Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Cast's Real-Life Partners and Lifestyle

Agents of SHIELD Season 7 is going to be the final season. If you’re obsessed with Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., it’s the right time to learn everything you wanted to know about the Agents of SHIELD cast's lives. 

What makes Ming-Na Wen think that Melinda May is similar to Mulan? Who is Chloe Bennet’s new secret boyfriend? Why is Iain De Caestecker still single? And what super-powers does Clark Gregg have in real life? Learn everything you wanted to know about the ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s main cast's lives!

Ming-Na Wen as Melinda May

This fabulous lady is a prolific voice actress, and has a tendency of guest starring in various shows for a few episodes before moving on. She’s been a part of highly popular series' like ‘ER’ and ‘Stargate Universe’, and provided the voice of Disney's Mulan in both the animated films and video games since 1998. Ming-Na sees some of Mulan’s character traits in her ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ character:

“Maybe Mulan is one of Agent May’s ancestors. They’re both definitely women warriors. I think what’s fantastic is that after two decades I’m still able to play these kick-butt characters, and it’s such an honor.”

But what really made Ming-Na Wen feel like her “ultimate dream” came true is when she was cast as a mercenary in ‘The Mandalorian’. In an interview with ‘Vanity Fair’ Ming-Na revealed that Star Wars was a touchstone for her, and, being a huge fan, she always felt a connection with Luke Skywalker, who was “wanting something bigger and better than being a little farmer in Tatooine.”

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Ming-Na Wen is one of those lucky women who have both a successful career and a great family. She is married to actor and screenwriter Eric Michael Zee, whom she calls “the most amazing man in the world”. Next month Ming-Na and Eric will celebrate their 25th anniversary!

“My kids have the most amazing father and male role model,” reveals the actress.

Together they have two children, a daughter Michaela, who is 19 years old, and son Cooper, who is 15. Michaela Zee has followed in her mother's footsteps, as she voices Princess Jun in Disney’s animated TV series ‘Sofia the First’.

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Chloe Bennet as Daisy Johnson

Amazingly, before her big break in ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ you might have known Chloe Bennet as a singer Chloe Wang! Chloe was born in Chicago, in a large (and quite unconventional) family. Did you know that she has seven (!) brothers?

Not all of them are her biological brothers, but, as the actress wrote in the caption to this photo, they all “helped raise her into the woman” she is. When she was 15, Chloe moved to China to chase her dreams of pop stardom. She lived there with her paternal grandmother and pursued a singing career. Chloe released two singles but decided to come back to the US to become an actress.

“My time in China really shaped me." – she says. - "I knew who I was when I came to LA.”

Although she doesn’t look stereotypically Asian, Chloe has experienced hardship as a mixed-race actress. Things changed dramatically when she adopted her father’s given name as her surname.

“I think it was hard for people to cast me as an Asian American woman,” - Chloe explained. - “But I still wanted to keep my dad’s name, and I wanted to respect him.”

And in less than a week after changing her name she landed her first big acting role on the TV series ‘Nashville,’ and then in ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ But what about Bennet’s love life? Here we've got something interesting to tell you.

During her time on ‘Nashville,’ Chloe dated her fellow actor Sam Palladio. They broke up after eight months together, and soon she began dating ‘The Walking Dead’ actor Austin Nichols.

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The couple was together for three years until 2017. The next year Chloe confirmed her relationship with controversial YouTuber Logan Paul. On Twitter, Bennet wrote that Logan Paul was "kind, creative, funny, vibrantly curious about life”. They both appeared in the film "Valley Girl", which was set to be released in theatres in May 2020 but was canceled due to the pandemic.

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For the moment, Chloe Bennet is reportedly single, but on her Instagram, we found a picture of a guy whom she calls “my dude”. According to these photos, he is two years older than Chloe, and they have a lot of fun together. The actress does not disclose his name, unfortunately, but we’ll keep an eye on her and let you know all the details of this romance as soon as possible!

But what we know for sure is that Chloe has two dogs, Arthur and Wally, whom she adores, she even brings them to the set of ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ sometimes!

Iain De Caestecker as Leo Fitz

Although the Scottish actor was born into a family of doctors, his parents apparently supported his interest in acting. After he started taking acting classes, Iain’s teachers were impressed by his versatility and ability to improvise. And it didn’t take long before he was noticed.

"Iain De Caestecker" / CC BY-SA 2.0/ Gage Skidmore / flickr

"Iain De Caestecker" / CC BY-SA 2.0/ Gage Skidmore / flickr

When he was just nine years old, Iain was offered a part in the BBC movie “Billy and Zorba” in 1999. And in less than two years he got his first big break in “Coronation Street” – the longest-running soap opera in Britain. Iain appeared in more than 50 episodes of the show, and definitely used this time to upgrade his acting skills. 

Unfortunately, his next projects didn’t have much commercial success until 2011, when he took the lead role in the British series ‘The Fades’. But Iain De Caestecker really became an established star in 2013, when he moved to the US to star in ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D’. His character became an integral member of the team, and a focal point of many plotlines.

