November Horoscope: Scorpio

We have no idea how October worked out for you, but we can always rely on the fact that November is going to be so much better. This coming month will be filled with spooky fun after Halloween, and Mercury will finally come out of retrograde, so let us dive in to see what November has in store for our Scorpios out there. Are you ready to discover what November has in store for you?

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Scorpios are born on the 23rd of October and up until the 22nd of November, and they are often mistaken as fire signs due to their fiery and intimidating personalities. However, Scorpios are actually water signs just like Cancer and Pisces. This coming month is looking pretty eventful for all Scorpios out there, and we cannot wait to see what November has in store!

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Out of all the zodiacs, Scorpios are the ones that everybody wants to be friends with. They have an appeal that just makes them easily approachable, and they know how to make people feel good about themselves. Scorpios are trustworthy, loyal, and just great all-around!

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Scorpios can also read the room like nobody else. They can sense emotions better than anyone, and they know when the party is done due to their ability to read other people. Scorpios are in tune with their emotions, but they are also very intimidating ... so just bear that in mind if you feel like you need a Scorpio in your life.

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We have all heard it before: Scorpios are some of the most loyal people that you will ever meet. If by some weird circumstance, you end up in a place where you only make one call ... you always call a Scorpio. These people will never let you down, they will always bail you out and they will always be there for you through the highs and the lows. 

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Another well-known Scorpio trait is ambitiousness. Once a Scorpio sets their mind on doing something, then rest assured that they will do everything in their power to get to that goal. They will never take ‘NO’ for an answer, and they always try to get their way.

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As per usual, life needs its balance and everything else comes in yin and yang. As loyal as Scorpios can be, they can also be quite demanding. It is a given that they will always be there for you, and in return, they feel like you should be doing the same for them, just like how they are exerting so much effort in helping you out.

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We get it, loyalty and dependability are great qualities in people ... but just like everything else in life, too much of something is bad. Once a Scorpio feels like they are being ‘used’ or ‘manipulated’, it is going to be so hard to try and regain their trust in you. Communication is key when it comes to these types of friendships...

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We have previously said that once a Scorpio sets their mind on something, they will do everything in their power to achieve that goal. This is why it comes to nobody’s surprise that Hollywood would be fully dominated by Scorpios. Ryan Renolds, Emma Stone, and Joaquin Phoenix are all Scorpios.

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Scorpios are ambitious, driven, and inspirational. They are what makes Hollywood iconic, and their talents are incomparable ... not even our darling Geminis can compare to them when it comes to it. Kelly Osbourne, Drake, and Katy Perry are some of our favorite Scorpios in Hollywood today!

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November is looking particularly well for Scorpios because two of the most passionate planets will be on your side: Venus and Mars. This just means that Venus will provide the romance whilst Mars will provide the passion that you need in order to spice up your love life. Due to this planetary combination, your relationship will be more intimate than usual, so enjoy it!

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As for our Scorpios who are single, you are actually bound to find ‘the one’ in a place where you do not feel like looking: your workplace. You might be surprised at how efficient your colleagues are when it comes to dating, and you might feel like you already have a workplace ‘crush’ that you have been eyeing for the past few months now. 

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The only downside to your horoscope for the month of November is the impending conflict in your family. This can mean that you will have an argument with your parents, siblings, or children, and this is something that you really cannot ignore. Do not engage in further arguments, and things will go back to normal in the next few weeks.

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As for your friendship circle, be careful about whom you let into your life this month. You are bound to meet someone new and you might feel like they are harmless, but these people can hurt you in one way or another. So just be wary, keep your guard up, and do not easily trust new people in your lives this month.

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This month, you are bound to get some really great news when it comes to your career. It can mean that you will finally get that hard-earned promotion, a new office, or maybe even get a better job than what you already had. This is a fine reason to celebrate, so go pop open that bottle of champagne and have a toast to your success!

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However, keep in mind that you might find yourself in-between ‘workplace drama’. There might be someone that you have been meaning to date in your workplace, but company policy is forbidding you from doing so. Just be discreet for now, and once you feel like it is safe to make your move, do so without hurting anyone’s feelings nor your own ego, for that matter...

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November is a great month to focus on your healthy lifestyle because your health seems to be at an all-time high this month. You might have been thinking about being vegan for quite some time now, and it is safe to say that now might be the time to do so! There will be no major health issues this month, so just keep up the great and positive attitude towards a healthy life!

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As for your financial matters, all is looking bright. You might be getting some monetary compensation from a company or from a settlement that might have been long forgotten. This means that it is a great month to boost your credit and just go out and buy yourself something that you have always wanted ... a new phone, perhaps?

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If there is a ‘perfect’ partner for a Scorpio this month then you might want to consider a Cancer. Cancers are your fellow water signs, and being with someone like this means that the relationship you are going to form will be unbreakable and just natural. Scorpios also love the caring nature, the comfort, and the warm affection that a Cancer brings in their lives.

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This month will be great for Scorpios and it is only natural that you would want to find someone who is as reliable as you. Sagittarians are just purely adventurous and we can never pin them down. This will be a problem for our Scorpios this month, and we highly discourage this match from even happening this November, or else, be prepared to keep up with them. 

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This month, both Scorpios and Aries are looking for someone with the same level of intellect as them. Both signs are some of the feistiest debaters and both signs will never claim defeat. If this is something that you feel is a ‘deal-breaker’ in a relationship, then we would suggest skipping this match for November.

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Scorpios and Taurus are some of the most different out of all the signs...but they did say that opposites do attract. This month, you might appreciate the discreteness and the coziness that a Taurus can offer. If you have been eyeing a special Taurus (or vice versa), then now is the perfect time to make your move!

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Gemini may be too much for you because they can be too loud or too outgoing. However, you might appreciate their keen sense of life this month and you might even indulge in their whims this November. Mars is on your side this month and this planet will bring you passion, so go for that special Gemini (or vice versa) in your life whilst Mars is on your side! 

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Being with a Cancer is second nature to a Scorpio, and being a fellow water sign only proves this point further. Both signs will be looking for something similar when it comes to their relationships this month, and both signs have a warm and caring personality that each other admires. This match is highly encouraged, so go and make your move.

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As passionate as Leos can be, sometimes you feel like they can never be as witty as you. This can be a deal-breaker for you, especially this month because you are looking for someone who can keep up with your ever-changing thoughts. A match between a Scorpio and a Leo is not really discouraged this month, but it is best to wait it out just for a bit longer.

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The perfect platonic relationship that a Scorpio can have this month is with a Virgo. Virgos have that sense of honesty that you can never really get with the other signs of the zodiacs, and they really have your back. Why not call that Virgo in your life and just reconnect this month ... who knows where this ‘friendship’ might even lead to?

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This month, you will not be able to resist the beauty, wits, and charm of a Libra. They know how to handle you and they will have you wrapped around their fingers in no time at all. Sometimes you might feel like they are manipulating you, but keep in mind that they only want the best for you and not the other way around...

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We all know that it is always a great idea to hang out with a fellow Scorpio. Nobody knows you better than someone who shares the same sign, and a relationship between a fellow Scorpio can lead to even more beautiful things this November. If you have been eyeing a fellow Scorpio this month, then why not make your move today?

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There is no other sign who loves being wild and free other than Sagittarius. Whilst our dear Scorpios will be in the mood for a more