When Calls the Heart Cast’s Real-life Couples

Why has Daniel Lissing's departure from When Calls the Heart changed his life for the better? Who did Andrea Brooks name her child after? And what kind of a relationship do Pascale Hutton and Kavan Smith have? Today we will tell you about the private lives of the When Calls the Heart cast members!

Pascale Hutton and Kavan Smith

The chemistry between Rosemary and Leland is so terrific they even played lovebirds in a different Hallmark project, "The Perfect Bride." It's no surprise that the show's fans have started suspecting that the actors, who portray sweethearts, might be onto something in real life. Is it true?! It actually is, but it's not what you think it is!

Both Pascale Hutton and Kavan Smith liked each other from the first meeting, and that mutual respect has turned into a great friendship. These two are always laughing on the set, and if you don't believe us, look at these hilarious photos!

However, it doesn't matter what kind of a relationship Pascale has on screen, as she has a loving husband and two wonderful children waiting for her at home! Danny Dorosh and Pascale Hutton met nearly 20 years ago when the young actress was just 19. Did she believe that she would soon marry the guy and have two children with him? 

She probably could as Danny told her on their very first date that one day he would marry her. Do you find it romantic or creepy? As you can see he kept his promise and some time after Pascal gave in to his persistence and married him! 

Kavan Smith is also happily married, however, he doesn't reveal the details about his love life. He mentioned on his Twitter account that his wife forbade him from posting any pictures from their wedding, so we have no idea what she looks like.

In one of his interviews with Parade, Kavan mentioned his sons. However, this actor's love life is not the only thing that the Hearties are worried about. Perhaps Kavan Smith will be the next person to leave When Calls the Heart, and we're afraid the show might not survive this.

Lori Loughlin and Carter Ryan Evancic

After Lori Loughlin's departure, many fans stopped watching the show. But after the last year's scandal, we might never see this actress on our screens again. That being said, we can't underestimate her contribution to the show. 

Abigail was a beloved character, and her sudden and even out-of-the-blue departure was the reason why another actor left the show as well. Of course, we mean Carter Ryan Evancic, who portrayed Abigail's adopted son, Cody. The dismissal of the young actor really angered the fans of the show. Some even refused to keep watching When Calls The Heart!

The future of the actress herself doesn't seem bright either, as her dismissals from When Calls the Heart and Fuller House were just the tip of the iceberg. Now both Lori and her husband Mossimo Giannulli do not know what to expect. 

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Lori and Mossimo met each other shortly after Lori's split with her first husband, Michael R. Burns. The lovebirds dated for two years before Mossimo proposed to Lori in the most romantic way ever. The designer popped the question with 500 roses! They got married on Thanksgiving Day in 1997 and they were living happily ever after together until the recent events that shocked the whole world. 

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They have two daughters, Olivia Jade and Isabella Rose who were quite famous on the Internet even without their parents' name. The girls had millions of followers on social networks and plenty of advertising contracts, but that all disappeared when their mother made a decision to help her daughters enroll into an Ivy League college by any means. 

But what happened to Carter Ryan Evancic who also lost everything? According to his Instagram, the young actor keeps living his normal life, goes to school, and meets up with his friends. We hope that in the future he'll be landing even better roles, and the role of Cody will only be the beginning of his career!

Daniel Lissing and Erin Krakow

Jack's death and Daniel Lissing's departure from the show became a breakthrough moment for the show. Unfortunately, the death of this character was the only way to write this actor out of the show. We all know that Jack would have never ever left Elizabeth!

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Getty Images

"Circumstances arose for me where I needed to leave When Calls the Heart for reasons that are very personal to me,” Lissing said during a Facebook Live following the season 5 finale.

Despite the fact that he sometimes misses his time on the show, the actor does not regret leaving. In his interview with ET, he revealed that had he not left the show and continued starring in season 6, he would've never met his fiancee, Nadia. He would've never ended up where he is now, either personally or professionally. 

