Outlander: Behind-the-Scenes Photos and Stories

Outlander, the beloved Starz series, engaged thousands of fans worldwide. Despite the intensity of the series, the set of the show is filled with good vibes and laughter. Let’s go behind the scenes of Outlander and look at what the cast is doing on set! 

1. Sam Heughan (Jamie)

According to the executive producer of the show Ronald D. Moore, producers didn't expect to find anyone handsome and charming enough to fill the shoes of Jamie as quickly as they did. Sam Heughan was the first actor cast on the show because producers felt he was the one as soon as they watched his audition tape. 

2. Caitriona Balfe (Claire), Colin McFarlane (Ulysses), Maria Doyle Kennedy (Aunt Jocasta), Sam Heughan (Jamie)

Maria Doyle Kennedy gives a stunning performance as Aunt Jocasta, however, she does admit that it hasn't come easy. She revealed that the most difficult aspect of playing a blind character is not being able to make eye contact during the scenes.

"In life as well as acting, we give and receive so many of our cues through eye contact."

3. Duncan Lacroix (Murtagh) and Maria Doyle Kennedy (Aunt Jocasta)

It was crushing when Murtagh passed away in season 5. His impeccable style from Claire's dream sequence during that same season will remain ingrained in our minds forever. If you don't recall the dream, Jocasta and Murtagh are married; he's still alive and Jocasta is not blind. But, that 70s inspired jacket Murtagh wore is unforgettable.

4. Caitriona Balfe (Claire) and Sam Heughan (Jamie)

Did you notice that Claire and Jamie do not age? Caitriona revealed that when her character reunites with Jamie in the past, they share a connection so deep that it transcends time and is ageless. However, there is a more technical explanation. 

The head of hair and makeup Annie McEwan says they had to soften the special effects of aging on the lead characters to avoid losing their true features. So, they used a lot of shading to Jamie's face and greying on both him and Claire. 

5. Richard Rankin (Roger) and Tim Downie (Governor Tryon)

In 2019, Richard hosted a one-night exhibition of his work called "His Mind's Eye". The actor has even lent his talent to Outlander by taking pictures of the cast on set. Richard fell in love with photography 9 years ago and has gradually improved. The actor told Brieftake:

“Whenever I do have any downtime, I’m usually off shooting photos, so I’m hanging out with the camera team or basically making a nuisance of myself, trying to learn something from the day before.” 

6. César Domboy (Fergus) and Lauren Lyle (Marsali)

The transition from young Fergus to the present Fergus was wonderfully strange. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, César Domboy stated that he wanted the change to be as smooth as possible. So, he took on younger Fergus's habit of fiddling with his fingers. 

7. Sam Heughan (Jamie) and Adso

In 2019, the series team teased fans with information about a new addition to the cast. Lo and behold, it was the cute furry friend called Bear. Outlander is based on Diana Gabaldon's novels - in the story, Jamie gifts Claire with a cat after finding him on the road; he also names him Adso. 

8. Jon Tarcy (Isaiah Morton), Kyle Rees (John Quincy Myers), Gary Lamont (Robbie Fraser), Paul Donnelly (Ronnie Sinclaire), Sam Heughan (Jamie)

The costumes on Outlander is one more reason to keep watching the show. From the beautiful gowns to the traditional British soldiers' attire, the costume department truly captures the essence of each time period explored on the show and pays attention to the smallest details.

Former Outlander costume designer Terry Dresbach who is also the executive producer Ronald D. Moore's wife told The Herald Scotland:

"The one costume we could have rented lots of was Redcoats, but we couldn’t because Ron (Ronald D. Moore) didn’t like the color of red," she said "Instead, we had to dye fabric to his color specifications and make our own Redcoats. He wanted a deeper, richer red rather than a bright cherry/candy apple red.”

9. Lauren Lyle (Marsali)

Before being cast on Outlander, Lauren had never watched the show even though she'd heard a lot about it. The casting process went over a month; she impressed the team and soon after, the actress received an offer to join the show. Lauren revealed to Elle that she felt she could relate to Marsali:

When the casting notice came through and my agent described the part to me, it was like, “She’s this young girl, she’s feisty, she doesn’t give a damn about propriety," and I was like, “Alright, so she’s basically me.”

10. Sam Heughan (Jamie) and Sophie Skelton (Brianna)

Sophie's character Brianna was born and raised in America but she is actually from Cheshire, England. Some fans find it difficult to love Brianna but Sophie appreciates the differences between her and the character. The actress told Parade:

 "She’s very hard to understand and very misunderstood."

11. Breakfast on the set

The crew works extremely hard to produce the final product which fans get to see. The props are made to be realistic; for example, the team fills the set with fake corpses for battle scenes, but every meal on the show is real food. It's no surprise that they can squeeze breakfast into a hectic schedule.

12. Caitlin O’Ryan (Lizzie Wemyss)

Caitlin joined the cast of Outlander in season 4. She's a professionally trained actress that graduated from the Oxford School of Drama. Fans adore Brianna and Lizzie's friendship and ever since they went their separate ways during season 5, Outlander viewers are hopeful it isn't the last we'll see of the two.

13. Brianna and Roger's wedding

Filming can be exhausting. The cast and crew spent seven days filming Brianna and Roger's wedding episode in season 5. The traditional Scottish ceremony and the set design was gorgeous. Behind-the-scenes, the cast had a few hilarious hiccups. Sam Heughan revealed an interesting tidbit:

 “One of the kids there really didn’t want to be there so we had to go back and try again with another child, and that child didn’t want to be there either.” 

14. Brianna's wedding dress

Fans adored Brianna's wedding dress in season 5. It was embroidered with Scottish thistles and orange blossoms. According to their current costume designer Trisha Biggar, the embroidery was a merger between Brianna's heritage and her 20th-century roots. The cream color of the dress pays homage to the period in which she comes from.

15. Caitriona Balfe (Claire) and Sam Heughan (Jamie) with Aisha Tyler

Before season 5's release, Aisha Tyler visited the Outlander cast on set. The actress stars on Criminal Minds and she's a former co-host on the CBS talk show The Talk. You can truly find Outlander fans everywhere.

“ I’m such a huge fan of #Outlander — can’t wait for Season 5 to air “

16. David Berry (Lord John Grey) with his sister Caitlin Berry

Acting seems to run in the family for David. His sister Caitlin Berry is also an actress and appeared on Outlander. Her appearance on the show was short-lived and David will not be returning for season 6. The siblings are very close and their careers make their bond even stronger. In an interview with Arts Review, Caitlin shared:

"My brother David is pretty inspiring. He works in the same industry and is very dedicated to his work. We help each other with scenes, and are each other’s best critic and worse, which is the healthiest way to do it. I started acting and singing because I wanted to be like him when I was little."

17. Andrew and Matthew (Jemmy)

These two little boys take turns playing Brianna and Roger's son Jemmy. It's quite surprising that Andrew and Matthew aren't the only twins in their family, they also have twin sisters. The boys were just three years old when they joined the show, making them a part of the youngest cast members of the series.

18. Lauren Lyle (Marsali) with kids

Marsali has developed into one of the most interesting characters on the show. From being Claire's apprentice to being a wise and witty confidant - who always seems to be pregnant. In an interview with Elle, Lauren shares how she developed Marsali's personality in season 5:

"I had a lot of encouragement to play around this season and I had a lot of really great material to do that. I always thought she has an element of humor and I come from a very funny, very dry family. "