Smart Hacks For Pet Owners

Having a pet is a true art, and there shouldn't be any place where your skills and creativity are lacking. If you consider yourself a hack beginner, or you are a weathered hacker with all the knowledge, it doesn’t matter, because we are sure we have some tricks for you which you have never seen before!

Image Credits: Reddit / bigbrainonb-rad


Animals love to dig! You must have seen your loved pet doing it way too many times to even count, so you know that they make a mess of things when they do. But what if you could design a specific place for your pet to dig as much as they want, without the danger of carrying dirt everywhere?

Just build a small fence in your garden, fill it with some dirt or sand, and train your pet to stick to the place you so thoughtfully designed.

Image Credits: Reddit / DogMomRNRatched


Even though we all love our furry companions, their fur is sometimes a real problem. It is everywhere, and it is hard to get rid of it. But we have a trick on collecting the pieces of fur which your pet has shed in your house. Use rubber gloves! If you dip them in water, the hair will stick to them magically.

Image Credit: YouTube/Deaf Darlings

Image Credit: YouTube/Deaf Darlings


We all need to save space in our homes, so having a separate area for the pet could sometimes prove tricky. But what if we told you you could use your old furniture and turn it into the cutest house for your little furry friend? isn’t it? around for suitable drawers, and you are all set.

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If your pet has an accident and pees on your carpet or sofa, you can clean the mess up with a simple homemade mixture. Add baking soda to some water to make a paste, spread it on the affected area, and let sit for 20 minutes after which you can vacuum it all up.

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Pets can get smelly, and the smells will often hang around in your carpets and textiles at home. If you don’t feel like investing in expensive specialized products to clean them, you can make your own. Simply use a spritzer bottle and some water with lemon and you are set. 

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We all know how smelly things can get in a pet household. But there have always been ways of how to combat this, and even better, you can do it pretty naturally. Green tea is best for eliminating smells, and you can easily buy essential oils or perfumes made from it. All you need to do is use it on or around your pet’s favorite hangout spot, or even their toilet, and your whole family will thank you. 

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Carpets are some of the furriest places in any pet household, but you can make sure they are always clean and fresh. Use a window squeegee to pick up all the collected fur by simply scraping your carpet. It’s a great trick and you will see the hair easily get picked up!

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There is no doubt your pet needs regular baths. Otherwise, you might end up with a smelly house and a pet with nasty bacteria. But the good news is that you spend money on expensive and specialized shampoos and soaps for your furry friends. You can use what you use. All you need to do is mix your shampoo or bath gel with some water before applying, and your pet will be sparkly and shiny in no time. 

Image Credit: Piqsels

Image Credit: Piqsels


Winters can be harsh on your pets, so keep them out of extreme colds and protect their paws whenever possible. If your are going for a walk and the pavement is icy, make sure to bring pet socks or other accessories.

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Dog’s paws to be strong and resilient no matter where they walk, but this does not mean you should not take care of them. In very high or low temperatures, their paws can suffer or hurt, and although it does not happen often, long walks can affect them. To prevent this from happening and avoid going to the vet, the best thing you can do is use some vaseline. Put some of it on their paws before going for a walk, and your dog will thank you!

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As a pet owner, you can expect scratches on almost all your furniture in reach. It’s a shame if your pet scratches your beautiful wooden drawers or table legs, but there is a solution! Use walnut oil. The oil will naturally soak into the wood and seamlessly cover up any marks your little friend has left there.

Image Credits: Reddit / icametodropbombs


Cats love scratching some surfaces because it helps them groom their claws, stretch, or mark their territory. Unfortunately, this makes your favorite furniture an easy target for their destruction, but it is something that can. The only thing you need is to place a bit of double-sided tape in the areas that your cats usually scratch, like the sofa legs or the armrest. The sticky sensation is very uncomfortable for them, and in a short time, they will lose the bad habit.

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Image credits:


Even if you don't allow your pet to jump on furniture, their fur will still make it to your armchairs and couches without a doubt. The best way to keep your furniture fur-free? Use a cover. You can use sheets, blankets, throws, or anything in between, and whenever they get too dirty, just throw them in the washer. Easy.

