Today's Horoscope for Virgo: Saturday

October has been a bumpy ride so far, isn’t it? Maybe you feel like you are now on a boat which is far from the shore and a raging storm surrounds you. Hang in there, dear maiden! Something’s going to come and rescue you today! Somehow, the sun will shine on you this Saturday!

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Give Virgos the leadership responsibilities for they will surely not disappoint. These gals just know how to take the reins without making it feel suffocating for those that they are leading. It’s because they are very humble people that can relate to the hardships and efforts of others.

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They are also very hardworking and they just won’t stop until they reach the end goal. Patience is a virtue, they say, and Virgos definitely possess this positive trait. Their logic and wit are also incomparable, and they are very thoughtful when it comes to the people that they love.

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Well, nobody is perfect after all, and no matter how logical Virgos may be, they still can’t explain to themselves that there are just some things that should not be overthought. Maybe they just can’t help it though, for they are constantly thinking about work even though it’s not the time for it anymore.

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That is why they feel like it’s always like their lives are quite turbulent. They always feel so pressured even though no one is pressuring them to do things. They also tend to be very stubborn. It looks like being logical and hardworking has some downsides too, but we still love them!

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Oh my, someone’s in for a treat today in the love department as Venus, the planet of love and beauty will enter your house of love. You will feel all the loving concerns of your loved ones and you will be showered with affection by the one that you are just looking at from afar in the past few days.

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Is Saturday your lucky lovely day, Virgo? Because it feels like it is. Adorable surprises await you in the corner today and you’ll be amazed at how people make efforts for you. Maybe you’ll feel that you don’t deserve it, but believe us, you do! So don't you shy away from all that love.

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Yes, we know how bad the communication servers were a few weeks ago, and maybe it has affected your relationship with your partner. Don’t worry, today is the day of redemption. Maybe you’ll just be surprised that a message filled with love will pop on your screen

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If you are a single Virgo, never mind that message for the ones who already have their partners, because today, you will be bumping into someone who will set the standards high for you, and who knows? It may be someone with who you’ll reach your #couplegoals.

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This day, many of your friends will call on you and it will be because they need someone to talk to. Because you are one of their logical friends, they will turn to you and ask for some advice or help. Though their concerns will overwhelm you, you’ll still make some ways to show them that you care.

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Your love language will very much be expressed through acts of services for your friends. They will appreciate the effort and they’ll surely be there also when you need it. However, today you will be the sunshine to their raging storms for you are just in the right mood to be of service to them.

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Though it is full of colors in some departments of your life this Saturday, just brace yourself when you’ll enter the doorstep of your home later on for it will be a little gray. Due to some problems because of the mounting family expenses, the elders will be a little grumpy. Just watch your step and help keep harmony.

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Though October might be tough in the workplace, this day will just appear to be an exception. The stiff opposition that you’ve earlier will seem to be a little softer today and you’ll even agree on some things. Your juniors will show you even more respect as they’ll appreciate your hard work.

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Your family will not be in that kind of situation today if only you have something to help ease the financial burden. However, October is not just friendly with your pocket for there is also something that you need to settle, and your money just can’t be used for other expenses as of the moment,

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Remember, dear Maiden, you are a logical thinker and a creative person. Don’t forget to use your self-confidence in finding some alternatives that may help your financial burden to get lighter. Try to find some solutions today, for the idea that will come to you will not just be a band-aid solution.

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Thankfully, the stars are quite favorably disposed towards your health affairs and therefore there is no cause for any serious worry today. Even your mental and emotional health will be quite good that you may enjoy your day without any rumbling thoughts.

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However, to apprehend some trouble associated with the head, though it is not that severe, a tonic for the head is recommended for you. It will just be used for precautionary measures. It’s better to be safe than sorry after all.

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It’s just inevitable for people to have other signs that they are not compatible with. No matter how good you are feeling today, there will just be those people who’ll bring you lemons. Stay away from Sagittarius so that your mood won’t be ruined for they’ll annoy you to death.

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Gemini is sweet but then they are just too messy and knowing you, it’s just your pet peeve. Virgos are too organized, and Gemini will seem too scattered. Aquarius, too, will not work well with you for they’ll have different priorities.

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Your day is just about to get brighter as you are going to attract the signs that are compatible with you today. These people and signs will be things just like you do, and you’ll click right away. You don’t need to even feel awkward around them for they know how to make you feel comfortable.

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Taurus is just the perfect pair for you as they are also very practical. Your logic and their practicality will mix well together. The same goes for Capricorn. Cancer and Scorpio will be these souls that will draw you in and before you even know it, you are already opening up to them.

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Virgos are not after the finest things that life has to offer; they pay attention to the small details of everyday life and want to put everything to feel secure and content. Relaxation comes to them after they are free from doing all their to-dos, running household tasks, and arranging books.

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So, for your hobbies, try to journal all the things that you have done all day. Bullet Journaling will boost your creativity also. Games and activities that require observation, analysis, precision, and attention to detail are good pastimes including chess, solving puzzles such as crosswords, and jigsaws.

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As you are about to experience a wonderful day, don’t forget to workout before going out of your home. If you find it too boring, try some sports to make it a little more fun. Play basketball or badminton with your siblings, or better yet, if there is a nearby pool, go and stretch those muscles while enjoying the swim.

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Virgos’ virtues are said to be made perfectly for sportsmen, so maybe, you just haven’t discovered your calling to be a professional player. Why not try to learn something that you are interested in and who knows? Maybe we’ll see you at the Olympics someday!

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VIRGO'S 2020!

It is just undeniable, now that we are almost at the end of the year, that 2020 has brought so many emotions into our lives. It’s a very unexpected ride with all its twists and turns and you are just barely hanging on. However, hang in there for a little longer for 2020 has so much more to offer.

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The months that are still coming will bring success in your career and they will even bring good tidings for your health. Though there are some downsides also, it’s okay for they will not be that harsh like the ones that you’ve been through on the earlier parts of the year.

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Enjoy your weekend, Virgo! Monday will be coming soon, but you have all your time for yourself today. Chill out, take advantage of this day that will bring you much comfort for this may come only once for this month, and who knows when a day like this will come again? Be sure to share this article with your friends and fellow Virgos! 

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