Horoscope: November For Leo

November is starting so you might want a run-down of possibilities waiting for you this month! Prepare for different conflicts and enjoy luck on your side. You should start a month with everything on track and make sure to end it the way you want it. We expect great things from a great lion!

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Give way for the kings and queens of the celestial jungle! The passionate and confident lion, born between the 23rd of July and the 22nd of August, is inherently a leader. As someone ruled by the sun, Leo is also like the celestial body that governs. 

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Leo is the fifth astrological sign of the zodiac and corresponds to the constellation of the same name. As someone associated with fire and holds the fixed quality, Leo is definitely burning with passion and stubbornness. Hold still, for Leo will definitely steady themselves in achieving their life goals!

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Leo is an interesting zodiac, so here are a few intriguing facts about them. Leo is inherently stubborn. Whether one agrees with them or not, Leo stands on their ground. What Leo wants,  Leo gets. But for someone who is seen as goal-oriented and stubborn, Leo worries and cares for other people, too! 

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They are confident about themselves and the things they do. However, when they get hurt, they prefer suffering alone all by themselves. Leo is not a lion for no reason for they can hold themselves almightily and gain respect by just being themselves. Leo’s mentality? We dare you to find someone who loves you more than they do. Confident people, that's what they are. 

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Lions are confident, but aside from this notable character, they hold passion, enthusiasm, and generosity in them. There are times that they are arrogant, and ironically feel extremely unhappy by thinking about what other people may think of them. Leo women always look at the positive side of everything, and they are also full of vitality.

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Leo men are proud, generous, and would do whatever they can to achieve their goals. They are open-minded, and can easily take control over difficult situations. However, Leo holds certain negative traits, like any other zodiacs too. They are conceited, and would not accept opinions that are different from their own. They are self-righteous and a little snobbish. Be careful in making enemies out of them.

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No one is born with all light and glory and Leo, like any other zodiacs, possesses a dark side too. Because they are stubborn and arrogant, they become inflexible. They are self-righteous and see themselves as a top priority to the point that people see them as selfish individuals.

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Leo’s ego and pride are always off the chart, and these traits land them in trouble most of the time. As lions and a born leader, their leadership and manner oftentimes annoy people, especially in times when things are out of control. They are hurt easily, too. They have a difficulty in taking criticisms and will try to avoid people.

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Known to be confident and extremely passionate, some Leo individuals are notable in fields such as entrepreneurship, artists, and many more. Famous Leos include figures like Henry Ford, Alexandre Dumas, Chris Hemsworth, Ben Affleck,  and James Cameron. 

Image Credits: Getty Images/Barry King | Ben Affleck attends the premiere of Warner Bros. Pictures' 'Justice League' at Dolby Theatre on November 13, 2017

Their counterpart, the famous Leo women, includes Jennifer Lawrence and Jennifer Lopez. Don’t forget J.K. Rowling, the author of the Harry Potter series, Madonna Ciccone, a singer-songwriter and actress, and Kate Beckinsale, an English actress. Bird Box actress Sandra Bullock is also on the list with the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle.

Image Credits: Getty Images/Phillip Faraone | Jennifer Lopez attends the 2020 Film Independent Spirit Awards on February 08, 2020 in Santa Monica, California


The word friend or friendship is not a stranger for Leo. They can easily make acquaintances with other people, can give their numbers easily, and can slip on someone’s DM and follow them on social media. However, knowing them on a deeper level might be challenging. It would be difficult to pin down someone as active as a Leo.

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Despite being friendly, it is tough to get to know Leos in an intimate manner. But if you happened to successfully do so, you can consider yourself a lucky few. Lions can only open up their most innate and emotional side to those whom they welcome in their circle and treats their closest friends as their ally and best confidant.

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One should dare approach and be friends with Leo. They adore someone who is not afraid to live life to the fullest similar to themselves. They also prefer people who stand out in crowds. Being friends with a Leo is something one should treasure.

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They make sure you won’t have any dull moments, even willing to pay for the tab for as long as you are happy. Leo always has your back, and at the same time push you out of your comfort zone. They are honest and are not afraid to tell you things as they are. And most importantly, Leo values you.

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Leo values family above all and is willing to sacrifice anything to preserve the family and the bond inside the household. This month will be challenging for Leos because they find it difficult to support the family all throughout the year. There might be a need for compromise in order to maintain harmony. 

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Major sacrifices are needed this November. There is also a need to assess issues at home and work on it for a favorable outcome. The key to maintaining relationships inside the house is communication. Beware of some changes to come, and evaluate things and thoroughly examine yourself and your decisions to bend the luck towards you and your family.

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No plays, just a straightforward expression of love. Leo is aggressive and self-assured in the love department. Confidence is their greatest weapon. When these lions fall in love, the fire burns hot and bright. What you see is what you get and in the same sense, Leo is honest about what they truly want with their partners.

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If you are a Leo, November is a challenging month in the love department for you. There may be a strong need for self-assurance, a desire to feel loved and valued. You might be seeing yourself late on romantic dates, and you are going to pay the price for that. November is also not a time for long-term commitments.

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Leo mantra: Just look at me! The passionate lion is up for a stable professional front. Despite being busy, you are to strike a good work-life balance. You are also able to concentrate on performing better in the workplace. Heads up, though. You may experience conflicts with team members.

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You are an inspiration for being a capable leader but not the easiest to deal with as a co-worker. Like a lion, you have a vision of how things are supposed to be done, but sometimes others might think otherwise. You are too dedicated to your work that you find it difficult to accept ideas from other people.

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Leo might be changing jobs frequently, but it is easy for them to adapt to these changes. If you have not landed on a job yet, you may try again this November! You are talented and a natural performer with different sets of skills to excel in different fields! Check out the following!

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As a Leo, you are best in taking strategic leaps and leading a team, so you might want to start a business and be an entrepreneur. You also see things differently so being an art or a film director will make you shape and materialize your visions. Whatever career that you choose, a confident lion will surely succeed.

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You are prone to fever and you are weak with supplements. This November, you might want to plan and start a long-term routine for a healthier lifestyle. It is better if you will invest in exercise equipment because now it's time for disciplined wellness and fitness.

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If you find it lonely to work out at home, you might want to enroll in a cycling class and get motivated to work with other people. You might even see competition which will drive you to work on yourself even more. Why not try a running buddy or exercise with a fitness coach to help you achieve your fitness goals?

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Time for a munch! Here are lists of the best food to eat this November, taking into account your fitness journey. You might want to avoid dairy products and spicy food and invest in whole grains and rice. Citrus fruits, apples, and root vegetables are also good for you. As you invest in bitter greens, avoid meat as well.

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There is no lacking in the finance department this November, and there will be positive results with your investments. Despite the risk, you may be lucky if you try on stock markets after reading and studying thoroughly about them. You will see a completed deal you made in the past month, giving you a sounder financial stability.

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You will end the year on a positive note, especially on your finances. All your projects will be funded and the lack of money should not be an issue. If you're not that lucky, you should be able to easily acquire loans still. You may own a new car this November. It may be a purchase but it is still an investment.

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