Last Week of October for Cancer

Are you already experiencing the transformational change that October has promised to bring? Maybe the weight is too much for your shoulders now and you feel that the rainy days will never be over. However, there’s something about the last week of October that will become the turning point of your life. Read on to know more about it!

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If you are born on June 21-July 22, and you are a highly intuitive person, there’s no doubt that you belong to the Cancer sign. You are under the water element, and your ruling planet is the moon. The crab is what symbolizes your sign and, yes, just like them you are known to retreat into your protective shell.

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You, dear Cancer, just can’t stop yourself from being maternal and domestic, can you? You just love to nurture others. As an intuitive, your mantra usually is “I feel” and you very well know that your lucky colors are silver and white. You just have long-lasting memory that anyone can rely on you.

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Have you ever wondered why people feel safe to have you as their leader? Well, it’s simply because you understand their needs. Not only that, but you also have help from your ruling planet, because it is the reason why you are an expert at harnessing your own changing moods.

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Did you also know that for other people, your best trait is your trust in your own abilities? There’s no room for impostor syndrome in your life! Not even overthinking! Boy, you just ooze with confidence. Though you are not that kind who is bursting with pride, your quiet confidence is shining for it comes from experience. 

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Cancers are just natural-born caregivers! People around you just feel so secure whenever you’re around. You are ready to pour out your love for the little things, like plants and animals, and even to your loved ones. Your loyalty attracts everyone and who won’t love someone who avoids conflict as much as they can?

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You also make a great host for your guests usually enjoys the comfort food that you serve them. You may wear your heart on your sleeve, but what others don’t know is that there’s a range of emotion that bubbles inside you. People better not mess up with your loved ones or they will have your pinchers to deal with.

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Though they may be the best friends that we can ask for, sadly there are also downsides of being a Cancer. The crabs are just overly sensitive when it comes to any emotional situation. They will never forget anything mean that was said to them and they are not that welcoming with criticisms.

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Due to the complexity of their emotions, Cancers may be considered as moody people by the people that surround them. Thanks, but also no thanks to the moon, for it causes Cancer’s abrupt emotional changes. The crabs are also vindictive. They get petty at times and they would usually want to have their way.

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People born under the Cancer zodiac signs are often branded as softies because of their deep connection with their emotions. However, these amazing celebs difficulties show us that Cancer is one heck of a sign. Lucky you! You share some signs with the likes of Princess Diana, Selena Gomez, and Meryl Streep!

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As it has been for the early days of October, it is unfortunate that things are no still getting brighter in your love department. This week, you would still need to contend with your partner’s different opinions. However, it may not last long so you may relax now.

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If you are currently single, it would be better if you’ll refrain from going into new relationships. Just wait for a little while. Remember, good things come to those who wait. To the couples who already tied the knot, luck for you! This week may enjoy an intimate and affectionate relationship between yourselves.

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You will be going home to a peaceful and comfortable home this week. Your family will be very amiable, and you will all get along well with each other. The times may be tough, but it seems like you all have silently understood that family is the only place where you can run to and not be judged.

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However, no matter how comfortable you all are within the four corners of your home, never allow any outsider to interfere with the family affairs. Keep what’s happening inside the house to yourselves. You never know, maybe there are wolves in sheep’s clothing who are waiting outside.

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Guess what? The full moon will appear in your friendship house this last week of the month, so a friend may act erratically or announce the news that shocks you. Remember to be sensitive to them no matter what the news will be and make them feel that you are with them, no matter what.

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Your friends may tell you the shocking news first because they know they can rely on you. Unexpected friendships will also be formed just before November will enter and who knows, maybe they’ll be one of your friends for life? Be open to new people and don’t shut your doors to those who’ll be asking for your guidance and help.

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As the days go by, you must be encountering minor difficulties with your work and they may have gradually taken their toll on you. It may now be a little heavy but the only thing that we can advise you right now is to pay attention to what you’re doing. Take heart, better days are coming for you soon!

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There are chances for those looking for employment for a long, to get excellent employment opportunities. Your commitment to work and untiring efforts will get you significant returns. Though your higher-ups will give you a hard time, with the help of your colleagues, you will achieve what they are asking for effortlessly.

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Just because you are told to focus on your work, it doesn’t mean that you should not give any attention to your health anymore. Remember that you are working to live a good life, and what will happen to you if you’ll get sick? Will your wage compensate for it? Remember to not skip breakfast! It’s vital.

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There are chances for you to suffer, particularly from stomach related ailments at this time of the month, that’s why your stomach must always be filled with food. Seek medical help once you feel some pain in the said area and don’t wait before it gets worse. Try to avoid fatty food and those that may give rise to cholesterol.

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You may be feeling a little disappointed in some aspects of your life but this last week, be ready to welcome financial prosperity! Due to your hard work, your financial position may improve considerably, and you may have a generous flow of money. You will even have the chance to travel abroad if you’ll really want to.

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What you will earn this week will be enough to take care of your family expenses and to meet your personal needs. You may also be able to save money now for the future. Remember to set aside some bills for your medical needs for you may need it when you least expect it.

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This last week of the month, though you are advised not to be involved in new relationships, it is better than you are prepared for who you will be interacting with. They're just signs that won't work well with you but there are also those who will understand you with so much ease.

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The most compatible signs with Cancer are generally considered to be Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio, and Pisces. These signs will work well with your personality. You will fall in love with a Taurus' sense of style and their sensual nature. Virgo will match your snail’s pace and Pisces will float through life together with you.

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Run! Well, not really run away. Maybe just make some distance with the signs that you’re not really compatible with, because they may hurt you more than you can imagine. Or… you may be the one who’ll hurt them, though it will be unintentional. Cancers can hang on to hurt for an extremely long time, that’s why compatibility is important.

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Stay away from Aries for water and fire just won’t mix. Aries' aggressive approach to romance can make delicate Cancers retreat even further into their shell. Cancer just can’t also have the same pace as Gemini’s social skills and even though Aquarius is also a water sign, the Crabs can’t also keep up with their extreme extroversion.

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Intimacy is cancer’s love song, and you are known to perfectly achieving it with the right person. Cancer with a Cancer partner doesn’t need experiences or knowledge in their encounters for this brings a sense of exclusivity for both of you. 

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This last week of October, you thrive in wanting emotional stability and puts a lot of trust towards your cancer partner. Both of you see yourself in each other, are willing to accept your faults, and are willing to compromise. You don’t have much to work on with your partner this week so you are good to go!

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