Moreover, his chemistry with Jemma Simmons became the reason many fans were drawn to the series. And what about Iain’s real-life romantic involvements? Unfortunately, we haven’t found any credible information about this part of his life. The actor tends to keep news about his partners completely private, and also isn’t very active on social media.

It seems that he is completely focused on acting! Apart from ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D’ you can also see him in a supernatural war film ‘Overlord’, produced by the legendary J.J. Abrams.

Henry Simmons as Mack

It’s hard to believe now, but Simmons never really thought of pursuing acting! He earned a basketball scholarship to college and graduated with a business degree. But soon after he went to work for a financial firm Henry realized he was unhappy with his job. So he decided to change his life drastically and began to study acting.

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After several minor roles, he finally shot to fame playing Det. Baldwin Jones on ‘NYPD Blue’. Henry Simmons began dating actress Sophina Brown when they both took part in a legal drama series ‘Shark’. 

Henry and Sophina tied the knot in 2010 and soon welcomed a daughter. Simmons and his wife keep their private life extremely low-key, so we don’t even know his little girl’s name. But in one of his rare interviews, Henry revealed that all he wanted was to be a partner for his wife and a good example to his child.

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And it seems that Henry Simmons’ daughter really has her dad’s heart in the palm of her hand, as she’s apparently allowed to be her father’s personal stylist. Just have a look at this cute picture from the actor's Instagram!

Elizabeth Henstridge as Jemma Simmons

Surprisingly, but just like her co-star Iain De Caestecker, Elizabeth also comes from a family of doctors! However, Henstridge always knew what she wanted to do for a living – to be in the entertainment industry, full of creative people. 

Gage Skidmore. / CC BY-SA 2.0 /

Gage Skidmore. / CC BY-SA 2.0 /

She went to the University of Birmingham to do drama and theater arts, and then graduated from East 15 Acting School in London, which is in the top five drama schools in England. Since then, she appeared on the British soap opera ‘Hollyoaks’ and starred in drama films ‘Gangs of Tooting Broadway and ‘Reach Me’. 

But her most notable role so far is of course as a fan-favorite scientist – Agent Simmons in ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D’.  Elizabeth Henstridge revealed that she learned a lot from her co-star and the lead of the show, Clark Gregg.

At the start of Season 1, he gave her advice that she still follows: Don't read the reviews. The reviews can be too subjective, while in fact, actors have little control over how the TV shows are made.

“All you can control and enjoy, really, is the process." – the actress explains. – "It’s sort of focusing on what you do and what your craft is and just letting it go.”

Last year Henstridge and her long-term boyfriend, actor Zachary Abel announced their engagement. Zachary revealed that Elizabeth said ‘yes’ after 7 years and 7 days with him. According to their Instagram pages, they love traveling and recently went to Iceland. For the moment the happy couple don’t have kids, but they share a dog named Maggie.

Clark Gregg as Phil Coulson

Agent Coulson is an everyman in a universe full of superheroes – but he’s definitely a force to be reckoned with. And so is the man behind the character! Clark Gregg is actually a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt. He trained relentlessly for eleven years to earn it while still having a high-pressured film career.

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The benefits of jiu-jitsu not only help Gregg stay in shape, but also to endure long days on the set of ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ But before Clark Gregg became famous for his MCU role, he was well known as a screenwriter. He wrote the thriller ‘What Lies Beneath’ with Harrison Ford and Michelle Pfeiffer, which was a huge success at the time.

Gregg also wrote and directed two independent films – ‘Choke’ and ‘Trust Me’. He reveals that the best stuff that has happened to him has been since he turned 40.

“I get to fly amazing vehicles and do battle with tremendous alien creatures…it’s a really good way to be fifty-something.” – says Clark.

Amazingly, this all became possible thanks to the fans. Back in 2008 director (and Gregg’s neighbor) Jon Favreau offered him a small nameless role of an “Agent” in the star-studded ‘Iron Man’ film. Clark really wanted to take it, because of his lifelong love of comic books. However, he was hesitant:

“I thought, it’s gonna get cut out or cut down to just one line, and then I’ll feel embarrassed,” he remembers.

Fortunately, he accepted the part, and his on-screen chemistry with Robert Downey Jr. resulted in Favreau adding scenes for the Agent, now named Coulson. The fans connected with the character immediately, and when he met his tragic demise in ‘The Avengers’, they started to protest using the “Coulson Lives” hashtag.

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Marvel took notice, and that’s how ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ was created. Clark is married to the actress Jennifer Grey, who starred in the iconic 1980s film – ‘Dirty Dancing’. The couple have a daughter Stella, who is 18 already. And if you are an avid fan of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. you know her!

Stella played a girl named Amy in an episode of the fourth season of ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ Clark Gregg and his family live in Venice, California. They clearly have a soft spot for dogs, and recently adopted a new, super-adorable puppy named Lucy.