"How can I look at my future wife and say, ‘Oh, I should’ve stayed on this job?’ She’s my life, you know? That’s my personal life and that’s exponentially more important to me than a job.”

It seems that in real life Daniel is just as romantic as in the show, doesn't it? Daniel and Nadia got engaged last fall, and the actor revealed the details on his Instagram profile: "Happy news to share... I get to marry the love of my life," alongside a photo of him and his beloved kissing.

His fiancée, Nadia (who is keeping her last name private for now), also shared the news on Instagram. She wrote, "Couldn't imagine spending my life with anyone else."  She revealed the details of their meeting in an interview with ET

The two met at a bar about 2 years ago, and she instantly thought Daniel was hot, but could be a little crazy. "I'd never met anyone like him before, that's for sure! I felt an instant connection," she told ET. With him she feels as if they've known each other their whole lives! 

While Daniel and Erin were working together, the two kept posting cute pictures of them together, which made the fans wonder. But, despite the rumors, as you can see, there is nothing going on between Daniel Lissing and Erin Krakow! Who is Erin dating in real life, though? Unfortunately, we have no idea, as the actress chooses to not share such details.

Andrea Brooks and Paul Greene

Andrea is another actress who might be leaving the show soon, too. Andrea plays Faith Carter and her relationship with Paul Greene’s Dr. Carson Shepherd is one of our favorite storylines as of late. The reason for her alleged departure might be her child, whom she gave birth to at the end of the previous year.

In an interview with ET, the actress revealed that she named her daughter after her great-grandmother, Viola, and that name has always meant a lot to her. On her Instagram, the actress often shares pictures of her daughter, who is really cute! However, she is in no hurry to reveal the identity of her husband. 

Her on-screen love, Paul Greene shares more details about his love life. Last May, he got engaged to his long-time girlfriend, Kate Austin. He popped the question during a romantic trip to Italy. 

“Something extra romantic happened in Italy last night,” Paul wrote on a post announcing the news. “I am very excited to share my engagement to the most gorgeous woman (inside and out) that I have ever met. Beyond thrilled to begin this next chapter together.”

If you study their Instagram accounts carefully, you'll notice that they've been together for more than 5 years! They both are very active, they enjoy traveling and never miss an opportunity to spend some time together. Kate is a strategic intervention empowerment coach and she is not a very public person, but it was she who made Paul believe in love again. 

Paul shared this story on his IG account: "Based on past ‘failed’ relationships and not wanting to hurt or be hurt again,” he said. “I found it very difficult to commit. I had always thought it would take away my freedom." But in his relationship with Kate the actor has found his freedom, and that has changed his worldview. Isn't that cool?

Eva Bourne and Aren Buchholz

Clara and Jesse stole our hearts from the very start, and every step of their relationship has been inspiring It's not every day that one can see such a beautiful event like their wedding in Hope Valley, right? Although this wedding wasn't real, in an interview with ET, the actors revealed that shooting it was very special. 

Aren shared his experience and said there were a lot of mixed emotions that day on the set. Both the crew members and the actors were excited for all the fun scenes they had to film. "Eva and I were feeling sentimental over all the past years and memories leading up to the wedding. There were some happy tears, lots of laughs, and surely a day we'll never forget."

Although the chemistry between these two actors is very strong, off-screen they are just friends. From the very beginning of her work on the set of When Calls the Heart, Eva Bourne, and Aren Buchholz starred in many scenes together. 

Working together brought them closer, and the two soon became great friends, Aren Buchholz revealed in an interview with mydevotionalthoughts. Unfortunately, we have no idea who these two are dating in real life, but we are hoping they are just as happy as their characters.

Kevin McGarry and Chris McNally

We have placed these two together as the two of them are the main contenders for Elizabeth's heart. They are rivals on the screen, but in real life they go to interviews together and take pictures with Erin Krakow. Just look at them, how can you not fall in love with them both?