Virgo Horoscope Last Week of October

Virgo natives have had an intense month so far with moon and sun alignments. If you have been feeling the pressure, take a deep breath because you aren’t alone. Your Virgo tribe is here to support all the challenges and drastic changes coming up at the end of October 2020. 

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If you are born between August 23-September 23, then welcome to the Virgo horoscope! Besides our birthdays falling with these dates, you might also get told that you’re a neat freak, or really enjoy structure! Virgo’s are very hardworking and dependable which is why people tend to flock to us for advice or help to complete projects.

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Don’t expect to go gluten-free any time soon! Virgo’s are an earth sign and through time we are represented by the goddess of wheat, and we’ll have strong ties to nature or agriculture! Do you tend to feel caged in when you haven’t breathed fresh air all day? Even opening a window or keeping fresh flowers nearby may help!

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We love setting up boundaries and being organized. A perfectionist at heart, sometimes it can come across more firm than intended. We only have the best intentions for our loved ones and show we care by getting involved to find a solution to their problems.

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Virgo’s by nature are very private. We have a constant list running through our heads and can find it overwhelming to share the multiple goals we’re trying to accomplish at any time. If a Virgo lets you and asks for help, it’s a big honor for them to bestow that trust. 

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Buckling down has been on your mind all month! You’ve been paying attention to what’s going in and out of your wallet and have been feeling thrifty due to a Libra sun. Your hard work is about to pay off, but what else have you been paying attention to this week?

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October has given you an amazing chance to focus and say what you want out of 2020! This renewed focus is making you take a look at where your energy was going before and you’ve made some calculated changes. Virgo’s attract other signs due to their dependability but you don’t want to feel drained either. 

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Our Virgo tribe is recognized for being patient and hard-working. This will attract a variety of energies your way for people to look to you for problem-solving. Earlier in the month, you made some great decisions to ease back on how much you were helping others before helping yourself. This theme continues into November.

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October has been hectic! Mid-month you dealt with Mars retrograde and just when you finish getting the tension out of your shoulders Mercury rolls into alignment. This retrograde shouldn’t be stressful and you should be receiving a valuable tip that may come from somewhere unexpected!

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Based on the tip you should have received Sunday 25th, we hope you wore your detective hat Monday, October 26th. Are you going to listen to this sound advice, even though it may have been delivered with a twist? As with all our actions, making one decision can alter your energy for the rest of the week and year!

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After you decide to follow this tip, a reward is earned! It may not be financial but it will be sweet and hopefully encourage you to stand by your decisions. Don’t refresh your bank account, instead, look for sweet treats from the energy you cultivate at sports or work. 

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You may have been patiently counting down the days this month waiting for an answer or a resolution and on October 31 the Taurus full moon will grant you the answer. It may have felt like the entire month built up to this one moment so check out our Virgo Halloween costume suggestions below!

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Whatever you do, don’t go backward. You have too much momentum building from pushing off conversations and waiting for this moon energy to let the opportunity go! Seize the day and don’t forget how hard you’ve worked to achieve this success! If you continue with resilience, only amazing opportunities will come knocking next month. 

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Have you been struck by cupids bow with a new crush or a reignited old flame? Venus has been in our house since the 2nd and she’s floating off on the 27th. If you have your eye on something serious this week is your time to speak up! Do not be afraid to put yourself out there and go for moments of love. 

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Our tribe of Virgo star signs doesn’t need to feel complete by being in a relationship, so if you don’t want anything serious from the Venus energy, that is totally fine! This love spell of three weeks gave you a rosy glow going into holiday party season, you will continue to radiate generosity into November. 

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If you have found your significant other and reignited the flames of passion thanks to Venus, take this week to open up communication. Even though Venus is gone, what worked better this month than others. We love a project and relationships are hard work so check in with your compassionate love.

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When there is a full moon on October 31, your ninth house will be glowing like a jack-o-lantern! Take a peek at topics like creative writing or media art. You will need to channel your energy into an exciting new hobby for this ninth house complete effect to rule your sign. 

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If your significant other is a Virgo, it’s important to let them know what their small gestures mean to you. Virgo’s will constantly be looking for faults with themselves to improve their relationships. If you have a minute to tell your favorite Virgo how amazing they are it can completely change their day!

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Since we love to fix problems, a Virgo male partner is reliable and dependable for you to call on in a pinch. A last-minute issue with your day may have popped in their heads the night before and they’ll feel important to help you! Don’t hesitate to lean on them as the responsibility gives us joy and lets us know how special we are to you!

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A Virgo woman is the epitome of independence. It can be hard to find your purpose in their lives, and if you need to feel more involved, just tell them. With their mixture of brains and beauty, they do tend to internalize and won’t realize they’re excluding you until you make it clear!

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The biggest thing to remember when dating a Virgo is they have spent so much time going over the flaws they think you’re perfect! The tricky thing with dating a Virgo is that they know all your flaws! Keep reading and find out what cute couple costumes Virgo’s will leap at the chance to dress up in!

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Did you realize Queen B is a Virgo! Taking over the world of music while being a wife and a mother is no easy task so we know she leaned on her organizational brain for sure! The trait we see clearly in Beyonce is her ability to be a perfectionist! We know she works for hours on any project she is a part of, and that is a Virgo through and through!


As a Virgo we spend so much time reviewing all the little details, lets take a minute to review each day of the week. Remember to keep practicing mindfulness that we established earlier in the month. Are you prepared for the twists and turns this week will light into your life?

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You are buzzing with excitement for this week! Take Sunday to review any last-minute Halloween costume details and make every conversation count. It’s been a busy month and even though you always strive to be reliable, you’ve had a full plate and may not have been as intuitive to your loved ones as you normally are. 

