Today's Horoscope for Virgo: Friday

Does it feel like life is getting tough once again now that your birthday month is over? Take heart, you’re gifted with charm, tact, and likeability, and no matter what happens you’ll always get through! However, life can really be unpredictable, so brace yourself for the new things that are coming this Friday, for today is the consequence of your past choices!

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No one can beat Virgos when it comes to being practical and logical. The maiden is just thoughtful and down-to-earth and is also hardworking. When they’re left in charge, they will surely take that responsibility as seriously as they can and they like one of the most patient signs. They just need some practice connecting to their emotional side, especially this Friday.

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Though they may be logical thinkers, they can also be chronic overthinkers. Poor Virgo, they’re always struggling with their emotions and relationships because they’re thinking about the things that they need to do even though it’s unnecessary. They’re also stubborn since they are so dedicated, and they are uptight. Sometimes, dear Virgos are not always right.

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It’s the time of the year for Mercury to go retrograde and it will appear to move backward in the sky. This is often seen as a warning that there will be communication difficulties. Not only will messages be garbled but computers will also break down (sigh). However, cheer up for this will also bring some gifts to your relationships this Friday.

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As the net will have trouble loading for some time this month, you’ll have time to reflect. Make sure to make use of the opportunity and make time to spend with your loved ones. Also, this is the moment for you to revisit some old issues where you might have left loose ends unattended. Make sure to work on that at the start of the coming weekend!

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Yes, we know that you are very down to earth, and you love your partner, that’s why you love listening to their advice. However, you must start avoiding asking for advice when you make decisions today, Virgo. When was the last time that you made a decision for yourself? Why not listen to your own voice again today? 

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If you’re single, that applies to you as well, but then there’s more waiting for you. Your predefined interest may also change today. You’ll start noticing people or potential partners from different cultures and nationalities. Someone who you’ve never noticed before will take your attention today. Watch out and open your heart! Who knows? Maybe you’ll find the one today.

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This day will also give you a time to have some deep thoughts about life, and though your journal is perfect, it’s also good if you will have a friend that you can talk to. Chat with your BFFs and tell them what you are thinking, and you will be surprised also with the thoughts that they’ll share with you. 

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Though you will need someone to share your thoughts with, remember that you must also watch your words because it might cause some harm to your relationship. The messenger is surely up to something this Friday for many communications, not just the things that we use for it will fail. 

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Be even more cautious with the words that will come out of your mouth when with your family for they may be a little bit sensitive today. Don’t add more to the ongoing misunderstandings inside your home and try to be the one who’ll make peace in the house. Surely, you can work on it! Think about these considerations this Friday.

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Nobody can stop your energy levels for work today. Well, as a Virgo, you really are hard-working no matter what, but today is just different! You will deal with the works that you’ve previously left for the following weeks and you’ll finish them all. Just remember that you are not a robot and have some time for rest. Friday evening is the perfect time to relax and enjoy life!

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A project that you’ve been working on since the early months of 2020 will pay off—literally! If you are not yet satisfied with your current work and you’d like to add more to your workload, there will opportunities that will come which you can fit in your schedule perfectly. Wow, do you ever run out of work opportunities?

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Here’s another lucky day for you as Libra’s new moon will activate your second house of work and money! Over the next two weeks, you’ll have the time to look to build your bottom line and balance your budgets. The moon will also favor your plans for real estate transactions! Will you be moving into a new house soon?

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This is also the day when your unpaid dues will finally be settled, and lump sums and joint ventures are also coming for you! Just make sure that when you make transactions, your plan is already well laid out for it seems like Mercury is just mischievous today and he may mess up your aspirations.  

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As you’ll be working far more than you have done before, you may consider having some coffee to make you feel active. However, that’s not good—just for today, for you will be a little bit nervous. Don’t add more jitters to the nerves and avoid stimulating drinks. Besides, your liver and kidney will be thankful if you do.

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Make some efforts to protect your arteries by eating fish like salmon because it eliminates the excess of cholesterol. Give yourself some breaks in between the hard tasks that you do in order to keep your mental health safe. Remember that you are just human and no matter how hardworking you are, you also have your limits.

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No matter how caring, kind, and nurturing you are, dear Virgos, you must realize that there will still be people who’ll try to put you down and not just get along well with you. Watch out for Gemini, for they’ll be too scattered for your organized outlook. Sagittarius will annoy you to death, and Aquarius will have different priorities.

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If there are those that are just incompatible with you, that doesn’t matter for there are also those who’ll get your perspective and will love you just the way you are. Taurus and Capricorn may not be complementary to you, but they will share your practical approach to life. Cancer and Scorpio will also help you open up to them.

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As your mind is now filled with so much work, try to have some spare time and think about your interests that you’ve not given a focus for some time now. If you still have no hobbies, at least you could try playing chess for you would like to brainstorm. Try to do bullet journaling and writing to clear your thoughts.

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You may also enjoy playing crossword puzzles as it will expand your knowledge and brainpower all throughout the game. You may also make use of and develop your creative abilities by making arts and crafts, or you will show your meticulous side by nurturing some plants.

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Though you are not that type which is very athletic, try to at least have one sport that will help you start your day with energetic activity. Try to play with badminton if you have someone to do it with or you may also try to go for a swim. Who knows, maybe you will perfectly develop the skill!

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You may even become a professional player if you’ll really set your heart in it for Virgos are known qualities like discipline, punctuality, excellent hardworking, and a rare work ethic which is much needed by an athlete. Just do it! Maybe you can even start working on your sports goal today!

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2020 is bringing you to a life filled with a mixture of hope and fear. However, in some aspects, they will welcome a year that will be the subject of other people’s envy, especially in careers and in health. They will make it to the top in their career this year and they will attain good health with regular exercise.

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There will be many annoyances on other aspects though. Virgos must give and exert more efforts when it comes to their studies and they must also make adjustments in order to keep their relationships going well. Stubbornness in a romantic relationship is a big no-no this year.

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May these predictions give you a heads-up to what you will be facing today and that you will know how to adjust to the situations that are coming. Rise up, dear Virgos, and conquer this day with your energy and radiant desire to reach the goals you’ve set. We are cheering for you!

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