Image Credits: Reddit / new_to_here


Struggling to pick up your pet’s fur effectively? Use dryer sheets. They work wonders and will gather loose hair like magic. All you have to do is rub the sheet over the place with the and collect it with ease. What a difference!

Image Credit: Pinterest

Image Credit: Pinterest


It’s not just digging pets are really into, it’s scratching too. Your furniture surely has a lot of stories to tell, and there is almost no way to protect it from the sharp claws of your loved animals. But if you can train them to stick to one specific scratch place in the house, you have almost won the war. All you have to do is build them such a place! Use a wooden plank, some sandpaper, and your pet will come right over. Trust us!

Image Credit: She Knows

Image Credit: She Knows


Dogs tend to get injuries on their nails sometimes, and you can help them heal with a simple trick. Use a mixture of flour, baking soda or cornstarch with water until it forms a thick paste, and just apply this to the nail that is hurting. After a few minutes, your dog will be as good as new.

Image Credit: Pixabay / evita-ochel


Some dogs drool more than others, and there is nothing worse than having drool marks all over the house. You have probably tried chasing your dog to clean up after him many times, but you can now say goodbye to scrubbing, and say hello to the magic eraser. Try it, it works like a charm.



Whenever you give your pet a bath, you will notice that the drain gets clogged. And no wonder with so much hair! But if you use baby wipes on top of the drain, the hair will get collected in it, and the water will pass through unobstructed. A great trick for bath time!

Image Credits: Reddit / DoggoAndEggo/


We don’t always have a clothes roller on hand, but if you own a pet, you know that their fur will be constantly present on your clothes. What to do? Use packing tape. It works perfectly and will pick up even the last hair from your trousers or sweater. Just make sure to carry some with you at all times!

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If any of you ever attempted feeding your pet medication, you know it seems like an impossible task. But that’s why you were doing it wrong. The trick is to disguise the pills in edible pockets of food, and your little companions will not even notice it. It doesn't matter what you put the pill in, it can be a soft treat or a slice of ham, as long as it goes down well. They will even ask for more!

Image Credit: Dogsaholic

Image Credit: Dogsaholic


If your pet tends to chow down their food in record speed, you can build them a food dispenser at home. This is nothing fancy, and pretty much requires one tennis ball which you cut open almost all the way. Then you add the food inside the ball, put it in the bowl of your pet, and watch them have to work for their food. 

Image Credit: Pinterest

Image Credit: Pinterest


Carrying on with the natural theme, here is a trick people have been using for centuries. It’s parsley, and you can use it to fight off bad breath. If it works on humans, you can bet it works on pets too, even if it might be harder to make them eat it. Parsley also kills bad bacteria, so you are not only making your pet smell better but also be healthier. 

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Do you always forget filling your pet’s water? There is a solution that requires no work, and your pet will also be happy with a constant stream of freshwater. Build yourself a self-refillable water bottle, using only recycled materials.

Image Credit: The Picta

Image Credit: The Picta


Making sure your pets have good mouth hygiene is important, which is why our next trick is genius. How about tricking your dog into playing with a chewing rope dipped in canine toothpaste? Sounds great, doesn’t it? It will be painless for both you and your dog, and he will definitely have a fresh mouth and teeth to show for it.

Image Credit: Pexels

Image Credit: Pexels


If you are the lucky owner of a dog AND a cat, you might have noticed that dogs have a special liking for the kitty litter. To stop your dog from getting near, create a barrier around it, or use a lid on top of it so that the litterbox will only be used by your cat when needed. No trespassers allowed!

Image Credits: Reddit / Kaysie


No need to buy expensive toys to keep your dog occupied. Did you know that dogs love bubbles and can spend hours chasing them around? Take advantage of it and play this easy to DIY dog game. Your little friend will love you for it! 

Image Credit: Pxfuel

Image Credit: Pxfuel


If you want to make your pet a comfortable yet inexpensive bed, we have just a tip for you. How about using your old sweatshirt? Just take an old pillow, wrap it in your sweatshirt however you like, and your pet now has a custom bed. Your pet will also appreciate it because it once belonged to you!

Image Credits: Reddit / savrage


Recycling and upcycling are big, so why not embrace them even with your pets? Have an old sweater that shrunk in the washer or a pair of gloves with too many holes? They are just perfect for your dog or cat. Get creative and become a pet designer!

