Friends Catchphrases Fans Can Use in Real Life

Friends was iconic, right? Not only did the show give us the best characters, but it also helped us know what to tell in any situation. Remember how Phoebe lied to us about the lobster thing? What Italian curse word did we learn? Let's recall some of the best quotes from Friends and find out which character gave us the most epic Friends catchphrase!

The cast of the iconic TV show Friends / Getty Images

The cast of the iconic TV show Friends / Getty Images


Ah, dear Phoebe, you’ve always believed in Ross and Rachel! Even when Ross almost lost hope, she knew how to cheer him up. 'Hang in there, it's gonna happen,' Phoebe says to Ross. When he asks her how she can be sure about that she replies with, "Because she's your lobster."

Aww, isn’t that romantic? “You’re my lobster!” is the best way to tell someone how much you care about them. So it's no wonder that this phrase is everywhere, from greeting cards to T-shirts and mugs. But… it turns out that it’s actually… wrong!

Lisa Kudrow, actress who portrayed Phoebe Buffey / Getty Images

Lisa Kudrow, actress who portrayed Phoebe Buffey / Getty Images

Yeah, Phoebe lied to us - lobsters don’t mate for life. They just do the deed and part ways. It suddenly seems like everything we learned about love from Friends is wrong… And yet, some animals do bond with their partner for life. 

For example, grey wolves, macaroni penguins, and bald eagles are monogamous. But we understand that the phrase “she’s your bald eagle” sounds way less catchy than “she’s your lobster,” so we guess we can forgive Phoebe.


Joey was always obsessed with food, but it was only in the tenth season that we learned just how big his obsession was. He wouldn’t even let his date take a few fries off his plate! Remember when Joey told Phoebe it wasn't about a few fries, it was about the fact what fries represented - all food!

Joey Tribbiani portrayed by Matt LeBlanc / Getty Images

Joey Tribbiani portrayed by Matt LeBlanc / Getty Images

Well, we actually have to agree with Joey. We mean, why do some people think that it’s okay to order a salad and then steal someone else’s food? It’s totally unacceptable! Besides, you’ve probably had a friend who’d consider it okay to pinch some milk from your fridge or eat the last slice of your pizza when you turn your back.

The best thing you can do in this situation is to yell at them that you don’t share food and refer to yourself in the third person. Mark our words, they’ll never try to steal your food again!


Every single thing Chandler says is funny - and you can’t argue with that. But this particular phrase is iconic. Yeah, it IS so! He’d continuously emphasize a random word in a sentence, and his friends would mock him for it. And it wasn't just the gang - even Richard did it once!

So it’s natural that many fans borrowed Chandler’s catchphrase for their everyday life. But if you decide to use it, too, be warned – you might get addicted to it. After all, could it BE any more catchy?


We all know what it is now, but few people are aware that it's thanks to Friends that we use this phrase. It’s not that Joey came up with the term, but he definitely made it famous. Remember, how he called Ross the mayor of the zone? But he turned out to be wrong.

Matt LeBlanc's character gave us a lot of catchy phrases / Getty Images

Matt LeBlanc's character gave us a lot of catchy phrases / Getty Images

In about a year, Ross began dating Rachel. And, after all the challenges, they ended up together. It’s funny how at some point, Joey found himself in the friend zone when he had a crush on Rachel… This means that even the biggest womanizer and the cutest man on the planet can become “mayor of the zone.” If Joey got there, no one is immune!


I think you’ll agree that it’s the best song Phoebe ever wrote! Did you know that the episode with Stephanie the professional singer was literally the beginning of Smelly Cat? Musician Chrissie Hynde, who played Stephanie, helped Lisa Kudrow and the Friends writers create the tune.

Initially, the song was supposed to be a one-time thing, but everyone liked it so much that it became one of the most popular running gags in the show and an integral part of Phoebe’s character. And even after the show was over, Smelly Cat remained a hit, and we'd be lying if we told you that we don’t sing it with friends.

The songs of Lisa Kudrow's character, Phoebe, are still our favorite / Getty Images

The songs of Lisa Kudrow's character, Phoebe, are still our favorite / Getty Images

#6 “PIVOT!” – ROSS

The episode where Ross bought a couch is unforgettable! Largely because of the way he wouldn’t stop yelling “Pivot!” while trying to carry it up the stairs… Chandel eventually had to tell him to shut up. We're with Chandler on this one - yelling the same word repeatedly didn’t do anything, except make people laugh their heads off!

In fact, that’s what the Friends actors did on the set while filming. David, Matthew, and Jennifer just couldn’t stop laughing – that’s how ridiculous the whole thing was! And now, if you tell anyone that you don’t yell “Pivot” at least once when you are maneuvering a piece of furniture, we won’t even believe you.

The cast of Friends had a lot of fun on the set / Getty Images

The cast of Friends had a lot of fun on the set / Getty Images


Friends gave us so many things, including tons of laughs and the Rachel haircut. But on top of it all, the show gave us the best pick-up line… EVER! Joey even made Phoebe blush with it! But, although this phrase is so famous, we only heard it in the middle of season four, and Joey only said it nineteen times in the show.

Still, it WAS remarkable. Maybe even more remarkable than his magical "backpacking through western Europe" story that also became a thing after Friends! And although "how you doin'" might sound slightly cheesy, if you say it with Joey’s voice inflection and try to copy his unmatched confidence, you’re likely to be successful.


