15 Riveting Crime Dramas For Hawaii Five-0 Fans To Enjoy

Over its 10 seasons, Hawaii Five-0 has become a favorite crime procedural show. It's based on the classic version of the series which ran from 1968 to 1980. Location was probably one the best things about the show, Hawaii Five-0 took us along crime investigations in the tropics and now we dream about moving to Hawaii. 

Since the series wrapped up after it's 10th season, there's an entertainment void we must fill. So, we've compiled a list of crime shows that Hawaii Five-0 fans will love. They might not all be set on a beautiful island but we can promise you great entertainment. 


Daydreaming about being under the Hawaiian sun? The rendition of the classic Magnum P.I. is set in Hawaii and follows the handsome Thomas Magnum, a former Navy Seal. He uses his military skills for his private investigations, which he showcased in a crossover episode of Hawaii Five-0. The CBS show has 2 seasons, and it's renewed for a 3rd season.

2. S.W.A.T.

The original S.W.A.T. series aired in the 1970s. Since then, the series has taken on a life of its own and was even turned into a filmed. The latest version of the series aired in 2017 and it focuses on a S.W.A.T. official and his team who bust criminals in Los Angeles. The show has been running on CBS for 3 seasons.


Another remake of a classic is MacGyver, this one follows a secret agent Angus MacGyver as he uses his talents and scientific methods to solve mysterious crimes. All 4 seasons of the CBS show are action-packed and will leave you wanting to watch more crime shows. 


Speaking of more crime shows, NCIS is responsible for plenty of beloved spinoffs. NCIS: Los Angeles happens to be one of our favorites. The show is about NCIS agents who participate in some undercover investigations and solve the most difficult cases in Los Angeles. There are 11 seasons of the show and it has been renewed for its 12th season. 


Chicago P.D. is an NBC crime drama about an investigation unit lead by Sergeant Hank Voight. He goes on a quest to rid Chicago of harmful substances, crime and bring justice to criminals. The show has 7 seasons and it's still going strong. 


This ABC show is based on a true story about John Nolan - played by the Castle star Nathan Fillion, who without intention helps the LAPD during a bank robbery. He then relocates to Los Angeles to pursue a career as a police officer. The Rookie has 2 seasons out right now. 


The show is a story about FBI agent Will Chase AKA Whiskey Cavalier. After going through a tough break-up, he begins a mission with a CIA agent Francesca 'Frankie' Trowbridge. The ABC series has one season under its belt but you can look forward to action and a bit of humor.


The hit Fox show focuses on Dr. Brennan and FBI agent Seely Booth as they solve cases using the Doctor's expertise in anthropology and Booth's solid investigation skills. There are 12 seasons for you to enjoy the great chemistry between the duo.


Richard Castle is a millionaire crime novelist who joins forces with detective Kate Beckett to solve mysterious murder cases. Somehow he's inspired by the detective and begins to shadow her for his latest novel. If you love comedy and crime, the ABC show has 8 seasons for you to indulge in.


If you're into something a bit more fast-paced, the series is a remake of the classic 1987 film Lethal Weapon. Set in Los Angeles, the show follows a frenetic police officer who partners with a skilled detective to solve crimes. The show aired for 3 seasons on Fox.


Leverage puts together a team of unlikely crime fighters - some of them have a criminal past. The team joins forces led by an insurance investigator and together they use their skills to fight criminal and corporate injustices that affect everyday people. The TNT series concluded after 5 seasons but it has been given the green light for a revival. 

12. FBI

Ever wondered what it's like working for the FBI? This show will give you a fictional look into the FBI's New York office. The agents deal with the toughest investigations from terrorism to murders. The CBS show has been on for 2 seasons and is renewed for a third season.


Criminal Minds follows a team of top FBI agents as they attempt to predict criminal behavior before the perpetrators strike. The team solves various cases, each being just as thrilling as the next. The show recently concluded after 15 great seasons on CBS.


If the name doesn't already give it away, Blue Bloods is about a family of law enforcement professionals. The Reagans are the perfect combo for fighting injustices, you can expect to see them navigate family life and crack tough cases. The CBS hit series also includes Tom Selleck who is well-known for his role in the original Magnum P.I.

15. NCIS

We end off the list with an iconic crime drama series. NCIS has been running for a whopping 17 seasons. It follows an ex-Marine Gibbs and his team of special agents as they investigate crimes in Washington. The series airs on CBS.

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