9 Most Disliked Couples on 90 Day Fiance

Relationships in 90 Day Fiance sometimes get so crazy and ugly that we can't have but dislike some of the couples... Although some couples hit it off, some actually became the worst couples ever and drive their fans completely crazy with their actions. 

Which 90 Day Fiance alumni are building a friendship after their nasty divorce? Who lost over 120lb due to dramatic life circumstances? And how did Big Ed react to Rose’s alleged relationship with a woman? In this article, we will reveal all the details!

#9. Darcey and Jesse

What started as a passionate and enjoyable roller coaster, ended up in an ugly separation. Darcey from Connecticut met her almost 20 years younger Dutch boyfriend online and soon flew to Amsterdam to meet him and make their romance real. Their constant fighting was based on Darcey’s excessive affection and jealousy, combined with Jesse’s immaturity.

Didn’t you get tired of all those repetitive blow-ups and meltdowns? To add to that disaster, Darcey started drinking and throwing childish tantrums, like not letting Jesse cook dinner the way he wanted to. Both partners called each other manipulative until their unhealthy relationship came to its dramatic end in NYC.

Still, Jesse claimed that Darcey was stalking him after the break-up. The mother of two did not wait long to look for another prince overseas. But fans recognized the same pattern in her next relationship with Tom from Britain. And yes, this couple also split up.

Yet we have to give Darcey credit for picking boyfriends that seem to get along with each other! Yes, Tom and Jesse met in NYC for an alleged business collaboration. Who could have thought of that?

#8. Molly and Luis

Molly Hopkins from Georgia claims to be another victim used by a younger partner for a green card. But her marriage story did much more harm than just break her heart. The mother of two met her 15-years-younger fiance on vacation in the Dominican republic. 

The nightmare started when Luis moved to her home and met his future stepdaughters. Molly’s family did not like Luis, and he did not bother to earn their trust. Should we mention that he was neither ready nor willing to become a father figure? His efforts to bond with the older teenage girl, Olivia, by asking her about her sex life, were completely inappropriate.

Later, Olivia left home as she could not accept her mother’s choice. In addition to Luis’ overall indifference and dissatisfaction with his new life, he started an explosive fight with Molly over her home decor. Surprisingly, the couple did marry, but within a year, after another fight with Luis’s threats to call the police, they filed for divorce.

Molly claims she has never felt more liberated. She has kept raising her kids, doing her lingerie business, and even lost 40 pounds! Five months after their divorce was finalized, Luis remarried, and Molly believes that was his plan all along.

#7. Mohamed and Danielle

Can we even say these two were ever a couple? Back in 2016, Danielle, a mother of 4, got engaged to a young Tunisian man, Mohamed. They met in an online chat room, but unfortunately, their connection was built on mutual lies. Mohamed lied about having a job, while Danielle concealed the fact that she was broke.

And both used each other for their own purposes: a desperate mother wanted a younger partner, and her fiance took advantage of that to get a green card. Classic? Maybe. There wasn’t even a hint of Mohamed's affection for his soon-to-be wife; he didn’t care an iota about her.

And when he moved to a small house with three potential teenage stepdaughters and learned the truth about Danielle's money issues, he forced himself to go through with the wedding. Remember that cringe-worthy moment when he said he wouldn’t have sex with Danielle because she smells?

But what can you expect from a man who refused to kiss his bride in a ceremony... Predictably, Mohamed disappeared soon after the nuptials and was accused of cheating. Offended, Danielle wanted to get an annulment so that Mohamed would be deported. But eventually, they settled on a divorce.

And three years after their nasty separation, in February 2020, the ex-spouses started exchanging messages. Believe it or not, they now claim to be building a friendship!

#6. Colt and Larissa

Let’s make it clear: This relationship involved three people: Larissa, Colt and his mother Debbie (to say nothing of the cats). A computer programmer from Vegas met his Brazilian girlfriend via a dating website. Colt popped the question after spending 11 days with Larissa.

Their marriage only lasted 6 months, and everyone involved contributed to the inevitable separation. Colt was a grown-up man who still lived with his mother and was heavily dependent on her, so he failed to take on the role of husband. While Larissa’s main function was fighting with whoever was around her.

Yes, she could not get along with her mother-in-law and cousin-in-law. And her three arrests for domestic violence against her husband were the final cherries on the split-up pie. Colt always took his mom's side, and he looked more like a couple with Debbie.

A year after their divorce was finalized, Colt and Larissa are coming back to 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? With separate stories. Larissa started a new chapter after finishing her community service, while Colt is dating again.