Monica would always utter this phrase in a loud, high-pitched voice that became her trademark. It certainly added to her obsessive-compulsive and competitive nature! Throughout the series, all of her friends would imitate this “I know!” at least once, and it was always hilarious! We now use it pretty often in real life when someone tells us something obvious, like “We had fun today” or “You look great!”

Actress Courteney Cox who portrayed Monica / Getty Images

Actress Courteney Cox who portrayed Monica / Getty Images


When Ross said this phrase, he was trying to pretend that he was cool with Rachel and Joey’s romantic relationship. But, in fact, he wasn’t fine at all. None of us were fine, to be honest. Even Matt LeBlanc and Jennifer Aniston hated the storyline about Rachel and Joey dating! 

David Schwimmer and Jennifer Aniston on the set of Friends / Getty Images

David Schwimmer and Jennifer Aniston on the set of Friends / Getty Images

But let’s get back to this iconic phrase that we tend to use when we want to assure others that we’re fine, but we are definitely not fine. Even if you want to copy Ross, please don’t go all the way. Don’t burn your hands on hot plates with fajitas, get drunk, and dance to the Chicago soundtrack on the table. Please, just don’t.


Phoebe said this when Ross thought that he broke the news about Rachel being pregnant with his child. But everyone already knew about it, so… Phoebe and Joey had to pretend that they were utterly surprised. Just like Phoebe, we tend to say “this is brand new information” when someone tells us something we’re not supposed to know.

Or, well, when something is totally obvious. Like, when someone says that they got a nose job and you remember that they used to have a huge schnozzle, you can just go, “That is brand new information!” Sure, it usually sounds fake, but that’s the beauty of this phrase, isn’t it?


Sure, he said it wrong, and the phrase should be “a moot point.” But even if Joey mispronounced it, it doesn’t make him less right. The way Joey explains his take on the phrase… Can you tell us that it doesn’t make sense?

One of the Friends show stars, Matt LeBlanc / Getty Images

One of the Friends show stars, Matt LeBlanc / Getty Images

His logic is unbeatable! And we can totally tell you that in real life you can use this phrase in an argument you can’t win. Like, when you argue with your friends about who’s the best superhero or which TV show is better.

You’ll end the dispute extremely quickly by saying that what your opponent is saying is a “moo point.” After all, you’ll confuse them completely! As a result, no one will want to argue with you anymore, and you’ll win by default!

#12 “UNAGI” – ROSS

According to Ross, it’s a state of total awareness. “Only by achieving true Unagi can you be prepared for any danger that may befall you,” he said to Phoebe and Rachel. He repeatedly tried to attack them, wanting to prove that they don’t have unagi, but nothing worked. Well, first of all, it probably didn’t work because unagi isn’t a concept from KA-rah-TAY.

Ross Geller portrayed by famous actor David Schwimmer / Getty Images

Ross Geller portrayed by famous actor David Schwimmer / Getty Images

It’s just a freshwater eel! But you can still use it to teach your friends to be more aware, just like Ross did, or just utter it only when you order sushi… But whenever you pronounce “unagi,” be sure to make this finger-to-your-head move. Without it, this whole thing is just… well, a moo point!


When Chandler stole Joey’s girlfriend in season four, Joey was obviously mad at him. And when he saw his friend with his ex, he said an Italian phrase that became memorable for all Friends fans. And then, Rachel repeated it, too, when she was mad at Ross.

But let’s figure out what this phrase means and how we can use it in real life. Well, we know for a fact that it’s a curse phrase. It literally translates from Italian as “go to Naples,” and it means “go to hell.” Yeah, that’s how much Italians like Naples!

And, in fact, it’s a politer way to say another Italian curse word, “vaffanculo”, which means, well, “eff you.” So if you want to tell someone to shove it and don’t want your mom to know you’re cussing, just ask them to go to Naples in Italian!


Phoebe screamed this when she saw Monica and Chandler doing it. The whole scene was completely hilarious, especially when Phoebe and Rachel got Ross to jump around with them, happy that he got the ugly naked guy’s apartment. Ross shrieking joyfully is one of the most amazing things in Friends, isn’t it?

Well, even though we don’t adopt his squealing technique, we have been known to yell, “My eyes, my eyes!!” just like Phoebe did. We do it every time we see something we never wanted to see and realize that we can’t unsee it, and it’ll remain with us… forever! Like, when we saw Miley Cyrus twerking or Katy Perry jumping onto a huge cake during her performance.

#15 “OH. MY. GAWD!” – JANICE

How could we EVER forget her? Janice’s catchphrase was unforgettable and as epic as her laugh. By the way, did you notice that she was in every single season of Friends at least once? Well, she didn’t physically appear in season six, but we did hear her voice in one of the episodes!

Back to Janice’s catchphrase… It’s best to screech it when you unexpectedly see someone from your past or when something shocking happens. Whenever you say, “Oh. My. Gawd” in real life, remember that your voice must be as high-pitched as possible. But don’t overdo – you don’t want your friends to say that they’re going to Yemen just to get rid of you!


There’s a lot of discussion about whether they were or not, but no one can argue that there’s no Friends without this phrase! Ross repeated it so frequently, and he even told both of his kids that he and Rachel were on a break. Well, indeed, it’s a decent phrase we can use to get out of all kinds of trouble.

Ross Geller portrayed by David Schwimmer in Friends / Getty Images

Ross Geller portrayed by David Schwimmer in Friends / Getty Images

And we're not only talking about a romantic relationship. If your boss sees that you’re using Instagram at work, just tell them that you were on a break. And if your boss is a Friends fan, they won’t even get mad at you.

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