Image Credit: Romp Rescue

Image Credit: Romp Rescue


Who wants to keep paying big money for pet toys all the time? Especially if you can easily make them at home yourself, or better yet, give it to your children to make them for you. All you need is some empty water bottles, old socks, and creativity. Just put the bottle in the sock, tie a knot at the end, and see your pet spending hours at play. A great investment!

Image Credit: Coiffure Style

Image Credit: Coiffure Style


Driving with pets can sometimes be dangerous, as they don’t really understand the concept of having to sit still. If you are afraid that your pet can put you in danger and suddenly jump to your feet, be sure to use a harness while you are driving. You can attach it to the adjustable strap, and they will in place for the duration of the ride. They will in movement, so you won’t.

Image Credits: Unsplash / Michael Bartlett


Better safe than sorry, so make sure you always have a First Aid Kit for your pet at hand. Mostly, include bandages and disinfectants inside, as these are the most needed items in emergencies.

Image Credits: Pixabay/adexo_medical


Pets are notorious for destroying their toys, and there is nothing worse than having to buy new ones every month. What you can do instead is make your very own re-stuffable toys. How? Buy some extra stuffing for your pets plush toys, and simply re-stuff them whenever their insides have been lost. 

Image Credit: Pinterest

Image Credit: Pinterest


It’s not just us humans that love frozen treats in summer. Your dog will too! You can make them by freezing some broth in ice trays, and offering the frozen cubes to your furry friend whenever he needs some refreshment. 

Image Credits: Bakingmischief

Image Credits: Bakingmischief


Just like kids, pets too get bored with their toys. The best way to make sure you don’t have to head to the store for new supplies every month is to alternate their toys. Just choose a specific toy each week and then put it away for a while. When you reintroduce it, your pet will treat it as if it’s brand new.

Image Credits: Unsplash / sneakie13


Are you suspecting your dog has fleas? There's an easy way to check. Have them lay down on a white towel while you brush their fur, and you will easily spot any small bugs falling off. You can also use a sheet or a white blanket for the same effect.

Image Credit: Pexels

Image Credit: Pexels


We don’t all have tick removers at home, and there is no need to either. If you notice your pet has a tick, you can carefully remove it with tweezers. Grab the tick as close to the pets’ skin as you can and pull firmly until it’s out. Place the tick in a jar with alcohol, as it is the best way to make sure it will not jump up again, and never forget to use gloves when dealing with ticks.

Image Credits: Pixabay / HeungSoon


Pet food can get very dry and difficult to chew sometimes, which is why if you notice your little friend is having trouble with it, you need to help them out. Simply use warm water to moisten the dried food and let it sit for a few minutes. After that, it is ready to be eaten!

Image Credits: Pixabay / mattycoulton


No one wants fleas and ticks on their pets, so take matters into your own hands. Make this easy DIY repellent by mixing 8 ounces of vinegar, half teaspoon of baking soda, one and a half spoon of iodized salt, and mix them in 4 ounces of warm water. Put the mixture in a spray bottle, and it’s ready to be used.

Image Credits: Unsplash / JESHOOTS.COM


Pet food, just like human food, tends to lose its freshness once you open it. What you can do to make it last longer is to use airtight containers or zip bags to keep in moisture. If you usually buy your pet food in bulk, just split it into smaller portions that will fit into your airtight boxes or bags.

Image Credits: Reddit / unicornman5d


Did your pet get skunked while playing outside? The smell can be pretty terrible, and it tends to linger for a long time. But there is a solution for it. Make your DIY smell remover. Mix small amounts of soap, hydrogen peroxide, and some baking soda to wash your pet, and you will see the skunk smell magically disappear.

Image Credits: Unsplash / Anthony Duran


How many times have you had your dog stick his head through a fence and get stuck? It happens way too often, and it is a problem that can easily. Unlike cats, dogs are not so nimble to squeeze through small spaces, so you have to prevent them from even trying. With barrier collars, you can do just that. And your dog will never get stuck again!

