15 Period Dramas For Outlander Fans

We've been obsessed with Outlander throughout its 5 seasons and we can't wait for the next season. Fans will know that it's a popular television drama series based on a novel and it tells the story of Claire Randall who mysteriously time travels from 1945 to 1743. 

It gets exhausting having to wait in-between seasons for the drama and intrigue. Why should you re-read the novels or watch past episodes to get your Outlander fix? We've got you covered with 15 more similar TV shows that will keep you entertained while you wait for season 6.


Timeless contains the historical drama element and is the essence of a time travel show. The NBC series is about a history professor, a soldier, and an engineer on a quest to apprehend an evil organization from changing American history through time travel, of course. 

In contrast to Outlander, the characters on Timeless travel to various eras in time including WWII and the Civil War. Their costumes continuously change according to the storyline of the show which keeps things interesting and fresh. The show enjoyed 2 seasons before its cancellation in 2018.


Looking for drama, romance, and conflict? Poldark is a match for you. The PBS show aired in 2015 and has been thriving for five seasons. It follows the story of a British soldier named Ross Poldark, who returns home after serving in the American War of Independence. He's met with challenges and has to learn how to reassemble his life.


For historical drama fans, it's important that the show is accurate and filled with enough intrigue to keep you coming back. Black Sails on Starz is just that and more. It's set in the 18th century- the Golden Age of Piracy. It serves as a loose prequel to an 1883 novel called Treasure Island.

It's also interesting to note that Outlander and Black Sails had somewhat of a crossover during season three of Outlander. The characters Jamie and Claire, travel to America to film on the sets of Black Sails. If you're interested in watching Black Sails, you've got four seasons waiting for you to enjoy.



The beloved PBS show Victoria tells the story of the British monarch in its early rule over Great Britain. Outlander fans will recognize Nancy Skerrett as the actress Nell Hudson - she gave a convincing performance as Laoghaire MacKenzie.  A familiar face is all the more reason to watch Victoria. 


Another show on our list takes a look at the English monarchy. The series had 4 excellent seasons and concluded in 2010, however, it is now available to watch on Netflix. It showcases King Henry VIII and his insatiable desire for different women. From failed marriages to his iconic reign over England, it's a good one.


For those looking to watch something completely fictional and enthralling, Reign is the right show for you. The CW series has four seasons of family drama, complicated love triangles, and palace conflict. It's a story following Mary, Queen of Scots as a young lady who embarks on a journey to inherit the throne.


If you loved Outlander season two when Jamie and Claire spent some time in Versailles, then you'll enjoy this series. Versailles chronicles the turbulent reign of France's King Louis XIV. The show takes viewers on a thrilling ride back into the 1600s and provides insight into events that unfolded in the Palace of Versaille. Catch its three seasons on Netflix.


The Starz series is a true story about Catherine of Aragon from Spain and how she solidified her spot in the English Kingdom. If you're more curious about King Henry VIII, The Spanish Princess also invites you to know Henry as a young man. The show focuses on its female characters, which is a pleasant twist from the actual story.


The Borgias isn't a factual depiction of the real-life of The Borgia family and its takeover of the Roman Catholic Church. Nevertheless, it is still entertaining. The three seasons reveal murderous schemes, romances, and intrigue. The show was on Showtime before it was canceled, but you can enjoy it on Netflix.


The popular series follows the story of Viking warrior Ragnar Lothbok and his family members as he fights to become the King of the Vikings. Vikings is a History channel original, and there are six seasons for you to binge-watch while you wait for the next season of Outlander.


Jamestown takes us back to the first English settlers in America during 1619. It shows how colonists built a community in the "New World" as they call it. The show is accurate about how women were treated and how the land was colonized from natives. There are three seasons of Jamestown as its concluding season aired in 2019.


Harlots is a far stretch from the royalty, heroes, and religious figures featured in the previous shows. The Hulu original series is centered around Margaret Wells who is the mistress of a brothel in 18th century England while she parents her daughters. With three seasons under its belt, it's definitely worth the watch. 


If you haven't already watched Downton Abbey, the beloved BBC series depicts the lives of the Crawley family and their servants during the 20th century. It also shows how real historical events impacted the family. There are six seasons of the show but if you'd like to take a shortcut, you can always watch the movie.


The Paradise is the second BBC series to feature on the list and we're sure you'll love it. The show was shortlived as it only has two seasons but it's an enjoyable watch. It follows the story of a woman who starts a job at a charming department store, however, she begins to experience challenges with other shopkeepers. 


BBC is on a roll! Set in the 1950s, Call the Midwife is an original BBC series about midwives and nuns at a nursing convent who deal with various medical issues in the poor Poplar district in London. It seems as though Call the Midwife and Outlander have something in common as Claire was a nurse in 1945.


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