#5. Nicole and Azan

Do you think that a scam artist and a naive, overly-attached woman deserve each other? Well, Nicole and Azan are allegedly still together, after 5 years of a trashy relationship. A single mother and Starbucks barista from Florida met her Moroccan beau via an online dating service.

And that’s when the immature and no-chemistry cringe began. Nicole proved to be an irresponsible parent when she left her toddler daughter with relatives for 5 weeks just to meet her “Arabian prince”. Azan called her “a little big” and “lazy”, but she did not care.

Nicole showed zero respect for the Muslim culture, throwing tantrums to get public displays of affection. And though Azan did propose to her, he admitted to only being “55 percent” attracted to his fiance, while for Nicole, he’s “155 percent the love of [her] life.”

He failed to get a K-1 visa more than once, they both cheated on each other, and their wedding was called off twice. Also, Nicole does not plan to convert to Islam, while her fiance refuses to become a Christian. And rumor has it that Azan is married, though he’s allowed to have three more wives.

Despite it all, Nicole left the USA (and her child) again at the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak, and she’s hunkered down in Morocco with her beau. Still, fans doubt that this relationship is as strong as Nicole claims. At least the couple did not cancel their engagement.

#4. Ashley and Jay

These two gave us a taste of disaster multiple times, but recently their relationship took a surprising twist. Ashley, a single mother of two, met 11 years younger Jay at a resort, and they hit it off right away. After 6 months of chatting online, Ashley flew back to Jamaica and the couple got engaged.

But shortly after saying their vows in Las Vegas, Ashley caught Jay making new contacts via Tinder. She filed for divorce in January 2019 but changed her mind a few weeks later. Still, in April Ashley filed for divorce again after learning that Jay was indeed a cheater. In addition to being unfaithful, Jay stole money and did many other wild things. 

But Ashley was not that innocent either. She has been accused of faking an illness and lying about the custody of her kids. And after all the toxicity in their dysfunctional marriage, these two recently announced that they are renewing their vows! Do you believe in a fresh start for their family?

#3. Jorge and Anfisa

Here’s another marriage story where love was not the true motive for the relationship. Yet Anfisa definitely stands out from other fortune-hunting 90 Day fiances with her bold frankness. From the very first Facebook contact with Jorge, she made it clear that money was her only interest.

The gold-digger from Moscow demanded expensive garments and accessories and acted rather outrageously whenever she did not get them. She erased Jorge’s cellphone, abused him verbally and physically, and even kicked him out of his apartment. But Jorge hardly deserved any compassion.

To get Anfisa to come to California and marry him, this man lied about being rich. It came as a surprise when the couple eventually tied the knot without an engagement ring and posh ceremony. But we all know what came next. Supposedly, to meet the financial demands of his beloved wife, Jorge went into the drug-transporting business.

In September 2018, he was sentenced to 2.5 years in prison but was released earlier, in May 2020. Although the couple is still allegedly married, both partners want a divorce. 

While Jorge was behind bars, Anfisa got a new boyfriend and new lips, became a certified fitness trainer and applied to the University of California. But all those updates seem lame in comparison to Jorge’s drastic 128 lb. weight loss! Do you even recognize this guy?

#2. Mark and Nikki

And here’s probably the creepiest guy on the show, who made us worry for his young fiance. Overly-controlling Mark was constantly talking down to Nikki and gave her a set of strict rules she had to follow like she was his daughter. Their almost 40-year age gap appeared to be the least weird aspect of their relationship.

This mature man clearly used Nikki to recreate his failed love story with his first wife. Yes, Mark’s ex-spouse was from the same city in the Philippines as Nikki, and they got married on a K-1 visa. According to Mark, his wife left him with four kids, and that wasn’t what he wanted at all. That’s why Nikki, who’s even younger than her stepdaughter, had to agree she would not want kids.

Before they tied the knot, Mark made his fiance sign a prenup so that she would get nothing if their relationship ever changed. And how about the pictures of his ex in the bedroom and buying Nikki the exact same car he bought his first Mrs?

The couple seem to be absent from social media, or perhaps that was one of Mark’s rules… While we can’t say for sure whether these two are still together, there was no divorce filing spotted for them. Still, the couple was angry with their negative portrayal on the show, and they even sued the production parties for editing footage of them.

#1. Ed and Rosemarie

This eyebrow-raising couple keeps making headlines with new servings of drama. Yet, while the internet is mostly talking about Big Ed, Rose became our hero. But let's go back to the start.