Image Credit: The Green Head

Image Credit: The Green Head


Make eating easier for your pet, and build them an elevated food bowl according to their height. This is especially useful if your dog has joint or bone problems since now they won’t have to bend down so much to eat.

Image Credits: Reddit / JayLuvLL


Pets can’t eat human candy, or even gums, as they contain ingredients like xylitol, which can be toxic for animals. Keep all your candies and gums well stored, and always out of reach of your pets. 

Image Credits: Unsplash / Sarah Takforyan


If you like to take your dog on walks in areas that are used during the hunting season, make sure you use something like a bright bandana for your dog to stick out. This will keep them safe from the hunters, and you can rest easy your pet is having a great time running around the woods.

Image Credits: Unsplash / Kabo


If your pet got stung and you want to remove the stinger, you have to be careful so as not to break it and leave a part of it inside. You can use a credit card instead and scrape the stinger with the side. It will make the removal process much safer.

Image Credits: Unsplash / Stephen Phillips


One of the first things you will teach your dog to respond to is ‘come here’. When you are doing so, make sure you give a lot of positive reinforcement, making them feel like coming to you will be the best thing they could ever do. The goal is to make yourself as attractive to your dog as possible. 

Image Credits: Unsplash / Chewy


Out of treats to give your dog while you are training them? No worries. You can simply use some leftover fruits or even veggies. Not only will your dog be healthier, but you will also use up all the food in your fridge before it spoils.

Image Credits: Unsplash / Marcos Ramírez


Just like switching toys, switching rewards can have big benefits for your pet. Instead of always offering them the same treat for learning something new, try to spoil them with a walk, or a new exciting game. Everything to keep it interesting!

Image Credits: Reddit / yamz66


Potty training your pet can be a real challenge, so make sure you give them attention and praise them every time they get it right. That way, they will get used to getting positive feedback from the action, and therefore, do it more often.

Image Credits: Reddit / howcomeineedusername/


If you are struggling to teach your dog to catch, because you are afraid of throwing big toys at them, start small. Use popcorn. It is the perfect training accessory, and it’s even an edible treat if caught. A win-win situation. 

Image Credits: Reddit / KingOfTSB


Do you sometimes forget to give praise to your dog for something they did right? You can use a clicker to make sure they understand you are proud of them, without the trouble of having to reinforce their behavior all the time in a verbal way.

Image Credits: Unsplash / John Fornander


Ever afraid of losing your pet? You can make sure you always know its location by getting your dog or cat microchipped. This will ensure that if you do ever get separated, the reunion will be speedy and painless. 

Image Credits: Unsplash / Lennon Cheng


It might seem obvious to keep all the cleaning products locked away out of reach of your pets, but we bet you didn’t know your garbage can is one of those toxic items that need to be locked as well. Make sure your pet doesn’t get near, or just put it away in the garage while you are not home. 

Image Credits: Unsplash / Charles Deluvio


We might think that all happy dogs wag their tails, but the opposite is true. Tail wagging is not at all the universal sign of happy dogs, and it can sometimes mean the dog is insecure or even fearful. Make sure you are aware of this, and you teach your kids the same to avoid accidents.

Image Credits: Unsplash / Berkay Gumustekin


During summer, the pavements tend to get boiling hot, and they are not fit for your pet to walk on. Make sure that you check the pavement temperature before you go out on a walk. It’s simple. Test it with the palm of your hand. If you can hold it there for a few seconds, you are safe, if not, better to stay inside.

Image Credits: Unsplash / NH Elements


It’s not just us humans who overheat in the summer months. High temperatures can be dangerous for your pets too. But if you are lucky enough to have a garden or a balcony, you can always inflate a small pool for your dog or cat to cool down in. And who knows, maybe you can join them there too. It is summer after all!

Image Credit: Pixabay

Image Credit: Pixabay


We might think all dogs are natural swimmers, but that is not true. Some of them are afraid of the water and panic when they get in, so be aware of this and keep an eye on them whenever you are around bodies of water such as pools or lakes. 

Image Credits: Reddit / emma__/

So how about it? Did you learn anything new or interesting? We hope you give these genius pet hacks a try, as they are definitely worth it. Make your life easier and better, and your pet will be happier too! If you enjoyed all these pet-hacks don't forget to share this article with all your friends!

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