Zodiac Signs As Stranger Things Characters

Have you ever noticed some of your own character traits among the Stranger Things cast? Well, this may be because the characters from the hit Netflix series showcase some of the zodiacs attributes you can relate to. Most of the characters reflect each astrological sign.

So, we've drawn up a special horoscope to help you find your zodiac twin. Are you a curious Gemini? Focused and determined like the Bull? Or as loyal as a Cancer? Take a look at the stars in the Hawkins Universe and find your match. 

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If you’re a proud representative of the first Zodiac sign, your character is Erica! Frank, brave and confident, she is a true trailblazer: I mean, literally. Erica was the one who crawled through air ducts to open the storage door for Dustin, Steve, and Robin.

Lucas' little sister is very independent and dynamic, even in the way she speaks. She’s Aries to the bone when it comes to pursuing goals and striving to win. Many of us can only dream of that sassy attitude!

Although she didn’t want to admit being a nerd, Erica is very smart and is a true math whizz! Her salty phrases sometimes border on rude, but that’s because she says what’s on her mind. Yes, she’s impatient, but that quality makes her a driving force in the team. 


If your symbol is the Bull, check out how your personality matches devoted mother and friend, Joyce Byers! Tauruses get things done and can fix anything - by whatever creative methods necessary. Even when everyone thought Joyce was crazy with all those Christmas lights and holes in the wall, she gave zero cares.

Determined and amazingly stubborn in her beliefs, she never gave up searching for her son. She was unstoppable - even when a body that was allegedly Will’s was found. And she kept kicking asses, taking names, and protecting her children in every way possible.

With her internal drive, Joyce occasionally has trouble respecting authority, but as a typical Taurus, this woman is a reliable anchor and shield for her nearest and dearest. Sound familiar?


Hey there, Gemini, meet your twin sister - Mad Max! Curiosity is the key trait of this air sign, and that’s why Max is a person of many non-conventional talents. Despite her young age, she’s brilliant at skating and gaming, knows how to unlock a door with a paperclip, can drive, and provides medical care!

With her natural adaptability, Max feels totally comfortable as a full-on tomboy when she’s hanging out with the guys. Still, she easily transforms into a gossip girl, relationship coach, and stylish when she’s around Eleven.

And her mind games with Lucas are hilarious! Passionate and energetic, Max makes every dark situation brighter. But like every two-faced Gemini, she’s equally kind and tough on her loved ones, like Billy.

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If you need a loyal friend for life, who you gonna call? Cancers! Mike is the guy you can count on, even when the whole world is against you. He never lost hope of finding Will or reconnecting with Eleven. Mike kept reaching out to El for 353 days in a row with no response.

Caring, emotional, and compassionate, he can easily get hurt by his friends or girlfriend - and that’s the crab’s level of delicacy. Like Cancers, he often makes emotional decisions, disregarding facts, and following his intuition.

Mike has a strong connection to home and is a great host: most of the time his crew prefers hanging in his basement. But with his open heart, Mike is noticeably reserved when it comes to unfamiliar things or people. So, is this crab your soul brother?


Who loves the spotlight most? Leos, obviously. Being ruled by the sun somewhat makes the world spin around guys like Lucas. But his humor and bravado are just the shields for his huge heart. Lucas is loud and charismatic, and he’s not afraid of conflict.

Moreover, arguments are often seen as his way of expressing himself. Though he doesn’t want to admit it, Lucas is a passionate romantic. And his relationship with Max is so sweet! Like other Leos, he’s fiercely loyal, and he keeps his friends grounded.

A natural leader, Lucas is an expert tactician, who used a compass, binoculars and his strategic knowledge to guide his gang on their dangerous mission. And how do you estimate your leadership qualities?


Are you as hardworking and meticulous as Nancy? Back in school, this lady studied vigorously for her tests. With her detective, journalistic, and analytical skills, Nancy is very Virgo. Her intellect and dedication led to her finding the truth about her lost bestie Barb.

And by being attentive to detail, Nancy has made some shocking discoveries for The Hawkins Post. She can be stubborn and prone to perfectionism, but her tendency to overthink things allows her to solve mysteries.

She is kind and generous, and with her rich inner world, Nancy only opens up to a few people who have earned her trust. Like Virgos, she’s inspired by the beauty and reflects it in her impeccable outfits.

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Wouldn’t it be nice if every Libra had the hair gorgeousness of Steve? Overall, this sign is marked with good looks and being the life of the party. But behind seeming self-confidence often hides insecurity. Yes, Steve cares what other people think of him and that’s why he tried hard to be cool.

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Still, if we dig deeper, we’ll be charmed by sweet, caring, and resourceful Steve. As a true Libra, he is attracted to intelligence, and his relationship with Nancy is proof of that. Steve is a master communicator, and he finds joy in helping others.

That’s why he developed a special bromance with Dustin and took on the role of 'babysitter' to the kids. Steve became a kind, responsible, and tolerant young man, who, like any Libra, strives for harmony. And what’s up with your inner balance?


Mysterious yet intense, Chief Hopper is a Scorpio we adore! Never afraid to tell the truth, he does not care whether people like him. Hop is careful in terms of making close connections, and he needs to have solid reasons to trust someone. He hates people who aren’t genuine, for him it's better to be weird but authentic than fake.

This man is unable to do things halfway, he’s all or nothing. Hopper is passionate about his feelings for Joyce and an overprotective father figure for Eleven. But that’s because he has tons of love he fails to hide.

As a true Scorpio, Jim takes on commitments. He took care of El, later even adopting her, and he never thought twice before helping Joyce fight for her son. And how do you tame your flame of passion, fellow Scorpio?

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He may sound and look like a Leo, but lovely Dusty-bun is a genuine archer. Observer and protector, he cares about unity within his crew and often resolves conflicts. Dustin is a born adventurer, and he proved to be an effective solo.

His love for fantasy fuels his creativity, which is often crucial for the team. Dustin is the scientific brain center, and he enjoys going off the beaten path to explore. Enthusiastic and infectiously energetic, he is a steadfast friend even for an evil creature like Dart.

As a Sagittarius, he does not look for constant feedback and has a strong sense of self. Dustin is not offended even when his friends called Suzie his “imaginary girlfriend." Does this sound like you?


Introverted and asocial, Jonathan may not seem lovable at first, but luckily we get to know him from different angles. Just like Capricorns, he’s very hardworking and respects the rules he’s put himself into. Jonathan is detail-oriented and this quality perfectly matches his photography hobby.

His fondness for music is a mask to hide his big dreams of escaping Hawkins. Still, he has a strong bond with his family, supporting his brother and helping his mom to provide. Capricorns may have a reputation as being stubborn, but the other side of this is tenacity, and Jonathan proves this more than once.

He is a caring and loving partner to Nancy, and though this couple had some conflicts, they are always there for each other when needed. Do you see Jonathan as your personality match?

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Airy humanitarian Aquarius is represented by unique Will, who became possessed by the Mind Flayer. Will is unbreakable when he’s among his friends, but he’s also very committed to their friendship.

Will has a very open, artistic mind: he’s really good at drawing, writing stories, and playing Dungeons and Dragons. And while the series shows us how everyone is concerned about him, Will often puts other people before himself and takes responsibility.