The Reason Why Tyra Banks Won't Have More Children

Former supermodel, TV host, entrepreneur, and now host again on Dancing With The Stars, Tyra Banks has grown from a runway star to a television icon. While there are many things we know about her, what has the “smize” queen left off of the cameras? Let’s look at her personal life and unexpected revelations about motherhood! 

Image Credits: Getty Images / Michael Loccisano | Model and TV personality Tyra Banks.


Born on December 4th, 1973, Tyra Banks is originally from California, where her father was a computer consultant and her mother was a medical photographer. By the time she was six, Tyra’s parents divorced, but she doesn’t seem to have been too negatively impacted by this.

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"As far as I could see, I had it made," the model commented. "I stayed with Mommy on the weekdays and Daddy on the weekends. I had two birthday parties, two Christmases. Double the presents, double the love." While she had a blast growing up, she also found her passion: eating.

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According to Banks, she was not very nice in middle school, saying that she was "popular, gossipy, and if I didn't want one of the other girls to be in the clique anymore, for whatever tiny little reason, I voted her out." However, when she changed schools and started attending Immaculate Heart High School in Los Angeles, the tables turned.

Image Credits: Getty Images / Victor VIRGILE / Gamma-Rapho | Tyra Banks walks the runway at the Yves Saint Laurent.

She stopped being part of the “Mean Girl” clique. The main reason for this was the fact that she grew very quickly, giving her an awkward look, which left her uncomfortable and led her colleagues to call her "Giraffe" and "Lightbulb Head." The model confessed, "I went from being the popular girl who looked normal, to being considered a freak.”

Image Credits: Getty Images / Pool ARNAL / GARCIA / Gamma-Rapho | Tyra Banks.


At the age of 17, Banks had already grown past her awkward phase and was becoming the beautiful woman we all know her as. Nevertheless, finding an agency to represent her was not easy, and Banks recalls one agency rejecting her for looking “too ethnic” and another that told her it "already had a Black woman and didn't want another."

Image Credits: Getty Images / The LIFE Picture Collection | Tyra Banks.

The year after, Tyra landed a contract with Elite Model Management, and so her amazing career began. She did her first print piece for Seventeen magazine and was offered a spot on a high-fashion runway in Paris. She quickly became one of the world’s most famous models, having booked 25 runway shows while in Paris.

Image Credits: Getty Images / Deborah Feingold | Model Tyra Banks poses for a portrait.


Eventually, Banks started to gain weight and did not believe diets, so she left the world of high-fashion behind and returned to the US where she focused her career in swimwear and lingerie modeling. "I made my living being 20 or 30 pounds heavier than the average model," Tyra said. 

Image Credits: Getty Images / Marion Curtis / DMI / The LIFE Picture Collection | Tyra Banks in Victoria's Secret models get ready for Xmas '98.

"And that's where I got famous. Victoria's Secret said I sold more bras and panties than anybody else, and I was traipsing down that runway with 30 pounds more than the other girls," she continued. In 1996, she became the first black woman to ever be on the cover of GQ, but that would not be her only one!

Image Credits: Getty Images / KMazur / WireImage | Tyra Banks during 3rd Annual GQ Men of The Year Awards at Radio City Music Hall.


Just one year later, she became the first African American woman to ever make it to the cover of the swimsuit edition of Sports Illustrated, as well as becoming the first black woman to ever appear in the Victoria’s Secret lingerie catalog. Talk about making history! 

Image Credits: Getty Images / Evan Agostini / Liaison | Model Tyra Banks stands at a Sports Illustrated promotional event January 23, 1996 in New York City. Banks and Valeria Mazza shared the cover of the thirty-third Swimsuit Issue.

Her beauty and charisma allowed her to be part of People’s 50 Most Beautiful chart time over time, and she also received the Michael Award for Supermodel of the Year in 1997 and won two Teen Choice Awards for Favorite Supermodel. 23 years after her first appearance on Sports Illustrated, Banks appeared once again.

Image Credits: Getty Images / Gilbert Carrasquillo / GC Images | 2019 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Cover Model Tyra Banks is seen leaving the ABC studio.


While working as a model, Banks took her chances in the acting scene, and appeared in productions like “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”, “Higher Learning”, “Love & Basketball”, “Coyote Ugly”, “Life-Size”, “Gossip Girl”, and “Glee”. Nevertheless, this would not be the last of her that we would see on TV.

Image Credits: Getty Images / Walt Disney Television | Movie "Life-Size"


2003 came as the year that Banks would make it into the reality TV scene, having been in charge of creating, producing, and hosting the show “America’s Next Top Model”. During its first six seasons, the show was the highest-rated from UPN, and continues to grab the audience's attention even today!


Two years after the debut of “America’s Next Top Model”, Banks hosted her own show, titled “The Tyra Banks Show”, which won a Daytime Emmy award in 2008 and 2009. The year after Banks canceled the show in order to focus on "bringing positive images of women to the big screen."


