Lucifer: Details From Behind-The-Scenes

The latest season of Lucifer isn't just raising hell but a number of questions from eager Lucifans around the globe - and we've got the answers. After the recent release of Lucifer Season 5 Part 1, we thought it would only be fitting to take you all behind the scenes as we find out why the Netflix show Lucifer has been deemed the streaming sites rebel series.


Your favorite fantasy crime television show is back and taking on a new approach to its loosely based biblical storyline. Deemed the ‘Netflix rebel’, the show continues to challenge religious scripture and has proven to be resurrected from cancellation doom.

Merging both biblical and comic book references, the show takes on a more rebellious tone this Season thanks to the addition of a few unorthodox storylines. For starters, the introduction of Michael (Lucifer’s evil twin brother) looks to take on a new approach to well-known biblical stories and challenges scriptural norms.

Especially since, according to several scriptures, it is clear that Lucifer didn't actually have a twin brother. Part 1 of the series also finally reveals the face of God to all Lucifans which has had many watchers in awe but is also said to have raised quite a few eyebrows.

Talking with Entertainment Weekly, Ellis said: “I’m just so happy and so proud of what we’ve done”. He even went on to say that “Every time I talk about this, the hairs on my arm go up … I didn’t think we’d ever get to that level on this show”. And who better to rebel than the devil himself?

Tom Ellis/Photo:Getty Images

Tom Ellis/Photo:Getty Images


We may enjoy seeing Kevin Alejandro on our screen as the ever-eager Detective Dan Espinoza, but the actor is not only comfortable in front of the camera but behind it too. In fact, the actor went on to direct a fight sequence between Lucifer, Amenadiel, Michael, and Mazikeen in the Season 5 Part 1 finale.

Chatting to The Wrap, Alejandro said that the fight took three days to shoot. He was quoted saying, “It was long, it was tedious but it was so well choreographed. We knew exactly what we needed to shoot”. The actor even claimed that this might have been the strongest fight sequence that the cast has ever filmed!

But the directing excitement doesn’t end there because another one of the famous cast members will also be sitting in the director’s seat and it is Woodside! Yes, Woodside will be directing a future episode of Lucifer! The actor shared the news with all 193 000 of his Twitter followers mentioning that he is:

“Excited to announce that I will be returning to Lucifer … Additionally, I will be directing an episode.”

This will be the New York native’s official directorial debut on the show, where he plans to showcase his true creative side.


As any actor will tell you, there is quite a lot of downtime during the scene takes. So how do the Lucifer actors keep themselves entertained! With some good old dancing! The actors can be seen all over social media throwing their best dances moves around for their followers to enjoy whilst filming the latest season.

Not only does this help the cast keep their energy levels high for shooting but provides all die-hard Lucifer fans with some much-needed behind-the-scenes content! In fact, they can be seen dancing around their trailers, while scene set-ups are taking place, during breaks, and even in the middle of filming.

In one video Aimee Garcia can be seen calling Alejandro over, who responds with an impromptu dance! Well, we think it’s safe to say that this is a cast that knows how to have a little fun whenever they can. 


If you have caught up with Part 1 of Season 5, you will most likely be able to count quite a number of scenes that you thoroughly enjoyed watching, but have you ever wondered which scene lead actor, Tom Ellis enjoyed filming the most? Well, wonder no more.

While the actor has enjoyed filming the latest season, he has mentioned that one particular scene continues to stand out for him. But don’t get too excited because we haven’t actually seen it yet! Lucifer went on to reveal that his favorite scene doesn’t come until the second half of Season 5.

Speaking to 'Da Man', Ellis revealed shooting the upcoming musical episode ‘Bloody Celestial Karaoke Jam’ was some of the most fun he’s had on the show. The star said: “It was by far the most fun I have had doing anything on a set ever!”

