Horoscope: November For Cancer

Now that the transformational stage in your life is finally over with the passing of October, get ready to welcome another stage that will bring you more surprises. November will be about the start of something new. What could be the things that you’ll be trying out for the first time in your life? Let’s find out!

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Highly intuitive people who are born on the 21st of June to the 22nd of July are, undeniably, Cancers. As their symbol is a crab, this sign, of course, is under the water element and its ruling planet is the moon. Cancers are born to have motherly instincts that make them soft inside.

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Even though it will seem like they have a hard shell, Cancers just like to nurture other people and they are very empathetic to the needs of others. However, they also have the tendency to retreat into their shell whenever they feel like there is something that will come in touch with their sensitive emotions. 

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Did you know that even though Cancers are known to be emotional, they are also one of the most confident signs? They just hate confrontations but that does not mean that they cannot stand up for themselves. They may be upset or crying all the time, but these crabs are stronger than anyone can imagine.  

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Don’t wait until you’ll have a taste of their pinch before you realize that the emotional crab has the ability to fight back. They’ll be crying over your harsh words but at the same time they won't overthink afterward either. The duality! Did you also know that the moon is the reason for their changing moods?

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Many people would like to be around these people because whenever you’re near them, they are like balls of little sunshine that brightens up your life. Not only that, the soft side of Cancers is so nice that you’ll actually feel cozy in their presence. Cancers will make their friends feel secure when they are by their side.  

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They are also ready to pour out all their love to anyone that deserves it, yes, even to animals and plants! They’ll prepare your food when you come to them with a heavy heart and you’ll be surprised that when once you step out of their house, you would feel so much lighter, like a floating feather. 

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Though every friend of a Cancer will find love and comfort in their presence, they also cannot deny that Cancer just has some weird and difficult characteristics. They will sometimes just burst without any warning and nobody can comfort them when they're in an emotional state, causing worries in others. 

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Though they don’t overthink about the mean things which were said to them, they will still be unforgiving and they won’t accept any apologies. They’ll also use their kindness to take advantage of others whenever they want something badly. Well, dear Cancers, maybe you need to take note and try to not do this. 

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A combination of tough exterior and soft innate persona is just perfect if you’ll ever want to become a famous person for it is what the showbiz needs. There are so many famous Cancerian Celebrities and they are as kind, yet as strong as you. One of the best of them all is the versatile actress Meryl Streep. 

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Other stars who are Cancers are Solange Knowles, Linda Cardellini, Khloe Kardashian, Kristen Bell, Sofía Vergara, Eva Green, and Diane Kruger. Oh, and yes, who can forget Ariana Grande who always has stage mishaps but still rises after every fall. 

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Your love relationship looks normal for this month, but there’ll be many arguments between you and your partner before the 21st. After that, it’ll all be passionate and romantic! Aren’t you ready for that? Here’s a tip to go one step further with your partner: Tell them exactly what you feel about them for they will appreciate you more for it. 

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The same should also be applied for those who are single but has someone that they are interested in. Don’t be shy. Shout it out for the world to hear that you like them! This is the perfect month to do that. Who knows? Maybe they’re also just waiting for your confession and you’re letting the opportunity slip away every day.

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There may be friends of yours from before that you haven’t been talking to for a long time now, and though you have not quarreled or anything, it just seems like you are now too distant from each other. Well, guess what? You will be surprised to meet them on the street this month and you might even grab some coffee together. 

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Before you even know it, it will feel like you haven’t lost any connection at all and you’re already telling them all that’s been going on in your life. Your other friends will also be happy to meet your long-lost friend and your circle will get bigger. What a good time to rekindle friendship for Christmas is just around the corner.

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Did we just mention Christmas? Well, a month before the big seasonal celebration, your home will already be filled with cheerful laughter and though you still haven’t put up those fancy Christmas lights and trees, it will feel like your house is filled with bright lights as everyone’s mood is lifted

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You will receive whole-hearted blessings from your elders in the family for they will be impressed by your good conduct. All the members will also live in harmony with each other and it will be the start of your sharing season. The children in the house will also behave well and they will do very well in their studies. 

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We already told you that this will be a month for a new start. We are not kidding! There is some tendency that you may lose your job this month, but you know what? You should be thankful because there is another great opportunity that is waiting for you! How will you grow if you’ll stay in your comfort zone?

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You will be having a new environment but November promises that it will be a highly pleasant one where your colleagues and seniors will be very warm and understanding. Just avoid unpleasant arguments whenever possible and observe what’s happening around you first before diving in and joining the competitions at the new workplace. 

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Yes, the stars facing you this month is quite favorable for your health, but there will be times that you’ll experience some stomach issues and especially with indigestion. Even though these are just common problems, don’t wait for anything worse to happen before going to the doctor. 

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There will also be chronic complaints like cough, colds, asthma, and bronchitis that might come from you, so be cautious and immediately seek medical help. You should be extra careful about the food you eat and make sure that you don't eat anything unclean, so be careful and always check the ingredients before you eat something! 

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This month, as you’ll be having some adjustments in your workplace, your income will not be as high as it was before. You may notice this and realize that your expenses are higher than your income, so try to calm your spending a little bit. This month, say goodbye to online shopping temporarily to make sure you won't overspend your salary. 

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Also, to help you with those expenses, try to list down all the pending dues that your friends haven’t paid still. Now is a good time to ask them for payment. They’ll understand that you really need the money and they’ll pay you without any hesitation. Try to refrain from speculative activities for they will bring nothing good this month. 

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As you’re advised to be vocal about your love interest this month, it would also be nice if you’ll know if the person you like is compatible with you first. You’ll just waste your effort if it ends in bad blood afterward. Know that the sign which is the most compatible with you is Taurus, followed by Virgo and Scorpio. 

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Taurus sense of style and sensual nature will appeal to your emotions and you’ll love them more for it. Virgo will be comfortable with your ways of doing things in a “slowly but surely” manner and will keep up with your pace. Pisces will float through life with you and they will never leave you stranded. 

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If you want to keep the cheerful things in your life this month, stay away from anything or anyone that will disappoint you. Toxic relationships should be avoided so be wary of Aries, Gemini, and Aquarius, for though they may be perfect for other signs, they just won’t work well with you. 

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Aries will be aggressive as it is under the fire sign, and it just won’t work for you since you're a water sign. You cannot stand their approach to romance. Gemini’s social skills and habits will also be a little bit too much for you and you won’t keep up with them. Aquarius’ extremely extroverted nature will drain you as well. 

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As both are of the same sign, you two would have a great understanding of each other! You might even think you mirror each other when it comes to interests and activities! A perfect match, perhaps? But hold your horses, or crabs, for things might get messy. Be careful on bad days, it will be catastrophic if emotions aren’t kept in check.

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