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Waking up feeling exceptionally lucky? Channel that energy to cross off any lingering tasks that are stubbornly staying on your to-do list. The more you accomplish today the easier your week will be later, especially focus on your fitness and keeping your diligent routine because there will be a lot of candy on the horizon!

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While caught up in a positive energy glow, be mindful you aren’t becoming selfish. It’s easy to only want to channel our focus onto our own passions, but it’s so much better when a team is successful! Don’t forget to give a colleague a compliment or your significant other an extra hug when they get home!

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Due to a shift of energies, be prepared today may be uncomfortable. Unfortunately, we’ve been really lucky with the different energies we’ve been surrounding ourselves with, but on this day negativity will cross your path. Keep your head held high and remember people come to you for advice, so you can listen to yourself for once!

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Due to the emotions of Wednesday, take this day to center yourself and get a little creative. Spend some extra time cooking in the kitchen with ingredients you aren’t familiar with. The challenge will allow you to relax and the plate will be beyond delicious sustenance from our earth goddess. 

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Finish this week on a high note and write down your own accomplishments! Make sure to get fresh air and maybe try a new workout class! Feel your energy and get hyped for the exciting weekend to close out October 2020! We hope this week's breakdown will help you remain happy and focused, dear Virgo. 

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We love a good project but it needs to be recognizable! We don’t want all our hard work to go unnoticed! Excellent Virgo costume ideas involve taking a traditional costume like a witch, and putting a unique spin on it! We’ll be sure to be the talk of the party with these ideas!

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Aries, Taurus, and Cancer are the best match for a Virgo according to the stars. Virgo appreciates another sign’s dedication and loyalty which these signs are all high contenders! Regardless of your sign, a Virgo makes a terrific friend and they’ll be by your side through thick and thin!

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Grab life by the bulls and find yourself a Taurus significant other for the holiday season! You are both earth signs and will remain grounded and level headed throughout your entire relationship. A Taurus partner right now with this moon and energy pressure is just what the doctor called for!

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From head to toe, Sagittarius is your complete opposite. They are the extrovert to your introvert, they prefer excitement over a planned event and risk or calculation. It would be a relationship that would add tension to your otherwise structure. 

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The toughest part of this relationship will be remaining empathetic to your Aries partner. As opposed to your logical and researched approach, Aries is excited and jumps right into new opportunities. For the right match, you can be each other's biggest fan, but for the wrong combination, it is exhausting and borderline immature. 

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The twins will keep you on your toes! On average, this match is good but won’t bring out your best qualities, in fact, the twins might make you more possessive with their flirty nature. Depending on the day, Gemini’s can vary from emotional to logical, and similar to their personalities there will be surprises along the path to success!

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Unlike a Gemini’s emotional vulnerability the Cancer match will allow you to shine as a logical partner that helps them navigate their own emotional process. This is an excellent match for longevity but we recommend not engaging this month as there is a lot of confusion in your brain. After you have finished focusing on your goals, a Cancer partner will be excellent!

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A Leo sign can be difficult for your logical brain to adjust too. They can, without meaning too, become very demanding and not understand why their partner or themselves are not happy. As opposed to Libra's who are charming, Leo's demand happiness and won't handle tension or decisions well in a relationship. 

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Don’t be intimidated to date another Virgo, you will bring out the best in each other!! As you are both dependable, logical, and patient the match will help love bloom! Stay open with your communication and you could see your soul mirrored in your partner!

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Scorpios are incredibly confident which will be the main trait that attracts you. However, if you don’t get enough alone time you may start looking at your own flaws and wanting to keep up with their outgoing nature. Let them captain this relationship but be clear about your boundaries in order to fall into a healthy balance. 

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We already gave you a warning that this wasn’t a good match, but sometimes the heart wants what the heart wants. People are more than their star sign and potentially Sagittarius could be a great platonic or professional connection. You won’t be able to get vulnerable with this sign but they will show you cool restaurants around town!

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A Capricorn partner will inspire you, and the list of other positive qualities is extensive! Where you’ll clash is their approach to social interactions. This would be a great romantic partner for a short fling, but looking into the future, you won’t get enough personal space and Capricorn’s stubborn nature will take it personally. 

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As an air sign, Aquarius will appreciate your grounding presence in their life, but they will be hard to keep up with creatively. If you find yourself in a long term relationship with an Aquarius, be prepared for more travel and constant home decorating. This will clash with your desire for routine and dependability. 

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The downside to a Virgo & Pisces match is their drain on your energy. Pisces are an extremely vulnerable and emotional sign and their constant reassurance won’t make any sense in your logical brain. At first, you may be attracted to their whimsical nature, but the long term frustrations and confusion will eventually end the relationship. 

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It’s been a very intense month, with tensions running high and wild and we crave boundaries and consistency. Look to Libra for a healthy serious relationship that would add balance to your routine and develop your communication further. Libra is known for its charm, which means regardless of what you do with this new love interest you will enjoy every minute!

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We know the month has been tough with sky-high and shocking lows. You’ve handled all the surprises with a level head and if you are feeling relief with the next full moon approaching we don’t blame you! What’s great is that new moon energy is going to last for almost the entire first week of November. 

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With the full moon, you are ignited! Prepare to feel more out of your shell than normal with an added sparkle following you around! Make sure you stay on top of all the work you’ve done to manifest your goals this month and don’t lose sight of any new networking opportunities!

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Are you ready to seize this upcoming week and tackle all your challenges! We know you’ll spend hours over analyzing the perfect solution but don’t forget to have fun with supernatural shenanigans! Share this article with your fellow Virgo earth goddess’s and get the perfect Halloween costume that will make you shine out to the stars! Let us know in the comments below how you’ll celebrate this hauntingly good time!

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