Outer Banks Cast: Real Lifestyles, Couples, Hobbies 

Netflix fresh action drama Outer Banks brought us a desired taste of adventures and some new interesting faces to follow. So let’s discover what is known about the promising stars of the Outer Banks cast.

Why did Chase Stokes refuse to star in Outer Banks when he was offered an audition? Who is the biggest joker of the cast and who has been in a toxic relationship? And who of the Kooks and Pogues appeared in Stranger Things? Find out the answers in this article! 

Rudy Pankow as JJ

Can you imagine Rudy in the role of John B? When the actor first read the script, he wanted to portray JJ, but he was offered the role of the Pogues leader instead. Pankow tried but he just did not fit the part. So he once again asked to play JJ. And the jigsaw piece finally fell into place!

Since Rudy and Chase Stokes aka John B were to play best friends, they wanted to build a genuine bond in real life. So the actors decided to move in together, and they shared an apartment during the whole filming. But as the cast revealed, becoming friends was almost too easy for them, as they shared a lot of everyday activities like training in boating, diving, swimming, and surfing. 

And some of those things were familiar to Rudy already. He is a certified Kayak Guide, who grew up in Alaska, and finds his small hometown to be quite similar to the filming locations. Back in school, Pankow studied French, Spanish, and Japanese, and he was even a foreign exchange student in Japan. 

Acting wasn’t the first career option for Rudy: he planned to go to culinary school and become a chef! Prior to Outer Banks, Pankow appeared in another Netflix show, The Politician. Rudy was also featured in a 2018 music video for the song “Thought Contagion” by Muse. And the actor has finally landed his first leading film role in an upcoming comedy Space Waves. Good job!

Rudy’s hobbies include soccer, snowboarding, and hiking. And, this man of many talents also plays drums, guitar, piano, and harmonica. Well, that’s impressive!

Jonathan Daviss as Pope

His character is the brains of the Pogues, and Jonathan is lucky to share a few similarities with Pope. His co-stars even called Daviss ‘the human dictionary’ as he never forgets his lines. And the actor shared that, like Pope, he often feels the pressure of making the right decisions. 

But if you think that Jonathan is a very serious guy, you’re wrong! In fact, he appears to be the greatest prankster in the cast. In addition to pranking his stuntman and making tons of jokes on the set, Daviss regularly sends memes to his co-stars. Jonathan is also good at doing impressions, and not just of his castmates. 

Before landing his breakthrough role, Daviss had a few acting credits. He appeared in the 2018 films Age of Summer and Edge of the World. And his next project is an upcoming drama series Baselines. 

Jonathan is not just an actor - he is a skilled guitarist, and he is using his quarantine time to practice music. He is a big fan of comic books and anime, and he adores Kakashi Hatake from Naruto. Daviss is also very athletic; he used to play football, baseball and basketball at school, and now he occasionally posts videos of throwing a ball in the basket. 

Jonathan did not leave any hints of a relationship on his social media, so the actor might be single. He enjoys spending time with his three sisters - Jillian, Jasmine and Jaden. 

Madison Bailey as Kiara "Kie"

Being only 21 years old, Madison started her career 5 years ago and already has a few credits to her name. Bailey appeared in the series Mr. Mercedes and Black Lightning. We will also see her as a lead actress in the upcoming drama films Constance and Discarded Things. 

Madison was raised in North Carolina, which is where the real Outer Banks are located. But Netflix surprisingly filmed the show in South Carolina, and there was a solid reason for that decision. The production company showed their disapproval of the North Carolina law, and Bailey was very empowered by such a move. 

Madison identifies as queer, and an LGBTQ flag icon is the first thing you see on her Instagram. She was in a relationship with another queer actor, JJ Hawkins, but it looks like the couple split in 2019. Bailey occasionally posts sweet pictures with ladies, so who knows, maybe she has a girlfriend now. 

And this star might also have some music ambitions. Six years ago Madison created her YouTube channel, where she used to post covers of some of her favorite songs. And thanks to her character, Kiara, the actress has mastered the ukulele. 

Madison’s co-stars revealed that she could nail a scene in one take! Though Bailey had to use a stunt double, and - surprise - it was her sister. 

Madison is keen on astrology, calling herself “a true Aquarius”. The actress is all about positive energy, and she believes in the power of crystals. She even carries a stone in her purse!

Drew Starkey as Rafe Cameron

The most mysterious of the cast, Drew barely gives any clues about his off-screen life. The actor’s work credits include the films Love, Simon, and Mine 9. Starkey also appeared on such TV shows as Ozark and Scream.

As his Outer Banks co-stars revealed, there was a funny moment when Drew had to sink to the bottom of the ocean in one of the scenes. Although he had a 15-pound weight on him to make him go underwater, the actor ended up floating on the surface. And Starkey is not that fragile: he’s about 6 foot 2 and weighs 190 lb. Once again, there’s some sort of mystery going on… 

Apart from acting, Drew plays piano and enjoys various sports, such as basketball, mountain climbing, and golf. His Instagram suggests that Starkey loves animals, and is very close to his Outer Banks cast members. And we also got a hint about the actor’s private life. Looks like Drew is or was dating Rachel Fox Marie, though we cannot confirm this information.

Austin North as Topper

Austin discovered acting when he performed at a local church at the age of 8. Together with his sister, North was spotted by talent agents, and their family moved to LA to help them pursue careers. North’s first job included small advertising and commercial gigs for companies like Dell and Sega.

Now 23 years old, the actor has over 1 million followers on Instagram! Austin became famous as a Disney child star after playing Logan Watson in a series I Didn’t Do It. He also portrayed Oz in a 2018 Hulu comedy series All Night. Another great passion of Austin is playing drums. It all started when his grandmother gifted him his first-ever drum set. 

“Drumming’s just one of those things that you can’t really put a price on,” he said. “It’s just one of those things that I love to do and I’m very passionate about now.”

North even has a YouTube channel where he uploads his drumming practice. Well, we guess the Outer Banks cast could make an amazing band with all their musical talent! 

Austin used to date a reality star Sadie Robertson, known for Duck Dynasty. The actor was also rumored to be in a relationship with Selena Gomez in 2019, when they were spotted at a resort and at church together. But his biggest crush so far is Scarlett Johansson. We have to admit that this guy has good taste!

Madelyn Cline as Sarah Cameron

This 22-year-old actress is a true rebel! She was brave enough to quit college and move to LA to follow her acting ambitions against her parents’ wishes. Before she was cast to play the princess of the Kooks, Madelyn Cline appeared on a few TV shows, including Stranger Things. Her character Tina was one of the girls who checked out Billy at the school in season 2. 

Cline also starred in a 2018 drama Boy Erased alongside Nicole Kidman and Russell Crowe. And there are more exciting film roles to come: this year we’ll see Madelyn sharing the screen with Naomi Watts in a drama Once Upon a Time in Staten Island. 

The actress found her Outer Banks experience very special, and not just because of the job:

“It felt like summer camp, honestly! You have this amazing casting for everyone, and then you put us in a fun location and it just feels like the chemistry and friendship came to fruition in such a natural way.” 

And Cline has a funny story of how she met her on-screen partner Stokes for the first time. Chase approached her in the lobby before the audition with a strange request. He asked Madelyn to walk on his back! It badly needed to be cracked after a long flight. So when the duo was invited to read their lines together, they were already a team. 

Cline felt that it was really important to make her on-screen relationship with Stokes look equal and respectful. She wanted to model the right pattern for teenagers, to show how females should be treated. And it was a personal issue for Maddie too.