Today, we are going to tell you 8 of the craziest things David Dobrik has done to make people subscribe to him.

Number 8 – Putting a giant python in his girlfriend’s car! 

Upon launching his YouTube channel, David realized that the key to a successful video is a combination of soul-stirring reactions and comedy. Scrolling through David’s videos you will see footage of David getting rare, extremely dangerous or venomous animals and surprising his friends with them. Low on content? Try this! You get hilarious footage, horrifying thumbnails and memories for life.

David uses any occasion to bring lizards, snakes, giant alligators and even skunks into his friends' apartments to lock them up together - with no way to escape. Once, he put a 10-foot python in his girlfriend’s car. We bet she’ll remember that experience forever. Perhaps being single is not that bad after all, are we right? 

Number 7 – Going all the way to Vegas to relentlessly bet 20 000 dollars on red!

One day David flew his friends all the way from LA to Vegas to challenge his luck with 20 grand. Just a few hours after their departure, David entered the closest casino, put all the money on red and instantly doubled it, getting 40 000 dollars. 

And the best part of it is that he gave all of the money to his friend Mariah, whose reaction left us all sobbing. After all the insane stunts his friends do for him - David never forgets to give back.

Number 6 – Conducting a world-record foam experiment that went viral!

Needless to say, David will do anything to produce good content. And recently that has involved real-life science experiments. Last December, Dobrik invited an actual scientist to assist him with blowing up his whole backyard with acid that dissolves everything in its way! 

Dangerous? Yes! Never to be done at home? Totally! Fun? Absolutely! And when was the last time you did something wild like that, huh?

Number 5 – Paying his friend’s tuition fee 

Remember we said David’s insanity has no limits? Well, neither does his generosity! Despite flamethrower torture, caterpillars or fireworks in the middle of the night, he also has the kindest heart. Despite living thousands of miles away from his hometown friends in Chicago, he keeps up with the friendships and always supports them. 

Since tuition fees are no joke, David could not think of a better graduation present for Alex than 25k to help cover it. His friend’s reaction was beyond heart-warming and moving.

Number 4 – Going to Hawaii to shoot his best friend with a paintball gun

David Dobrik goes above and beyond to pull off his pranks on the Squad - and leaving the state grants you no escape from him. His friend Jason, a comedian, left for Hawaii for his vacation but David had other ideas. 

He offered up a bet: if David managed to use all his investigative tools and find Jason’s location on the island - he would get to shoot him in the back three times! Guess what? David flew 12 hours to Hawaii and spent 3 hours tracking Jason down, before hopping on a plane back home. What happened then? Check Jason’s back.

Number 3 – Surprising strangers with Kylie Jenner and Justin Bieber

David’s videos have become so popular that famous A-list celebrities such as Kendall and Kylie Jenner and Justin Bieber volunteer to star in his videos! Kendall herself DM-ed David on Instagram saying how much she loves his videos and wants to hang out. Being the humble and down-to-Earth guy he is, David let fans join them.

Number 2 – Buying his friends a 300 000 dollar Lamborghini

As a guest on the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, David shared his favorite video of all time. He said that his best so far was the one where he gave his friend Heath his dream car. The reason for that was his reaction – the teariest anyone's ever been in David’s videos. It was not merely the car itself, but the gesture of sharing everything with his friends that meant so much to Heath that he burst into tears. 

And finally number 1 – the ultimate prank of all time that nobody in the YouTube community has ever pulled off but David! 

One day, David’s best friend, 46-year old Jason jokingly told David that nobody will ever marry him... And that’s where it all began. David did not take it well and, in revenge, he flew to Boston to propose to none other than Jason’s mom, 76-year-old Lorraine Nash. For the sake of the joke and because she has an incredible sense of humor, she said yes. 

They even flew to Vegas that same day for the ceremony, which means nobody can ever doubt David Dobrik! Jason was beyond shocked when he realized that 23-year-old David was now his step-father! They terminated their marriage a month later, but that still does not change the fact that David is one of the best jokers of all time!

In his recent interview, David told Jimmy that there is no strategy to his vlogs, he is just trying to have fun and enjoy life with his friends. So simple. And if you are not impressed enough yet, how about the fact that he is friends with none other than Courteney Cox from Friends!

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