The Kissing Booth 2: Real-Life Partners and Friends

The Kissing Booth was a massive hit, it’s no wonder its sequel came along so quickly! As Netflix has announced the release of season 3, we dug up some details on The Kissing Booth cast. What are they doing in real life? Who got engaged on Valentine’s day? What about the cast frienships? And what did Joey King comment about working with her ex? 


The actor behind the character never expected The Kissing Booth to become such a massive hit! And these days, he’s probably enjoying his increased fame and three million subscribers on Instagram. Initially, he chose the role because he liked his character and the dynamic between him and Elle.

“If you stripped away all of my inhibitions, filters and worries in the world, I would be Lee,” Joel Courtney said. “This character was so perfect for me that a friend told me if I didn’t book it I should quit acting.”

Thank God he booked it! While on the set of The Kissing Booth, Courtney especially liked the harmony between himself, Joey King, and Jacob Elordi. His most memorable scene was when all three of them had a fight and went their separate ways.

“That sequence is so heartbreaking to the fans because it was heartbreaking to us,” Joel shared.

Speaking of great chemistry, we have to talk about the cutest besties - Joel and Joey! If you were already jealous of Elle and Lee’s on-screen friendship, we have to warn you about the extreme levels of BFF goals coming up next.

Joel is one more really close friend that Joey has made on the set! The two are hilarious together: constantly filming epic lip-syncing and dancing videos and goofing around offset. 

However, it was harder for Joel to come back to the set for a sequel than you might think. Courtney was very nervous that it might not feel the same playing Lee again, but Joey stepped in to reassure him:

"The real-life friendship that Joey and I have really allows for us to just go back to our characters and comfortably dive back in." - Joel told PopSugar.

And the friendship is definitely not one-sided. Joey raves about Joel on social media too. She posted one of the sweetest memories of Courtney for his B-day, captioning it: 

“I love you Joel Courtney, this is us on ur birthday 2 years ago sharing milkshakes cuz what are best friends for. You make me smile all the time especially when I FaceTime my family from Georgia and you’re just at my house hanging out with them...”

Some boyfriends don’t even meet their girlfriend's parents, and Joel is already buddies with Joey’s folks! This is totally a high trust level. But can you believe the funniest scene between these two cuties ended up as an outtake? 

As Joel revealed in his Q&A session on the sequel, there was a scene of him and Joey eating Nachos on Flynn's porch. Of course, the two accidentally flipped the table and just burst into a 30-second improvised segment of mourning the death of their Nachos. That would be such an awesome scene! 

We know how hard it was for Joey to go back to the set but luckily Joel was there to support her. As she said: “And, obviously, going back and shooting with one of my real best friends in life, which is Joel Courtney, who plays Lee in the movie was phenomenal. He's just like one of my favorite co-stars I've ever had, because he's such a great actor." 

We really hope these two will stay close friends even after the franchise ends.

But let's take a closer look at Joey's personal life, more specifically the love area. The actor is keeping himself busy and, despite his young age, he'd already played a few main parts before landing the role of Lee. But what does he do when he’s not on set? 

Well, he’s probably getting ready for his big day as, on Valentine’s day, the actor proposed to his girlfriend, Mia Scholink! Courtney announced the exciting news in an Instagram post captioned, “I like it, so I just had to go and put a ring on it.” 

Mia, in her turn, also shared her happiness by posting a sweet photo on her account, too. “ENGAGED to my best friend!!! Can’t wait to marry you,” she wrote. She’s definitely going to be a gorgeous bride, and we can’t wait to see their wedding photos!


Lee’s girlfriend has a sweet personality, and the actress behind her is excited to play this character! Shortly before The Kissing Booth 2 trailer came out, Meganne Young announced the movie release date on her Instagram, captioning the post, “Is it just me or does it feel like we’ve been waiting FOREVER?!!”

Whoa, looks like she’s looking forward to seeing the audience’s reaction to the sequel! Meganne comes from South Africa, and, aside from acting, she’s also into modeling. But I’m sure that her big breakthrough is still ahead! Will she show off more of her talent in The Kissing Booth 2? Meanwhile, it looks like Meganne is enjoying the single life for now.

In some behind-the-scenes news, can you believe that Joey freaked out Meganne more than once? As Meganne revealed to SweetyHigh, Joey had no idea that she was such a sensitive and jumpy person. So every time King would just take her hand or call her name, poor Meganne screamed with surprise. 

Apart from that unexpected twist, Meganne had a lovely time hanging out with the team. But the most memorable part of the filming wasn't just having fun with her co-stars. For the first time in her life, Meganne had to ride a bike in both The Kissing Booth 2 and 3! 

The stunt coordinator had to give her a couple of lessons on how to do it properly. We bet Young never dreamed she would learn how to ride on the set of one of the world's most popular teen movies! How crazy! 


And here’s the new addition to The Kissing Booth cast. Another heartthrob who, as we understand from the trailer, is going to compete with Noah for Elle’s heart. Whom do you think she’s going to choose eventually? An effortlessly cool and gorgeous Marco or the smart bad boy Noah?

Whether Marco becomes Elle’s new boyfriend or not, I’m sure that he’ll become the center of oh-so-much drama! Taylor Perez, who plays the charismatic newcomer, isn’t new to acting. He began acting in musical theater when he was very young, and later, he made brief appearances in Young & Hungry, Awkward, and iCarly.

From Taylor’s Instagram page, it’s clear that he loves swimming. Reportedly, he’s actually a nationally ranked swimmer, so now you know where his body comes from! And while we have no idea whether Taylor is single or not, he definitely has a strong affection for his dog, Jack! Don't they look delightful together?

We know you've already seen all of Taylor's interviews by now, so there's no need to describe how cute and sweet he is. No wonder he didn't have any trouble fitting in with the new team and making friends. In fact, he seemed so close to some cast members that fans started to wonder whether he and Joey were secretly dating.

And their suspicions were almost proved right when Taylor posted a picture with him and Joey swimming and having lots of fun on the beach. For her B-day just a couple of days after the sequel's premiere, he wrote an extremely touching message:

"Honestly I could write about this woman all day. She is the reason I joined the KB2 family, she welcomed me with open arms and love, she supported me, she pushed me, she made me laugh (like pee my pants laughter and had to check my underwear), she inspired me to be a better actor, she shared her family with me, THE LIST GOES ON. Grateful for you forever.”

Are you really trying to convince us that you guys are just friends? Though in his Glamour magazine interview, Taylor said he is single at the moment, it doesn't mean that he is not trying to hit it off with Joey. On top of that, they constantly flirt with each other in their Instagram comments!