Today's Horoscope for Virgo: Sunday

It might have been a busy week or an idled one, but alas! You have successfully concluded another October week. Sunday is when you conclude and start a week. What’s in store for you this day? Here are a few things you might wanna know to achieve a successful Sunday Funday!

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You may be tired of all the tasks last week, this Sunday is for you to rest and recharge your energy. It’s cold these days so don’t forget your jacket or scarf. Look out for illness like common colds and cough. Your worrisome nature may also kick in so be mindful of your nervous instabilities.

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Try to eat food high in potassium sulfates like green leafy vegetables and juicy fruits such as apples and pears. A proper diet is what you need today to start another week on a good note. You wouldn’t want problems to arise in between a hectic week, right?

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This Sunday, you might want to reassess your career choice. As a meticulous and pragmatic person, you love doing things in order and perform even more demanding tasks excellently. You are also not afraid to learn so it is easy for others to rely on you and your work.

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If you haven’t found your career choice yet, you might consider a career that is scientific in nature. As you are a rational and logical person, you are best in things that put your intelligence to most use. You are also an excellent advisor or educator. Who would think you might be the next company manager soon?

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You love taking over responsibilities and are always happy to be of assistance. As a Virgo child, your siblings might see you taking control over them. And as a meticulous Virgo, you are to look over family finances. However, take a pause and listen to your other family members. They might have something to tell you for better household harmony.

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This Sunday can be a lazy day or a busy day, depending on your plans with friends. You might want to share sentiments over emotional songs and hot coffee or try physical activities such as mountain climbing. Either way, make this Sunday a time to catch up and hang out with friends!

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If your friends are homebodies like you, you all can sit over mats and play puzzles on a lazy Sunday such as today. If your friends are the more outgoing type, mountains and beaches are always a plan away for hiking or swimming. Make the most out of this Sunday, Virgo!

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You are lucky with your friends but know that they are also lucky for having you. If you are in solace this weekend and think of deep thoughts, don’t let negativity get to you. Here are a few of the many things your friends are lucky for having you!

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You are caring and loyal, and you take friendship seriously. Don’t think too much, they are grateful for having you. Even though you are old-fashioned, you are a smooth talker that your friends will never get bored of you. A smart and perfectionist friend who will even help tidy your friend’s room, anyone is lucky of having you. Cheer up!

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For a very emotional Virgo, you listen to any kind and variety of songs. For your solitude, this Sunday here is some music that you might want to add to your Spotify playlist and play over a cup of tea while having a trip down memory lane.

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Korean music wouldn’t be a problem, right? Seventeen’s Hug and Smile Flower is the best when you feel down on a solitary Sunday. Euphoria by BTS and Zico’s Soulmate is a great addition to your playlist, too. Despite a foreign language, the songs have a calming melody you can listen to in serenity. 

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You are attracted to a person who can flirt with you both physically and in conversation. It is also said that you will achieve great stability in your relationships this year. This Sunday, we will see if there’s a continuing in this positive note, or a heartbreak waiting to happen.

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You always need to feel when you are in a relationship and as a Virgo, you tend to want more attention from your partner. Don’t worry, insecurities will completely go away for your partner will be there to reassure you. Need not to ask for attention. Your partner is willing to be with you today!

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As you are not that trusting with lasting relationships, you have already anticipated a heartbreak before it would actually happen. This makes you come up with different ways to heal, possible ways of distraction, and perhaps thought of mending a broken heart. However, this simulation is far different from the actual pain.

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If a heartbreak has happened, have this Sunday the time for yourself. Reassess your choices and life decisions that might have affected your relationship. This will give you a better understanding of the way things happened. Don’t speed up things and try healing at your own pace. Acceptance might be a long journey for now, but hey, you’ll get there.

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How about a date today to start a week full of inspiration and love? For someone compassionate, you will love a trip to animal shelters! It might not be the usual candlelight dinner, but hey, you love it more when you feel connected to your partner through things you want to do, right?

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You also love trying new things, creating and recreating crafts, so to fill your stomachs, look forward to a bond in the kitchen with your partner. You love to learn new things and having it in the security of your home makes you enjoy the date more.

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If not go out for a date, make today your goal to better your physical appearance, and snatch a date soon! This Sunday, why not try neutral colors and earthy-toned shades for your overall look. The minimalist look suits you best. These would look great on you! Just make sure not to underdo it!

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As you go for a minimalist look, don’t forget to add a hint of pop in your face, perhaps a coral-colored lips? Have your hair down and rock a curled hair. If not, you will still look good on a straight or wavy, slightly tousled hair. No need to think seriously, though. This Sunday is a great day!

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It is a wild ride when it comes to emotions for Virgos. A crazy thing, Virgos are kind of crazy people! Kidding aside, they are happy one moment and will be extremely sad the next. For someone as sensitive as Virgo, here is to check whether a Virgo is mad or not.

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Virgo is gentle and kind souls so they tend to bottle up anger until they blow it all up. It will be difficult for people around them when Virgo begins their outbursts, for this is unlikely to happen. A slamming door, a scream, or a tantrum is a disaster waiting to happen. But hey, that won't happen easily. 

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You don’t like other people to see you sad so you mask things up. You might isolate yourself and obsessively start cleaning every clean corner. When this happens, how about isolation with music and calming scenery to let you think things through before going back to hanging out with friends? They are definitely a big help!

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Simple things make you happy! However, in finding “real happiness”, work on your concept of perfection. For a Virgo, it is said that nothing good is good enough. Today, as you are to start another week, try and enjoy the simple things you normally do and break from your idealism of perfection.

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You love puzzle games, play with it not too seriously like you normally do. The same with playing instruments and studying. Your concept of perfection is a disaster waiting to happen. What if you try and enjoy mundane things every once in a while? At the end of the day, true happiness is simply everywhere, only if you seek it.

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Virgos have their best days and worst days like any other. When Virgos are at their best, they are very skillful in their chosen fields. They are open to suggestions and try extremely hard to achieve their wanted conclusion. However, in their worst days, as they are scared of rejection, they will succumb to their shy nature.

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When this happens, it is best to give time for Virgos in adjusting themselves in their best and worst days. Take this Sunday to plan and have yourself simulate possible actions when you are at either your best or worst to not burden yourself.

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Tell this to yourself this Sunday. In this world where you are on a constant journey to achieving perfection, things might be too stressful and hard for you. You might not accept help because you see it as a burden for others and decide to do things on your own, never forget the existence of your friends especially in 2020

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You are amazing as you want to walk a path no one dared to, and the great work you did in everything you do is already an amazing feat! You are reliable, you inspire people, you empathize with people, and you help people. These things make people admire you and appreciate you. You are more than enough.

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