Most Beloved Series Finales of All Time

There is always that one series that we will love no matter what and we will always share the character’s heartbreak as soon as it ends. Although, no matter how great the entirety of the show was, if the finale is terrible then it is no good. Find out which series had the most beloved finale by reading this full article! 

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Seinfeld is probably one of the most loved American sitcoms out there. It was created by Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld, and the show aired from 1989 to 1998. Although just after seven seasons, David left the show due to personal issues, however, he remains friends with Seinfeld to this day.

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As a matter of fact, David returned to co-write the season finale with Seinfeld, and this aired in 1998. There were a bunch of old faces who returned in the finale but the fans were left wanting more. The fans said that they needed ‘closure’ and NBC even offered Seinfeld $100M to create a tenth season, but he declined.

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Everybody loved The Sopranos ... the ending though, not so much! What really happened to Tony Soprano during the last episode of the series? Nobody really knows the truth aside from the writers, producers, and the actors themselves. There were a lot of theories surrounding the show’s abrupt ending. 

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Three theories stood out from the crowd. Fans had started to speculate that maybe the FBI arrested Tony, or maybe he was killed, or maybe nothing really unusual has happened. David Chase (the creator) has left the biggest cliffhanger in television history when he did not explain what really happened to the character.

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The Office is one of those classic sitcoms that can we watch no matter the circumstances. There was nothing special about the finale though, but NBC did release a bunch of online articles to discuss what really happened to the characters. Steve Carrell also said that he would not come back for the series finale, but he did, much to the fan’s surprise! 

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The 14th season of ER was supposed to be it's last one, but then the WGA strike happened from 2007 to 2008. Due to this, NBC and the show’s producers felt like they did not have enough materials to give the proper ending that the series required. So they made another season.

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The finale was a nod to the pilot episode and it was also directed by Rod Holcomb. What got the fans was the fact that the final scene was a pan-out of the whole hospital. A new season was really necessary to give ER the proper finale that it deserved.

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Matthew Fox was a great example of suffering for his own art because he did go through a deadly injury whilst filming the show. Terry O’Quinn was supposed to stab Fox with a fake knife, and instead, he grabbed a real one. Thankfully, Fox was wearing padding underneath his clothes and so he did not suffer fatally.

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The series finale of Lost was quite a mind-bending episode because everybody knew that the characters survived the plane crash, but what then? During an event, Carlton Cuse (the producer) answered one of the biggest questions that the fans wanted to know: did the series turn out to be a ‘ghost story’?

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He answered:

“The characters definitely survived the plane crash and really were on a very real island. At the end of the series, though? Yep, they were all dead when they met up in heaven for the final ‘church’ scene.”

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Gossip Girl was one of the most popular series of the noughties. The show had it all: scandals, fashion, events, celebrities and so much more. Plus, everyone wanted to know who was the face behind ‘Gossip Girl’.

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Everyone was surprised when they revealed that Gossip Girl was actually a boy ... Dan Humphrey, to be precise. This was a monumental scene in the episode, alongside the part where Blair and Chuck finally got married, then Dan and Serena followed in the years to come. This was the perfect ending to this glamorous series, and we are all left wanting more!

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The ending of How I Met Your Mother was probably one of the most disappointing series finales. The show, which aired from 2005 to 2014 was left with a very disappointing ending. Ted Mosby was left talking to his children and one of his kids pointed out that the story was not about how he met their mother but how he really loved Robin.

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Will & Grace premiered in 1998 and it ended in 2006 ... or so everyone thought. In the original finale, both Will and Grace had to go their separate ways only to find their way back to each other’s lives after nearly two decades. The duo lived harmonious lives together and apart and figured that they still are best friends above all.

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The show returned on the air in 2017 after it ended with 8 seasons. Debra Messing and Erik McCormack were both very happy to reprise their roles as Will and Grace, and the fans are delighted with the good news as well! In the more recent episodes, no further conflicts have arisen and the duo is still living together as best friends.

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Another great series that had a really terrible ending was Mad Men. The show was popular all throughout the world, and the final scene where they were on the “hilltop” did not work as well as the creators anticipated. The fans thought that the producers could have done a better job at wrapping the series up, instead of the disappointing way it had ended.

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Breaking Bad is one of the most genius shows to be ever created, and if you have not seen this then we urge you to do so. Although we have to admit that the series started quite slowly, but the story progressed as the episodes did. Throughout the show, all that Walter White ever wanted was for his family to be taken care of.

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In the finale, he admits all that he did to his wife and he did confess that all these things made him happy. He died in the series finale. This is not the end though, because Netflix released a film based on Breaking Bad called El Camino, and you should definitely check it out!

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The series finale of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air will really tug your heartstrings. Will’s family moved out to the east coast, but due to his schooling, Will decided to stay behind. There was also a very moving scene where Will was standing alone in the house where he learned so many life skills and so many lessons about family, just contemplating everything.

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Geoffrey also got back to England to be with his son, and everybody just felt this right through their core. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air is a really great show to watch with your family, and the creators really did this show justice by giving the fans a finale this good!

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If there is one thing that we got to learn by watching Gilmore Girls, it is that nothing ever goes according to our own plans. As the mother-daughter duo; Lorelai and Rory were supposed to go backpacking in Europe, Rory gets a job. Of course, this threw Lorelai off but she was happy and supportive of her daughter’s future.

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The show ended where their story began: Luke’s Diner. Gilmore Girls is a classic series to watch, and a lot of us grew up watching this show. Luckily for all of us, Netflix released a four-episode revival called A Year in the Life, and it is even better than you might expect!

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer was such a hit series during the 90s. Everyone got to follow this cheerleader who fights off vampires on the side, and it just worked! Everybody loved this show, and Buffy became a symbol for women empowerment all around the world.

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During the series finale, the fans got the closure that they have been waiting for. Fans got to see what happened after that big fight, they got to mourn the loss of Buffy’s friends, and everyone was just waiting to see what Buffy might come up with next. Unfortunately, there was no big movie that followed, but the series finale was great as it is.

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Another classic hit series that people loved was none other than The Golden Girls. Everyone loved the banters between the four main characters, and everyone was super happy when Bea Arthur agreed to stay on for another two seasons. It was no secret that Arthur was not on good terms with her co-stars, but she was so professional that nobody even noticed!

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In the end, The Golden Girls was renamed The Golden Palace and it only aired for one season. The final scene got everyone teary-eyed because Arthur said her goodbyes to the other girls twice, and everyone just knew that it was the last time that they were ever going to see her. We all grew up with The Golden Girls, and this is a show that will forever be in our hearts.

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If there is one thing that has come out of the show, Friends, it is the genuine friendship that all six main characters shared. They all admitted that they were trying to stall the producers for the season finale because nobody wanted the show to end. However, the ending had to eventually come and 52.5M viewers tuned in when it aired in 2004.

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The series finale of Friends was cut into two parts, and they showed all six friends leaving that much-loved apartment together. Everyone left their keys behind and everyone just tried to move on with their lives. We are all still waiting for a reunion, so we hope we get one very soon!