While we may not know all of the details about the plot of the episode, circulating set photos have suggested that the majority of the Broadway-inspired action will take place in an American high school. Ellis continued to say that:

“Singing and dancing makes me very happy, so when we filmed on a high school football field with 100 background dancers to the music of Queen, let’s just say I felt like I’d won a competition to live out my dream.” 


Part 1 of this Season gave fans all the dramatic fight scenes we could ever wish for and in order for the cast to give us those jaw-dropping, chaotic, punch-heavy scenes, all cast members are expected to attend rigorous rehearsals to get those shots.

In fact, on several occasions, Lesley-Ann Brandt has treated her 2.5 million Instagram followers to some backstage footage of her fight scene rehearsals. In the videos, Brandt can be seen perfecting her fight scene, and in true Mazikeen fashion: she totally knows how to kick butt!

In one of the popular videos, that received over 300 000 views, she mentioned that learning these fights is her favorite! But that isn’t to say that the cast didn’t walk away with a number of bruises, scratches, and bumps in order to perfect those fighting sequences.

Even with the occasional bruises and physical toll that these scenes may have caused, the cast has also had to sacrifice many evenings in order to get the perfect shot. Many fighting scene rehearsals are often said to go on well into the night or early morning, meaning that the cast had to spend extended hours rehearsing.

Whether it was a late evening call or early morning rehearsal, the cast did whatever it took to get those scenes done. And done well! Proving how the cast continues to overcome many challenges for our viewing pleasure!


There is nothing like a series cancellation, a surprising network switch, and more than one renewal to bring a cast together as it did with the Lucifer group! Work and play went hand in hand on the set of Lucifer Season 5 Part 1 and if all of the behind-the-scenes footage that the cast has shared has proved anything, it’s that this cast is incredibly close.

Throughout the various stages of filming the latest season, the cast can be seen hanging around, laughing and pranking one another. They are also fond of singing each other’s praise. In a tweet, Lesly-Ann Bandt said: “What we’ve created & what you’ve embraced for 4 years now, is so special and so rare. So make a deal with your demon."

"I’m going to spend this final 5th season, loving on my cast, our Lucifer writers, my Warner Bros and Netflix families”.

In an Instagram post, Aimee Garcia posted an image with the cast captioning it: “Well Lucifans, it’s been a HELL of a ride. Working with this incredible cast, writers and crew has been an honor”. So if you are looking to see just how close these castmates are, make sure to check out their personal Instagram pages.


Season 5 has returned to its former glory with a new 16-episode run of the supernatural series. Fans would have noticed that Season 4 of the Netflix hit only had 10 episodes. According to, this season was initially meant to only have 10 episodes but Netflix decided to order an additional six episodes during production.

And for good reason too! Producers were said to make this choice based on the fact that it was finally time that fans got some answers to their burning questions. You know, with regards to the show’s cliffhangers and open-ended plotlines. It is said that this will allow the story to be told in all of its glory. And Ellis agrees.

“We tell a story that answers the questions a lot of fans have been asking actually”.

So if you are looking forward to having all of those questions answered, we suggest sticking around for Part 2, where the show promises to be packed with punchy humor, attention-grabbing storylines, and a little more time to address all of your uncertainties. The first one on the fans' list? Allowing viewers to finally meet God who will help answer other questions!


Unfortunately, fans are going to have to be patient as there is no official release date for the second part of Season 5. However, it's not clear when the rest of the episodes will air - whether it's later in 2020 or, more likely, sometime in 2021.

Yes, Coronavirus has gone on to disrupt yet another Netflix series and their production schedules. Unfortunately, the pandemic hit before Lucifer was able to complete production on the season 5 finale episode. In the meantime, all Lucifer fans can do is wait. But fans will be eager to find out that there is, in fact, some good news about the series!


Yes, you guessed it: Season 6 of Lucifer has been given the green light by Netflix producers! With the show receiving acclaim and worldwide attention, fans across the globe have been awaiting the official announcement of the show’s great return.