15 Hilarious TV Shows For Modern Family Fans

Modern Family is a hilarious show that many of us can relate to. From awkward family dynamics to lovable and honest moments. The show spent a decade on our TV screens and ended in its 11th season. We watched the kids grow up and the parents grow older, and thoroughly enjoyed the ride.

Of course, we miss the show and there's no other sitcom quite like Modern Family but we have to move on, right? And we've got just the thing to help you. Here's our top 15 comedy shows that Modern Family fans will love.


Just as Modern Family, This is Us has a fun twist on what family is or may be. It follows the story of triplets as adults, kids, and the love story of their parents before they were even a thought. The siblings go through obstacles while trying to navigate their way to happiness and its all entertaining. The NBC show enjoyed 4 seasons of heartwarming comedy.


This sitcom might remind fans of Modern Family because it's a story about a family going through the various stages of life. The obstacles, milestones, and hilarious moments. Although the show has ended, there are 4 seasons for you to binge-watch till your heart is content.


How about a riches to rags story? Schitt's Creek follows a family who suddenly loses their wealth and is forced to move to a small town. Besides the hysterical element of watching a couple of spoilt people downgrade their lifestyle, we learn that family is everything. Watch all 6 seasons on Netflix.


The Big Bang Theory fans are probably familiar with its spinoff series Young Sheldon. Modern Family lovers will appreciate the exploration of Sheldon's family dynamics. The story follows Sheldon as an intelligent and socially awkward young boy who skips 4 grades to join his older brother in high school. The show has 3 seasons and airs on CBS.


If you've ever had to move as a child, then you can totally relate to this sitcom. Set in the 90s, Fresh Off The Boat is based on a true story and follows a Taiwanese family who moves from Washington to Orlando. The family tries to adjust to their new environment with a bit of humor in the mix. There are 6 hilarious seasons of the ABC series.


Black-Ish offers another fresh take on a modern-day family. The show is about Andre Johnson trying to figure out his African American family's cultural identity in a primarily white neighborhood. The show uses humor to shed light on social issues and the various challenges of an evolving family. All 6 seasons of ABC hit show are entertaining and thought-provoking.


Fuller House is a spinoff of the beloved Full House. It follows D.J who is now a widowed mother of three. Her sister and best friend move in to help her with her children. The sitcom has been going strong for 5 seasons on Netflix and it's the perfect family-friendly entertainment.

8. MOM

Mom is about a mother and daughter who both struggle with bad habits. The two have a tumultuous relationship and after years of being estranged from one another, they decide to reconcile and work on their issues together. The sitcom has enjoyed 7 seasons and airs on CBS.


Mike Baxter is a family man with 3 children. He finds himself surrounded by women and humorously tries to prove his masculinity. Tim Allen fans will know he doesn't disappoint, and he certainly does a great job as the lead character in the series. The show has been running for 8 seasons and airs on Fox.


Grace and Frankie are established women married to successful men. However, their lives take a turn when their husbands admit to being in love with each other. Sounds like a good recipe for an amusing watch. The sitcom has 7 seasons and you can currently stream it on Netflix.


We all know that friends can turn into family. This show explores friendship with the story of 3 best friends living in a small town who help each other through difficult situations. We see them through their romantic lives, careers, and family. There's one season of the show, and it is available on Netflix. 


Council of Dads examines the role of fathers in family life. It tells the story of a dad who is diagnosed with cancer. He and his wife become concerned with the wellbeing of their children, so they enlist the help of three friends to be father figures to their children. There's only one season of NBC show but it promises to be a good one.


This series is about one of the hardest and most rewarding jobs, being a mom! It follows 4 mothers as they navigate motherhood, career, and relationships. There are 7 seasons of the sitcom and it airs on CBC but you can also catch it on Netflix.


The ABC sitcom is about Katie Otto; a mom having to juggle taking care of her family and adjusting to their new life in Westport, Connecticut. There is comedy, interesting dynamics, and pretentious neighbors. With 4 seasons of the show, you can use it as an escape from your own busy life. 


What happens when a lawyer fakes his bachelor's degree? In this case, he's forced to go to a community college. But not just any college, this one is filled with unconventional characters. The show ran for 5 seasons on NBC, and the final season aired on Netflix, but you can currently stream every season on Netflix and Hulu.

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