Charli D'Amelio and Chase Hudson Relationship and Break-Up

TikTok's most famous couple have officially ended their relationship. Charli D'Amelio and Chase Hudson recently ended things amid rumors and speculations, leaving many of their fans confused. The couple has been going steady since 2019 but where did it go wrong? We've got you covered with everything you need to know in the dramatic Charli D'Amelio and Lil Huddy romance timeline!


If you have 48 million subscribers you probably don’t need LinkedIn to know a fellow famous TikToker. But just a year ago Charli and Chase were a thousand feet apart. D’Amelio was living with her parents in Connecticut, while Chase’s dwelling was in Stockton, California.

The chances of them meeting each other in person were not that high, until… The Hype House was created in December 2019. D'Amelio was already a famous TikToker but she was focused on her work more than ever.

And while she and a bunch of young TikTokers joined the “dance camp” in LA to make new content, and millions of teens around the globe jealous, Chase found fresh inspiration and a girlfriend among his new friends.

In April 2019, 14-year-old Cynthia Parker and 16-year-old Hudson started dating officially but broke up just 4 months later. There was some speculation among fans about cheating but Cynthia took to her Instagram page to clarify that it was a mutual decision to separate.


Fast forward a couple of months, and surprisingly, we come across Charli’s videos featuring Chase. Throughout Fall the two were posting cute videos and for a couple of months, fans were dying to find out what the status of their relationship was. Charli stirred the pot, even more, when she posted a sweet pic of the two of them with no caption in December.

However, when a photo of them holding hands in Target started circulating around the net, fans didn’t need further explanation: It was clear as day that they were more than just friends.

The hype increased when the TikTok room posted a video of Charli and Chase kissing on New Year’s Eve. So besides cool videos together, Charli and Chase were flooding the internet with cute pictures together and it was damn obvious how much they were into each other.

While Charli was going through some really hard times dealing with haters and trolls, Chase was by her side. On Valentine's Day, Charli made a sweet tribute post to her boyfriend, sharing their cute moments from vacations with a caption, "Happy valentine’s day beb”.

Chase responded with a heart-melting post on the same day, captioning “you make me the happiest boy in the world. happy valentine’s day munchkin.” They were really on their way to becoming one of the most influential young couples.


But disturbing signs started to appear right when Charli and Chase thought they were at their best place. In the interview with Entertainment Tonight Chase revealed that they didn’t call each other boyfriend or girlfriend, saying:

“I’m taking it as slow as humanly possible before I pop the question [of asking her to be my girlfriend]. But we are very exclusive and very into each other.”

Chase explained his words further to ET, saying: 

“Yeah, it was like, ‘Do you wanna be exclusive? We need to be exclusive with each other and start taking things more seriously,’ because we started talking to each other about how we felt. We took a long time because at first it was just fun, poking jokes and a little bit of flirting here and there—and then it really took off later.”

In early March 2020, it seemed like the two were still dating. Well at least judging by the comments under Charli's bikini pics! But shockingly on March 20th, Hype House members Josh Richards and Bryce Hall dropped a track dissing Chase.

In the song, Josh accuses Chase of cheating on Charli and hitting on his own girlfriend, Nessa Barrett. The video went viral as fans were trying to understand whether it was a PR move or if the allegations were true and poor Charli was left with a broken heart.

TikTok fandom went so nuts discussing the news and asking D’Amelio to comment on the situation that Charli’s mom, Heidi D’Amelio, had to step in, asking the fans to leave them alone.

Chase went on Twitter in an attempt to clear his name, saying: "They'll always paint me as the bad guy. I'm just doing what I love...I love one woman. Do not tell lies." But of course, the statement only fueled the speculations. On April 5th, in a since-deleted post, Chase said:

”I love one girl and one girl only. That is the facts, the Hype House has been so amazing for all of us but there are so many problems other people cause for clout and their own benefit and I don't want any part of it anymore.”


Eight days later, on April 13th Chase and Charli decided to break things off officially. They both released statements about the situation trying to reassure their fans that everything is still cool. Charli wrote:

"We are still close friends and I would not change that for anything! I truly have so much love for Chase and wish him nothing but the best for him. It makes me happy to see all of the great things he has going for him. I'm sorry I waited so long to tell you all."

Chase also shared his thoughts saying:

"Charli and I wanted to share with you all that while we will always have love for each other, we are no longer together. Charli is such an amazing person and I am so beyond grateful and blessed to have spent the time I spent with her. We will always be friends and she will always hold a special place in my heart for the rest of my life."

Well, in conclusion, neither Charli nor Chase addressed the cheating rumors. Of course, we cannot deny that it was a suspicious coincidence that they broke up after cheating allegations surfaced, but there may be thousands of other reasons.

Just to name a few, they are both very young and definitely are not looking for very serious relationships. The TikTok stars are both working hard on their brand and content, which can lead to some conflicts with scheduling. And on top of that, let’s not forget that they are competitors of each other in a way too.

It’s not that easy for two super-creative people to get along in a relationship - Let alone under one roof with 10 more other creative TikTokers. Whatever the case, both Charli and Chase seem to be open to a new chapter in their lives.

Who knows, maybe they will move on or maybe they will get back together again in a few months!

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