In 2017, Tyra Banks was invited to replace Nick Cannon on “America’s Got Talent” as a host, a role she kept for two seasons. While she had her fair share of experiences on television, there is much more to her career than just that. Her career certainly knows no limits! 

Image Credits: Getty Images / Matthew Simmons / FilmMagic | Tyra Banks attends the "America's Got Talent" Season 13 Live Show.


Banks published a novel titled “Modelland” in 2011, which quickly became a best-seller, which was based on her life experiences and her time in the modeling industry. Around the same time, she launched a beauty and style website called and later founded the TYRA beauty cosmetics line.

Image Credits: Getty Images / Nathan Congleton / NBCU Photo Bank / NBCUniversal | Tyra Banks.


Tyra was invited to be the host of season 29 of “Dancing With The Stars”, and it seems that everything that could go wrong did, in fact, go wrong. From production issues, errors when announcing names, and even difficulties in being heard, Banks has been suffering some backlash from the fans.

Image Credits: Getty Images / Kelsey McNeal / ABC | Tyra Banks

Even though last Monday was the most recent mishap, where too many couples were put up for elimination, there was confusion as to which couples were vulnerable for elimination, and a couple having to be called back on stage, it was not the first one. Due to this, she has taken to social media to apologize for her mistakes.


“Tonight I hosted the second episode of Dancing with the Stars... and, it wasn't perfect,” Banks said on the video, “Yeah, I had a lot of fun but I messed up, I said the wrong words, but the thing is I kept going.” 

“She got back up and she kept going, and because of that she's here for another week,” she continued, “So the message is: I messed up this week, Skai messed up this week, but we're gonna keep on going and going. Forgive yourself when you mess up and keep going”.


Banks and her long-time boyfriend, Erik Asla, welcomed a baby boy to the family in January 2016. Tyra Banks had shared about her issues with fertility in the past, the reason why she and Erik decided to have their son via a surrogate mother. In 2017, the couple broke up, however, remain friends to this day.


“It’s very difficult because it’s not just me doing Dancing with the Stars. It is also on me as an entrepreneur and launching a whole new product in my ice cream and going from zero to a store and product with a very minimal team of people that Zoom together twice a day to connect.”

Image Credits: Getty Images / David Livingston | Host Tyra Banks attends NBC's "America's Got Talent" season 12 finale.

She continued, “At the same time, I have to speak to the CEOs[...]. And I have my son crawling on my back. I used to be a little bit embarrassed about it at the beginning of quarantine. But then when you see that other CEO’s daughter crawling on his back, you realize that we are all in this together.”

Image Credits: Getty Images / Christopher Polk | Tyra Banks during a Q&A at The Fonda Theatre.


Once Banks realized she wasn’t able to have a successful pregnancy, she admitted that everything seemed to be falling down. The model commented, "Yeah, I don't remember if it was, 'Am I less than a woman?' but I remember just thinking, 'Oh my gosh, I waited too long, like, why did I do this?’”

Image Credits: Getty Images / Dave Kotinsky | Model and actress Tyra Banks.

"Like, why did I do it? And I can remember, I was, you know, doing the rounds and stuff and then I created the embryo and I got the phone call, 'The embryo is not healthy.' You know, 'We can't move forward,' and just, like, just crazy for me -- just really, really difficult."

Image Credits: Getty Images / JB Lacroix | Tyra Banks attends "America's Got Talent" Season 13 Live Show Red Carpet.


When asked about her family, and if she plans on having more children, Banks is not afraid to be open and candid. She explained that her issue with having babies “wasn’t just strictly infertility. It was also having trouble holding the baby inside of me. After I got past that and then was trying to do the whole surrogacy thing.”

Image Credits: Getty Images / Frazer Harrison | Tyra Banks attends the "America's Got Talent" Season 13 Live Show at Dolby Theatre.

She continued, “It was really, really hard. I went through that privately — I didn’t even tell all of my family, but my mom knew. But I think that’s about it. A couple of friends knew what I was going through. And I just wanted to keep that private until my son was born and to be transparent about that.”

Image Credits: Getty Images / Jon Kopaloff / FilmMagic | Tyra Banks attends "America's Got Talent" Season 13 Live Show Red Carpet at Dolby Theatre.


The supermodel turned TV host shared that “I feel very fortunate that I was able to have my son after many, many, many rounds of IVF.” However, she has since opened up that she will not have more children, but that it isn’t by choice.


"I think I'm lucky, you know, I did it for about a year and a half of IVF and some women do it for years and years and years," she continued. "Unfortunately, I don't have embryos frozen because I want three kids. I think that was the end.” For Tyra, her one little boy is now more than enough! 

While she might not be able to have more children, she did accomplish much more than many of us. We can only wait to see what Banks will bring us next, and hopefully what exciting new goof she will do while hosting TV shows. Let us know in the comments what you think about this story, and make sure to share it with your friends! 

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